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Facility Name (Alias/Former Names)City, State, CountryUp to Last 5 Program Years
Aqua Clean Environmental (USA Waste; Reco Industries)Lakeland, FL, USA|2016| |2012| |2007|
Cleanlites Recycling South, LLC (USA Lamp and Ballast Recycling, Inc. dba Cleanlites)Spartanburg, SC, USA|2024| |2021| |2016| |2012|
Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling, Inc.)Mason, MI, USA|2019| |2013| |2010| |2003|
Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling)Cincinnati, OH, USA|2023| |2020| |2016| |2011| |2006|
FCC Environmental (USFilter Recovery Services, Inc.; Mobley)Corsicana, TX, USA|2006| |2002| |1998|
Integrated Water Management (Uintah Basin Facility)Duchesne, UT, USA|2018|
Norlite LLC (United Industrial Service; ThermalKem)Cohoes, NY, USA|2024| |2021| |2019| |2018| |2017|
R360 Bateman Island (US Liquids of Louisiana; Campbell Wells)Morgan City, LA, USA|2017| |2012| |1999|
R360 Environmental Solutions (US Liquids; Campbell Wells)Bourg, LA, USA|2022| |2001|
R360 Environmental Solutions (US Liquids of Louisiana)Bustamante, TX, USA|2023| |2016| |2012| |2000|
R360 Environmental Solutions of LA (US Liquids of LA, ERP Environmental Services, Campbell Wells)Elm Grove, LA, USA|2022| |2014| |2012| |2009| |2005|
R360 Mermentau Processing Facility (US Liquids of LA; ERP Environmental Services; Campbell Wells)Jennings, LA, USA|2023| |2019| |2008| |2006| |2000|
R360 Port Fourchon Transfer Station (US Liquids of Louisiana)Port Fourchon, LA, USA|2020| |2012|
Romic Environmental Technologies Corp. (US Liquids)Chandler, AZ, USA|2006| |2004| |2002| |1999|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (USPCI/Laidlaw)San Antonio, TX, USA|2023| |2019| |2013|
Sims Lifecycle Solutions (United Recycling; United Refining; Electronics Group)West Chicago, IL, USA|2024| |2018| |2016| |2014| |2012|
Sims Recycling Solutions (United Recycling Industries; United Refining)Franklin Park, IL, USA|2022| |2019| |2016| |2012| |2003|
StratCor (US Vanadium Corporation)Hot Springs, AR, USA|2004| |2002| |2000|
Thermo Fluids Used Oil Transfer Station (Used Oil Transfer Station)North Las Vegas, NV, USA|2024| |2021| |2017|
Toxco Material Management Center (TMMC) (US Ecology; Quadrex)Oak Ridge, TN, USA|2017| |2012|
Tradebe Treatment and Recycling Northeast, LLC (United Oil Recovery; United Industrial Services)Meriden, CT, USA|2024| |2020| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Uinta County LandfillEvanston, WY, USA|2017| |2012| |2009|
UkrEcoProm LLCOdessa, Odessa, Ukraine|2021| |2017|
Ultra-Poly Corporation (Wellspring Environmental Services)Berwick, PA, USA|2018|
UMICORE Precious Metals (Union Miniere SA)Hoboken, Flanders, Belgium|2024|
Umicore Specialty Materials Recycling, LLC (CP Chemical Group)Wickliffe, OH, USA|2014|
Union CorporationPohang-City, Kyongsang-bukto, South Korea|2013| |2009|
Union Processing SystemsConroe, TX, USA|2021|
United Energy Group (United Environmental Services)Baytown, TX, USA|2017| |2012|
Unitek Solvent ServicesKapolei, HI, USA|2017|
UnivarPhoenix, AZ, USA|2007|
Universal Environmental ServicesPeachtree City, GA, USA|2021|
Universal Environmental Services (Universal Oil Co.)Florence, KY, USA|2015|
Universal Environmental ServicesChattanooga, TN, USA|2020|
Universal Environmental ServicesKingston, TN, USA|2020|
Universal Environmental Services (Universal Refining)Murfreesboro, TN, USA|2021|
Universal Recycling Technologies (URT; CRT Processing, LLC; Uniwaste)Dover, NH, USA|2012| |2009|
Universal Recycling Technologies (URT)Fort Worth, TX, USA|2022| |2015|
Universal Recycling Technologies (URT; Environmental Light Recyclers)Fort Worth, TX, USA|2013| |2010| |2007| |2004| |2001|
US Ecology (EQ Illinois; Envirite)Harvey, IL, USA|2024| |2021| |2016| |2005|
US Ecology (EQ Oklahoma; Perma-Fix Environmental Services)Tulsa, OK, USA|2024| |2021| |2000|
US Ecology (EcoServ; Newpark Industrial Disposal; Big Hill Non-Hazardous Industrial Disposal Site)Winnie, TX, USA|2023| |2020| |2016| |2013| |2007|
US Ecology Detroit North (Dynecol)Detroit, MI, USA|2023| |2020| |2017| |2015| |2014|
US Ecology Detroit South (EQ Detroit; US Liquids of Detroit)Detroit, MI, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
US Ecology Idaho, Inc. (Envirosafe Services of Idaho)Grand View, ID, USA|2024| |2022| |2021| |2019| |2018|
US Ecology Michigan (EQ; Wayne Disposal Inc.; Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant)Belleville, MI, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
US Ecology Tampa (EQ Florida)Tampa, FL, USA|2021| |2018| |2016|
US Ecology Texas, Inc. (Texas Ecologists)Robstown, TX, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
US Ecology Vernon, Inc. (Evoqua; Siemens; US Filter; Norris)Vernon, CA, USA|2023| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2014|
US Ecology WashingtonRichland, WA, USA|2022| |2017| |2013| |2011| |2008|
US Ecology York, Inc. (EQ of Pennsylvania; Envirite)York, PA, USA|2023| |2022| |2020| |2017| |2013|
US Ecology, Inc.Beatty, NV, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
US Industrial Technologies, Inc.Livonia, MI, USA|2018|
US Liquids of Louisiana (Pelican Island Transfer Facility)Galveston, TX, USA|2011| |2008|
US Oil Reclaimers, LLCDrumright, OK, USA|2018|
US Water Recovery, LLCGoose Creek, SC, USA|2015|
USAg Recycling, Inc.Waller, TX, USA|2022| |2016|
Used Oil Service, Inc.Springdale, AR, USA|2009|
Usher Oil ServiceDetroit, MI, USA|2019| |2011| |2003|
UST Environmental ContractorLancaster, OH, USA|2006|
UtilVtorProm (УтильВторПром)Teplodar, Odessa, Ukraine|2021|
Valicor Environmental Services (United Waste Water)Middletown, OH, USA|2023| |2020|
Valicor Environmental Services, LLC (United Wastewater)Huntsville, AL, USA|2021|
Valicor Environmental Services, LLC (United Wastewater Services, LLC)Sharonville, OH, USA|2014| |2013| |2011| |2008| |2005|
WM Azusa Land Reclamation Company (USA Waste of California)Azusa, CA, USA|2023| |2021| |2020| |2018| |2015|