CHWMEG, Inc. (CHWMEG) was incorporated as a 501(c)(6) non-profit association for the purpose of working together to reduce waste-generator borne liabilities associated with third-party waste and spent materials recycling, treatment, processing and disposal activities.

CHWMEG's Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation outline the organization's objectives, to include:

  • Assisting member companies in identifying potential liability associated with waste management and disposal activities by conducting a program to collect and confidentially report environmental management and risk data associated with facilities selected by the membership for review.
  • Globally promoting responsible waste stewardship by conducting meetings and educational programs that encourage improved waste management procedures and environmentally sounded practices. CHWMEG strives to broaden awareness of the potential impacts and ramifications of improper disposition of wastes and spent materials.

The business affairs of CHWMEG are managed by a Board of Directors consisting of individuals employed directly by current CHWMEG members or CHWMEG-recognized affiliates of a member. CHWMEG Board of Directors

An independent administrator is employed to manage CHWMEG and to facilitate all transactions on a confidential basis thereby assuring that members are unaware of the activities of other member organizations. Member use of CHWMEG information is strictly regulated and defined in the membership documents and CHWMEG Bylaws.