The primary goal of the CHWMEG, Inc. (CHWMEG) facility review program is to compile and report objective information related to potential generator-borne liability associated with recycling, treatment, storage, and/or disposal facility operations management.

The CHWMEG Facility Review Contractors have been selected by the CHWMEG's members and are comprised of individuals highly experienced in performing risk reviews of recycling, treatment, storage and disposal facilities from the perspective of risk management by customers of facilities. CHWMEG contractors have direct experience in the events that may result in generator liability, and the efforts to remediate the resulting environmental impairment.

The CHWMEG Facility Review Contractors gather, record, and compile objective information as outlined in the CHWMEG Questionnaire during the site visit to the subject facility. The CHWMEG protocol has been developed by assembling the information needed by the CHWMEG members to address their own assessment of the target facility. The CHWMEG Contactors are skilled in understanding and interpreting the details of the operations as related to the environmental and operational risk associated with recycling, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.


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