Benefits of CHWMEG, Inc. Membership

  • Ability to purchase from the library of already completed CHWMEG facility review reports for convenient and timely access to in-depth information on waste, recycling, treatment, and disposal facilities.

  • Participation in determining which facilities are reviewed by CHWMEG each calendar year.
  • CHWMEG's Facility Review Program (FRP) conducts reviews of facilities having "common member interest" (3 or more member nominations for North American facilities, and 2 or more member nominations for facilities outside of North America).
  • CHWMEG members can then select and purchase the reports needed for their organizations' environmental waste management program.

  • CHWMEG members can expand the FRP to include additional facilities by initiating "sole-sponsor" (SS) reviews of sites required by their own organization.

  • CHWMEG reports provide members significant cost savings.
  • CHWMEG reports offer comprehensive vendor information, which can either replace the need for a member to conduct individual site assessments or augment member efforts to gather and assemble detailed information about their vendors.

  • Access to CHWMEG's Members Only Website with a searchable database of facilities worldwide that includes options to search by name, location, materials accepted, and services provided.

  • Members can send up to four employees at no cost to attend CHWMEG's semi-annual meetings, plus unlimited registration for employees to attend any of the CHWMEG Regional Training Seminars conducted throughout the United States.

  • Registration opportunities to attend CHWMEG's international-based educational seminar series.
  • CHWMEG's globally conducted seminars are often produced in collaboration with other organizations. These seminars center on topics related to international legal developments, and regulatory updates pertinent to global waste generators/waste producers, and feature case studies addressing waste management requirements and "polluter pays" liability issues.
  • These seminars are part of CHWMEG's non-profit mission to globally promote the fundamental concepts and important aspects essential to responsible waste stewardship by industry and other manufacturing concerns.

  • CHWMEG members are invited to participate in CHWMEG's periodic Global Interest Committee webinars, which focus on issues related to international industrial waste management and legal liability issues, or that feature developments pertaining to specific countries or regions.
  • The Global Interest webinars are recorded and the files are accessible from the Members Only Website.


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