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Facility Name (Alias/Former Names)City, State, CountryUp to Last 5 Program Years
Bluff Road Landfill and Composting Facility (Lincoln Bluff Landfill)Lincoln, NE, USA|2012|
Buzzi-Unicem USA (Lone Star Alternate Fuels; Greencastle WDF Facility)Greencastle, IN, USA|2024| |2021| |2020| |2019| |2018|
Catalytic Innovations, LLC (LEMetrix Solutions, LLC)Rolla, MO, USA|2012| |2006|
Clean Harbors (Lambton-Sarnia Incineration/Landfill)Corunna, ON, Canada|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2019|
Clean Harbors (Les Services; Safety-Kleen)Mercier, QC, Canada|2011| |2010| |2008| |2006| |2003|
Clean Harbors (Lone Mountain; Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; USPCI; Rollins)Waynoka, OK, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
Cleanaway Waste Management (Lidcombe Liquid Waste Plant; Waste Service NSW)Homebush Bay, New South Wales, Australia|2022| |2017| |2002|
ERG Environmental Services (Lamps Inc.)Bowling Green, OH, USA|2018| |2015| |2014| |2011| |2008|
Fortech SA (Lima de Cartago Facility; Solvent Facility; Fortech Microabrasivos S.A.)Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica|2017| |2008|
General Environmental Services [RCRA Incinerator] (LWD)Calvert City, KY, USA|2003| |2002| |2000| |1998| |1996|
General Environmental Services [RCRA S/S Landfill Facility] (LWD)Calvert City, KY, USA|2002| |2000| |1998|
GFL Environmental (Lafleche Leblanc Soil Recycling Inc)Moose Creek, ON, Canada|2018|
GFL Environmental (Liquids Waste Division)Pickering, ON, Canada|2022| |2018|
Heidelberg Materials US Cement (Lehigh Cement; Essroc Cement)Logansport, IN, USA|2024| |2023| |2021| |2020| |2018|
La Cart s.r.l.Rimini, Emilia Romagna, Italy|2013|
La Crosse County LandfillLa Crosse, WI, USA|2014|
LA Filter RecyclingAbbeville, LA, USA|2020| |2012|
La Torrazza SRLTorrazza Piemonte, Turin, Piedmont, Italy|2013|
La. Fu. Met. S.r.l.Villastellone, Piedmont, Italy|2011|
Labo ServicesGivors, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France|2012|
Lafarge CimentsPort-la-Nouvelle, Occitanie, France|2012|
Lafarge Midwest (Alpena Cement Plant; Systech)Alpena, MI, USA|2017|
Lafarge North AmericaSeattle, WA, USA|2006|
Laidlaw Environmental Services de Mexico (Clean Harbors)Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico|2004|
Lambert Saltwater Disposal, Inc. (Indian Mounds Ranch SWD)Lambert, MT, USA|2011|
Lamesch S.A.Bettembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg|2017|
Lamp Environmental Industries, Inc (LEI, Inc)Independence, LA, USA|2022| |2018| |2014|
Lamp Recyclers, Inc.Green Bay, WI, USA|2018|
Lancaster County SWMA Resource Recovery (Operated by Covanta Energy)Bainbridge, PA, USA|2023| |2019| |2014| |2010| |2003|
LaRose Scrap & Salvage Intracoastal CityAbbeville, LA, USA|2012| |2006|
Lea County LandfillEunice, NM, USA|2013|
Lea Land, LLCCarlsbad, NM, USA|2021|
LEI, Inc. (Lamp Environmental Industries; Lamp Recyclers of LA, Inc.)Hammond, LA, USA|2023| |2022| |2020| |2019| |2018|
Liberty Tire Recycling, LLCPort St. Lucie, FL, USA|2012|
Lighting Resources LLCOntario, CA, USA|2022| |2019| |2015| |2003|
Lighting Resources Texas, LLC (Environmental Lamp Recyclers)Fort Worth, TX, USA|2023| |2022| |2019| |2016|
Lighting Resources, Inc. (Fluorescent Bulb Facility; Special Processes of Arizona)Phoenix, AZ, USA|2023| |2017|
Lighting Resources, Inc. (Ballast Facility)Phoenix, AZ, USA|2022| |2017|
Lighting Resources, Inc.Greenwood, IN, USA|2023| |2018| |2016| |2006|
Lighting Resources, LLC (Airbag Processing Facility)Johnson City, TN, USA|2019|
Lima Barrel & Drum Co.Lima, OH, USA|2006|
Lindenschmidt KGKreuztal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany|2021|
Liquid Environmental Solutions (Industrial Water Services)Mobile, AL, USA|2020| |2012|
Liquid Environmental Solutions (Resource Recovery Techniques of Arizona)Phoenix, AZ, USA|2022| |2019| |2013|
Liquid Environmental Solutions (Industrial Water Service; IWS)Jacksonville, FL, USA|2024| |2013| |2002|
Liquid Environmental Solutions (Industrial Water Service; IWS)Chicago, IL, USA|2023| |2016| |2011| |2009| |2005|
Liquid Environmental Solutions (LES)Houston, TX, USA|2023| |2017| |2011| |2004|
Liquid Industrial By-Products (Liquid Industrial Waste Service)Holland, MI, USA|2023| |2020|
Litong Telecom Company Ltd. (HSK Facility)Hong Kong, Hong Kong, SAR|2016|
Little Forks Landfill (Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority)Spring Hill, NS, Canada|2007|
LJP Enterprises, Inc.North Mankato, MN, USA|2019|
LOCTR Tecnologia de Residuos Ltda. (BMA Technologia Residuos Ltda.)Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil|2022| |2013|
Lone Star DisposalHouston, TX, USA|2016|
Loop Recycled ProductsNiagara Falls, ON, Canada|2019|
Lorco Petroleum ServicesElizabeth, NJ, USA|2023| |2020| |2018| |2016| |2013|
Lotus LLC (Norm Disposal Site)Andrews, TX, USA|2018| |2015| |2011|
LvJie - Qingdao New WorldQingdao, Shandong Province, China|2007|
Lwart Solucoes AmbientaisLencois Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil|2022| |2016|
Lynco Oil Services (Makers Oil Corporation)Giddings, TX, USA|2016|
MXI Environmental Services (Latex Facility)Abingdon, VA, USA|2024| |2019|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Westmorland, CA, USA|1998|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Dolton, IL, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)North Andover, MA, USA|2001|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Linden Recycle Center)Linden, NJ, USA|2023| |2022| |2020| |2019| |2018|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Hilliard, OH, USA|1998|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw Waste Systems, Inc.)Oklahoma City, OK, USA|2023| |2019|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Lexington Recycle Center)Lexington, SC, USA|2022| |2021| |2019| |2018| |2016|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Pinewood, SC, USA|1999| |1996|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc.)Millington, TN, USA|2022| |2019|
Sita Taylors Road LF (Lyndhurst Landfill)Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia|2013|
Systech Environmental Corporation (Lafarge)Fredonia, KS, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2019|
Systech Environmental Services (Lafarge)Paulding, OH, USA|2022| |2019| |2018| |2015| |2013|
Veolia Environmental Services (Lower Bank View Waste Management Facility)Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
WM McKittrick Facility (Liquid Waste Management, Inc.; McKittrick Waste Treatment Site)McKittrick, CA, USA|2023| |2020| |2017| |2015| |2012|
WM Reliable Landfill (Livonia Landfill)Livonia, LA, USA|2024| |2020|