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Facility Name (Alias/Former Names)City, State, CountryFacility Review Program Years

All Waste Services, Inc.
(Inchem Environmental Inc.)
Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines|2010|

Container Lifecycle Management LLC
(Indianapolis Drum Service)
Indianapolis, IN, USA|2017| |2005|

Covanta Environmental Solutions
(Industrial Oil Tank Service Corporation)
Oriskany, NY, USA|2016|

Cumberland County Landfill
(Interstate Waste Services)
Shippensburg, PA, USA|2018| |2012|

(Ipes plant)
Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina|2019|

Heritage-Crystal Clean
(International Petroleum Corporation; FCC Environmental USFilter; IPC; EarthCare)
Wilmington, DE, USA|2013| |2011| |2010| |2008| |2006| |2003| |2001|

Heritage-Crystal Clean
(Indianapolis 10-day Branch)
Indianapolis, IN, USA|2018|

(Ihlenberger Abfallentsorgungs-Gesellschaft mbH)
Selmsdorf, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany|2010|

IDM S.A.San Lorenzo, Santa Fe, Argentina|2016|

IESI Bethlehem LandfillBethlehem, PA, USA|2013|

IESI Sabine Parish Landfill
(Natchitoches Landfill)
Many, LA, USA|2007|

IESI Seneca Meadows LandfillWaterloo, NY, USA|2013| |2009|

IFCO RecyclingCaguas, PR, USA|2012|

IHD Solids Management, LLC
(Indian Hills Waste Disposal)
Alexander, ND, USA|2013|

IKOS Soil MixPitres, Haute-Normandie, France|2012|

Illini EnvironmentalCaseyville, IL, USA|2018|

Illinois Recovery Group, Inc.Braceville, IL, USA|2018|

Impact Environnement Gabon
Port-Gentil, Ogooue-Maritime, Gabon|2011|

IMPACT Services, Inc.
(Secure Support Facility)
Oak Ridge, TN, USA|2010|

IMS Environmental Services
(Industrial Marine Services)
Norfolk, VA, USA|2012|

(Doel-Beveren Facility)
Doel, Flanders, Belgium|2016| |2011|

Indaver NVAntwerp, Flanders, Belgium|2019| |2016| |2011| |2006|

Indaver Transfer Station
(Dublin Port Hazardous Waste Facility; Minchem)
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland|2017| |2013|

Indaver Waste to EnergyDuleek, County Meath, Ireland|2017|

Indian Creek Landfill No. 2Hopedale, IL, USA|2011|

Industrial Container Services
(IFCO; Waymire Drum; Palex)
Montebello, CA, USA|2016| |2012| |2002|

Industrial Container ServicesZellwood, FL, USA|2018| |2014|

Industrial Container Services
(Meyer Industrial Container)
Chicago, IL, USA|2018|

Industrial Container Services
(ICS; Meyer Steel Drum)
Chicago, IL, USA|2006|

Industrial Container Services
(Allied Drum Inc.)
Louisville, KY, USA|2016| |2011|

Industrial Container Services
(Abbey Drum Company, Inc)
Baltimore, MD, USA|2011| |2007|

Industrial Container Services
(Belfer Drum)
Grand Rapids, MI, USA|2018| |2012| |2006|

Industrial Container Services
(IFCO Systems; Pal Ex Container Systems - Charlotte)
Charlotte, NC, USA|2016|

Industrial Container Services
(East Coast Container)
Matthews, NC, USA|2016|

Industrial Container Services
(Columbus Drum Reclaimers; ICS)
Gahanna, OH, USA|2017| |2013|

Industrial Container Services
(ACN-Providence; American Container Net; Russell-Stanley)
Smithfield, RI, USA|2010| |2006| |2004| |2001|

Industrial Container Services
(Moore Drums, Inc.)
Charleston, SC, USA|1998|

Industrial Container ServicesTaylors, SC, USA|2017|

Industrial Container Services
(ACN-Burbank; Burbank Barrel)
Galena Park, TX, USA|2018| |2015| |2012| |2007|

Industrial Container Services
(ICS Seattle)
Seattle, WA, USA|2018|

Industrial Resource Network
Wilmington, DE, USA|2005|

Industrial Service Oil Company
(Safety-Kleen Corporation)
Los Angeles, CA, USA|2018|

(DMC Electronics)
Hagerstown, MD, USA|2002|

Ingenium Milpitas, CA, USA|2016|

Inland ProductsKilgore, TX, USA|2011| |2007| |2000| |1997|

(International Metal Reclamation Co.; Inco LTD)
Ellwood City, PA, USA|2019| |2018| |2017| |2016| |2015| |2014| |2013| |2012| |2011| |2010| |2009| |2008| |2007| |2006| |2005| |2003| |2002| |2001| |2000| |1999| |1997|

InStrat, Inc.Rio Vista, CA, USA|2014| |2002|

IntechraWindsor, CT, USA|2010|

Integrated Environmental SystemsOakland, CA, USA|1999|

Integrated Water Management
(Uintah Basin Facility)
Duchesne, UT, USA|2018|

Intercon SolutionsChicago Heights, IL, USA|2012|

Intergulf CorporationLa Porte, TX, USA|2017| |2016| |2012|

Intergulf CorporationPasadena, TX, USA|2018| |2016| |2015| |2013| |2010| |2007|

International Scrap Iron & Metal Co., Inc.Trainer, PA, USA|2011|

IOSA CARLO s.r.l.Terni, Umbria, Italy|2013|

IPALLE s.c.r.l.Thumaide, Wallonia, Belgium|2016|

Irish Lamp Disposal Company, Ltd.Athy, County Kildare, Ireland|2015|

(Istanbul Cevre Yonetimi Sanayi ve Tic. A.S.)
Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey|2017|

Izak Co., Ltd.
(Ishizaki Industries Co.)
Toyama City, Toyama, Japan|2019|

Izaydas Izmit Waste and Residue Treatment Incineration Inc.Izmit, Kocaeli, Turkey|2017| |2014| |2011|

Lambert Saltwater Disposal, Inc.
(Indian Mounds Ranch SWD)
Lambert, MT, USA|2011|

Liquid Environmental Solutions
(Industrial Water Services)
Mobile, AL, USA|2012|

Liquid Environmental Solutions
(Industrial Water Service; IWS)
Jacksonville, FL, USA|2013| |2002|

Liquid Environmental Solutions
(Industrial Water Service; IWS)
Chicago, IL, USA|2016| |2011| |2009| |2005|

Mauser Packaging Solutions
(Industrial Container; ICS; Universal Drum Reconditioning Company; All Tank)
Mississauga, ON, Canada|2019| |2013|

Nomura Kohsan Co. Ltd.
(Itomuka Plant)
Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan|2019| |2015|

Progressive Waste Solutions Buffalo Creek LF
Iowa Park, TX, USA|2013|

SepraMet, Ltd.
(IBC Advanced Technologies)
Houston, TX, USA|2007|

Triumvirate Environmental Pittsburgh, Inc.
(Infectious & Chemotherapeutic Waste (ICW) Facility)
Jeannette, PA, USA|2018| |2015|

(Intracoastal City ICY; NORM Facility)
Abbeville, LA, USA|2018| |2012| |2004|