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Facility Name (Alias/Former Names)City, State, CountryUp to Last 5 Program Years
Amita Corporation (Himeji Recycling Resources Facility)Himeji, Hyogo, Japan|2014|
Central Ohio Oil, Inc. (Heartland Petroleum)Columbus, OH, USA|2021| |2016| |2013| |2009| |2005|
Chemviron Midwest, Inc. (Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Inc)Wooster, OH, USA|2015|
Clean Harbors (Hebron Recycle Center; Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.)Hebron, OH, USA|2022| |2021| |2020| |2019| |2017|
Cleanaway Waste Management (Haztech Industries; ERS Australia)Glendenning, New South Wales, Australia|2024| |2017| |2002|
Cory Environmental Resource Management (Hempstead Landfill Site)Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Covanta Huntington (Huntington Resource Recovery Facility; HRRF)East Northport, NY, USA|2023| |2020| |2017| |2013|
DGL Environmental Pty. Ltd. (Hydromet)Unanderra, New South Wales, Australia|2023|
FCC Environmental (Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Inc.; Siemens; USFilter)Port Allen, LA, USA|2012|
FCC Environmental (Hydrocarbon Recovery Services; Siemens Water, USFilter)Alexandria, VA, USA|2008|
Geocycle (Holcim Brasil)Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais, Brazil|2022|
Geocycle S.A. (Holcim)Seneffe, Wallonia, Belgium|2023| |2020| |2016|
Hallmark Refining Corp.Mount Vernon, WA, USA|2004|
Hang Zhou LiJia Environmental Services, Ltd. (Hangzhou Dadi Environmental Protection Co.)Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China|2015| |2010|
Hawaii Bio-Waste Systems, Inc.Honolulu, HI, USA|2011|
Hazchem, IncCalamba, Laguna, Philippines|2021|
Hazleton Oil & Environmental, Inc. (Hazleton Oil Salvage)Hazleton, PA, USA|2013|
Haz-Mat EnvironmentalCharlotte, NC, USA|2019| |2012|
Hazmat TSDF, Inc. (Filter Recycling Services; FRS)Rialto, CA, USA|2020| |2016| |2014| |2012| |2011|
HAZPROKingston, Kingston, Jamaica|2021|
HAZWAT Centro de Remediacion Ambiental (HAZWAT-CRA)Cayambe, Pichincha, Ecuador|2018|
Healthwise ServicesFowler, CA, USA|2021| |2019| |2016|
Heidelberg Materials US Cement (Lehigh Cement; Essroc Cement)Logansport, IN, USA|2024| |2023| |2021| |2020| |2018|
HEPACO (Industrial Marine Services)Norfolk, VA, USA|2021| |2012|
Heraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG (HPMG; HDE)Hanau, Hesse, Germany|2023| |2019|
Heraeus Precious Metals North America LLC (Heraeus Metal Processing Inc.; PGP Industries)Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA|2013| |2012| |2010| |2008| |2006|
Heraeus Precious Metals North America LLC (Heraeus Metal Processing Inc.)Wartburg, TN, USA|2023| |2019| |2013| |2009|
Heritage EnvironmentalCoolidge, AZ, USA|2023| |2020| |2019| |2015| |2005|
Heritage Environmental ServicesLemont, IL, USA|2003| |2001|
Heritage Environmental ServicesIndianapolis, IN, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
Heritage Environmental Services (Heritage Roachdale Landfill)Roachdale, IN, USA|2023| |2021| |2020| |2018| |2016|
Heritage Environmental ServicesKansas City, MO, USA|2024| |2021| |2015| |2012| |2004|
Heritage Environmental ServicesCharlotte, NC, USA|2003| |2001|
Heritage Thermal of TexasOrange, TX, USA|2023|
Heritage Thermal Services (WTI; Von Roll America, Inc.)East Liverpool, OH, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanLittle Rock, AR, USA|2022| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanVan Buren, AR, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanPhoenix, AZ, USA|2023|
Heritage-Crystal CleanBakersfield, CA, USA|2024|
Heritage-Crystal CleanHartford, CT, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (International Petroleum Corporation; FCC Environmental USFilter; IPC; EarthCare)Wilmington, DE, USA|2013| |2011| |2010| |2008| |2006|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Jacksonville Branch)Jacksonville, FL, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Siemens Hydrocarbon Services; US Filter Recovery Services, Inc.)Plant City, FL, USA|2023| |2020| |2018| |2016| |2014|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC; Siemens Water Technologies; USFilter Recovery Services, Inc.)Pompano Beach, FL, USA|2023| |2020| |2007|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Tampa West Branch)Tampa, FL, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal CleanAtlanta, GA, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanThomasville, GA, USA|2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanDes Moines, IA, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanBloomington, IL, USA|2023|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Chicago North Branch)Elgin, IL, USA|2024| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanMonee, IL, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Chicago AF Branch)Wood Dale, IL, USA|2018|
Heritage-Crystal CleanEvansville, IN, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanFort Wayne, IN, USA|2023|
Heritage-Crystal CleanGary, IN, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (10-day Branch)Indianapolis, IN, USA|2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Oil Refinery)Indianapolis, IN, USA|2023| |2022| |2020| |2018| |2015|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (10-day Branch)Indianapolis, IN, USA|2023|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Kansas City Hub)Kansas City, KS, USA|2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanBrooks, KY, USA|2021|
Heritage-Crystal CleanBossier City, LA, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanDenham Springs, LA, USA|2021| |2016|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Siemens Water; International Petroleum Corporation; IPC)New Orleans, LA, USA|2020| |2016| |2013| |2010| |2007|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; HRSI; Siemens; Hydrocarbon Recovery Service, USFilter)Opelousas, LA, USA|2021| |2018| |2012| |2008| |2004|
Heritage-Crystal CleanShreveport, LA, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; FCC Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, International Oil Service)Baltimore, MD, USA|2022| |2019| |2010|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Saginaw Branch)Freeland, MI, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Detroit Branch)Romulus, MI, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal CleanWalker, MI, USA|2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanSt. Paul, MN, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; HRSI; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services; USFilter)Concord, NC, USA|2021| |2018| |2015| |2008|
Heritage-Crystal CleanRaleigh, NC, USA|2022|
Heritage-Crystal CleanHudson, NH, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanElizabeth, NJ, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal CleanPennsauken, NJ, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanBuffalo, NY, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanLatham, NY, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanRochester, NY, USA|2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanRochester, NY, USA|2024|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Cincinnati Branch)Cincinnati, OH, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Cleveland Branch)North Royalton, OH, USA|2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Dayton Branch)Vandalia, OH, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Siemens Water, US Filter)Oklahoma City, OK, USA|2015| |2013|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Siemens Water, US Filter)Oklahoma City, OK, USA|2022|
Heritage-Crystal CleanHarrisburg, PA, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanSeward, PA, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanZelienople, PA, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanKnoxville, TN, USA|2022|
Heritage-Crystal CleanLa Vergne, TN, USA|2022|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Siemens Water, US Filter)Memphis, TN, USA|2022| |2019| |2015|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Inc.; Siemens; USFilter; Mobley)Baytown, TX, USA|2022| |2021| |2018| |2017| |2014|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Dallas Branch)Dallas, TX, USA|2024|
Heritage-Crystal CleanHouston, TX, USA|2023| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Dallas Branch)Irving, TX, USA|2020|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Hydrocarbon Recovery Services; Mobley; US Filter)Kilgore, TX, USA|2023| |2020| |2017| |2016| |2012|
Heritage-Crystal CleanLubbock, TX, USA|2023|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; US Filter Recovery Services)Luling, TX, USA|2024| |2020| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Siemens Water Technologies)Odessa, TX, USA|2017| |2013|
Heritage-Crystal CleanSchertz, TX, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services; USFilter; Procycle)Springtown, TX, USA|2021| |2018| |2015| |2013| |2011|
Heritage-Crystal CleanLorton, VA, USA|2023| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanMontvale, VA, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal CleanNorfolk, VA, USA|2022| |2019|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services; Siemens)Rockville, VA, USA|2022| |2019| |2016| |2012|
Heritage-Crystal CleanLakewood, WA, USA|2022|
Heritage-Crystal CleanHartland, WI, USA|2024| |2020|
Heritage-Crystal CleanCharleston, WV, USA|2023| |2020|
Hessische Industriemuell Gmbh (HIM)Biebesheim, Hessen, Germany|2022| |2017|
Hesstech LLCCranbury, NJ, USA|2015|
HessTech LLCEdison, NJ, USA|2003|
Hias IKSHamar, Hedmark, Norway|2013|
Hidronor Chile S.A.Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Chile|2023|
Hidronor Chile S.A. (Empresa de Tratamientos de Residuos Copiulemu; Copiulemu)Florida, Biobio, Chile|2018| |2012|
Hidronor Chile S.A.Santiago, Santiago, Chile|2005| |2000|
HMR USA Inc.Gardena, CA, USA|2007|
HOH CorporationWinston-Salem, NC, USA|2007|
Holcim (Canada), Inc. (St. Lawrence Cement; Holnam)Mississauga, ON, Canada|2010| |2004|
HOLCIM (Geocycle)Lumbres, Hauts-de-France, France|2012|
Holcim (Vietnam) Ltd. (Hon Chong Plant)Hon Chong, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam|2013| |2006|
Holcim Belgique S.A.Obourg, Wallonia, Belgium|2024| |2007|
Holcim Puttalam Cement PlantPuttalam, Sri Lanka|2008|
Hong Jing Resource Co., Ltd.Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea|2023| |2019|
Hong Kong Kingstay Company (Jin Xintai Development Limited)Ping Che, Fanling, Hong Kong, SAR|2012|
Horizon EnvironnementGrandes-Piles, QC, Canada|2001|
Horizon Oilfield Services Processing Plant (Treatment Facility)Killdeer, ND, USA|2018|
Horizon Oilfield Services SWD (Disposal Well)Killdeer, ND, USA|2018|
Houston Products Processing (HPP)Orange, TX, USA|2024|
Houston Products Processing Inc. Concrete Operations (HPP; Houston Crushed Concrete)Houston, TX, USA|2011|
HPC Industrial (Hydrochem PSC; Philip Services; MOTIVA)Norco, LA, USA|2023|
HPP Materials, Inc. (Houston Products Processing Inc. Concrete Operations)Baytown, TX, USA|2020| |2017| |2013|
Hudson TechnologiesChampaign, IL, USA|2021| |2016| |2010| |2003|
Hunters Point RecyclingLong Island City, NY, USA|2024| |2021|
Huntsville LandfillHuntsville, AL, USA|2016| |2012|
HVF LLC (HVF West)Alexandria, AL, USA|2012|
Hydrite Chemical Co.Cottage Grove, WI, USA|2005| |2000|
HydroChemBeaumont, TX, USA|2017|
Hydrochem PSCGibson, LA, USA|2021| |2016| |2013| |2011| |2008|
Hydrochem PSC (Philip Services Corporation; PSC Industrial Outsourcing, Inc.)Jeanerette, LA, USA|2021| |2018| |2012| |2008| |2002|
Hydrodec of North America, LLCCanton, OH, USA|2020| |2015| |2013| |2009|
HydropaleDunkerque, Hauts-de-France, France|2013|
HydroRecovery LPBlossburg, PA, USA|2016|
Litong Telecom Company Ltd. (HSK Facility)Hong Kong, Hong Kong, SAR|2016|
Proler Southwest dba Sims Metal Management (Hirsch Road Non-Ferrous Facility)Houston, TX, USA|2018|
Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd. (Hyderabad Waste Management Project)Quthbullapur, Telangana, India|2016|
Republic Services of Indiana (Hoosier Disposal and Transfer Station)Bloomington, IN, USA|2013|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Hixon Transfer Station)Chattanooga, TN, USA|2021| |1999|
Servicios Ambientales Geocycle SAG SA (Holcim Costa Rica)Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica|2024| |2016| |2011|
Siam City Cement Public Co., Ltd./Geocycle (Holcim Saraburi Plant; Eco-Siam)Tabkwang, Saraburi, Thailand|2013| |2010| |2007|
Stericycle, Inc. (Hospital Sterilization Services; HSS)Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada|2023| |2010| |2007|
TIER Environmental, LLC (Hukill Environmental)Bedford, OH, USA|2017| |2013| |2009| |2004| |1999|
Transwaste Technologies Pty Ltd (Hines)Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia|2013| |2002|
Vertex Energy (H&H Oil)Marrero, LA, USA|2021| |2017|