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Facility Name (Alias/Former Names)City, State, CountryProgram Years
Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling Inc. (dba Paints for Less)Azusa, CA, USA|2019|
ACV Enviro (Deep Green; TPS Technologies; Soil Safe)New Windsor, NY, USA|2017|
Advanced Environmental, Inc. (D/K Dixon; Demenno-Kerdoon)Dixon, CA, USA|2019|
AES Asset Acquisition Corporation (dba Clean Earth of Calvert City; American Environmental Services)Calvert City, KY, USA|2024| |2023| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2016| |2013| |2010| |2007|
AES Asset Acquisition Corporation (dba Clean Earth of Morgantown; American Environmental Services)Morgantown, WV, USA|2018| |2005|
Atlas Transoil (dba Kleensoil South Florida)Moore Haven, FL, USA|2007|
Cascade Eco Minerals (Dlubak Glass Ohio)Upper Sandusky, OH, USA|2013| |2008|
Cascade Eco Minerals (Dlubak Glass)Natrona Heights, PA, USA|2012|
Cascade Eco Minerals (Dlubak Glass Texas)Waxahachie, TX, USA|2012|
Clean Earth of Philadelphia (Division of Allied Environmental)Philadelphia, PA, USA|2024| |2019| |2017| |2014| |2011| |2009| |2005|
Clean Harbors (DuraTherm)San Leon, TX, USA|2024| |2021| |2019| |2017| |2015| |2013| |2011| |2010| |2008| |2006| |2005| |2004| |2003| |2000|
Container Life Cycle Management LLC (Drumco; Memphis Drum Service)Arkadelphia, AR, USA|2021| |2016|
D.F.G. Mercury Corporation (D. F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metals)Evanston, IL, USA|2012|
Dae Jin Industrial Co., Ltd.Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea|2019|
Dale Transfer Corporation (AARCO)West Babylon, NY, USA|2020|
Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co. Ltd.Dalian, Liaoning, China|2020| |2012|
Daniels Health (SteriHealth)Silverwater, New South Wales, Australia|2019| |2010|
Daniels Sharpsmart, IncWalton, KY, USA|2015|
Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc. (Daniels Health)Fresno, CA, USA|2021| |2013|
DART Acquisitions, LLCCharlotte, NC, USA|2019|
DelCORAChester, PA, USA|2016|
Delta Solid Waste Management Authority (Delta County Landfill)Escanaba, MI, USA|2018|
Des Moines County Sanitary LandfillBurlington, IA, USA|2013|
DESLER S.A. (Desler plant)Malvinas Argentinas, Buenos Aires, Argentina|2019|
Desotec (Evoqua; Siemens Water; US Filter; Westates Carbon; Northwestern Carbon)Red Bluff, CA, USA|2020| |2015| |2010| |2005|
Desotec Activated Carbon NV S.A.Roeselare, West Flanders, Belgium|2015|
Desotec US, LLC (Evoqua; Siemens; Westates; US Filter)Parker, AZ, USA|2024| |2022| |2020| |2018| |2016| |2014| |2013| |2012| |2011| |2009| |2008| |2007| |2006| |2005| |2004| |2002| |2000| |1998|
DGL Environmental Pty. Ltd. (Hydromet)Unanderra, New South Wales, Australia|2023|
Dishon Disposal Special Waste Landfill (Dishon Disposal, Inc.)Williston, ND, USA|2018| |2013|
DislaubBucheres, Aube, France|2022|
Diversified Scientific Services, Inc. (DSSI)Kingston, TN, USA|2022| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2016| |2014| |2012| |2010| |2008| |2007| |2005| |2002|
DK Environmental (D/KE)Vernon, CA, USA|2003|
DLD Environmental Services, Inc. (Drug and Laboratory Disposal)Plainwell, MI, USA|2023| |2006|
DMC Electronics Recycling Corp.Newfields, NH, USA|2001|
Dolomatrix Philippines Inc.Calibutbut, Pampanga, Philippines|2015|
Dolphin Coast Landfill Management (DCLM)KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa|2018|
Domermuth Environmental ServicesKnoxville, TN, USA|2002|
Domermuth Environmental ServicesMemphis, TN, USA|2007| |2002|
Dong Huan Special Solid WasteShanghai, Shanghai Province, China|2002|
Dougherty County Sanitary LandfillAlbany, GA, USA|2003|
DRSH ZuiveringsslibDordrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands|2008|
Drumtech Inc.St. Louis, MO, USA|2005|
DTC Environmental ServicesNewell, WV, USA|2007|
Duchesne-Wasatch County Bluebench LandfillDuchesne, UT, USA|2018|
Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc.Texas City, TX, USA|2020| |2013|
Dunwell Petro-Chemical Co., Ltd.Yuen Long, Hong Kong, SAR|2010|
DuPont Secure Environmental Treatment Plant (Chambers Works)Deepwater, NJ, USA|2011| |2010| |2009| |2008| |2007| |2006| |2005| |2004| |2003| |2002| |2000| |1997|
Durante BrothersFlushing, NY, USA|2017|
Dynamic RecyclingOnalaska, WI, USA|2023|
Dynamic Recycling, LLC (MXI Environmental)Bristol, TN, USA|2024| |2020| |2017|
Dynex IndustriesFarmington Hills, MI, USA|2004|
EBV Explosives Environmental Company (dba General Dynamics-OTS Munition Services; GD-OTS MS)Carthage, MO, USA|2024| |2021| |2018| |2012|
Eco-Bat Indiana, LLC (dba Quemetco, Inc.; Revere Smelting & Refining)Indianapolis, IN, USA|2018| |2013| |2005|
EnergySolutions (Duratek Services; GTS Duratek)Oak Ridge, TN, USA|2022| |2018| |2017| |2016| |2015| |2014| |2012| |2010| |2009| |2007| |2005| |2002|
GFL Bowmanville Liquid Waste Facility (Detox Environmental; Clarington Industrial Services)Clarington, ON, Canada|2023| |2015| |2010|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Detroit Branch)Romulus, MI, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Dayton Branch)Vandalia, OH, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Dallas Branch)Dallas, TX, USA|2024|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Dallas Branch)Irving, TX, USA|2020|
Horizon Oilfield Services SWD (Disposal Well)Killdeer, ND, USA|2018|
Indaver (Doel-Beveren Facility; SLECO)Doel, Flanders, Belgium|2024| |2020| |2016| |2011|
Indaver Transfer Station (Dublin Port Hazardous Waste Facility; Minchem)Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland|2021| |2017| |2013|
INERTCO (DMC Electronics)Hagerstown, MD, USA|2002|
Secure Energy (Dawson Creek Full Service Terminal)Dawson Creek, BC, Canada|2014|
Shanks Hainaut S.A. (Division déchets médicaux)Bernissart, Wallonia, Belgium|2012|
Shapiro Recycling Systems (Dickson Scrap Metal Recycling)Dickson, TN, USA|2012|
Teris LLC (dba HEAT Treatment Services; Teris; Rhodia)Dallas, TX, USA|2003| |2001| |1998|
TPA Jatiwaringin-Mauk (Dinas Kebersihan & Pertamanan)Tangerang, West Java, Indonesia|2007|
US Ecology Detroit North (Dynecol)Detroit, MI, USA|2023| |2020| |2017| |2015| |2014| |2011| |2008| |2002| |1999|
World Oil Recycling (Demenno-Kerdoon)Compton, CA, USA|2024| |2023| |2022| |2021| |2019| |2018| |2017| |2016| |2015| |2014| |2012| |2010| |2009| |2006| |2005| |2003| |2001| |2000| |1998|