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Facility Name (Alias/Former Names)City, State, CountryUp to Last 5 Program Years
ACV Enviro (Cycle Chem; Clean Venture)Elizabeth, NJ, USA|2021| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2014|
ACV Enviro (Cycle Chem; Clean Venture)Lewisberry, PA, USA|2019| |2018| |2015| |2010| |2007|
AERC Recycling Solutions (Com-Cycle)Richmond, VA, USA|2020|
Agua Moss LLC (Crouch Mesa Facility)Aztec, NM, USA|2017|
Ames Goldsmith (Catalyst Refiners)Glens Falls, NY, USA|2002|
Apex Environmental (CCS Energy Services; Environmental Treatment Team)Theodore, AL, USA|2010| |2006| |2000|
Brickkiln Waste Ltd. (Creevagh Waste Transfer Site)Derry, County Londonderry, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)|2014|
Burlington Environmental, LLC (Clean Earth; Stericycle Environmental; PSC)Tacoma, WA, USA|2021| |2019| |2017| |2014| |2005|
Buzzi-Unicem USA (Cape Girardeau Alternate Fuels, Lone Star Industries, Inc.)Cape Girardeau, MO, USA|2021| |2019| |2018| |2017| |2014|
C&I ElectronicsEvansville, IN, USA|2020| |2017|
Cal Chem MetalsGlobe, AZ, USA|2007|
CalCorp Resources Inc.Houston, TX, USA|2017|
Calgon Carbon CorporationBlue Lake, CA, USA|2005| |2002|
Calgon Carbon Corporation (Big Sandy Plant)Catlettsburg, KY, USA|2020| |2018| |2016| |2015| |2014|
Calgon Carbon Corporation (Waterlink; Barnebey-Sutcliffe)Columbus, OH, USA|2005| |2001|
Calgon Carbon CorporationPittsburgh, PA, USA|2021| |2019| |2015| |2011| |2008|
Cali Resources SA de CVTijuana, Baja California, Mexico|2019|
California Electronic Asset Recovery, Inc. (CEAR)Mather, CA, USA|2019|
California Pipe Recycling, Inc. (CPR)Bakersfield, CA, USA|2011|
California Portland CementColton, CA, USA|2005|
Campine NVBeerse, Antwerp, Belgium|2015|
Canakkale Port Management, Inc.Canakkale, Canakkale, Turkey|2017|
Capanoglu Varil TicaretCayirova, Kocaeli, Turkey|2013|
Cardinal Container Service Lexington, NC, USA|2010|
Casella Hyland Facility Associates LFAngelica, NY, USA|2012|
Casella Waste Systems Chemung County LF (Operated by Casella Waste Systems)Elmira, NY, USA|2012|
Casella Waste Systems Hakes C&D LFPainted Post, NY, USA|2012|
Casella Waste Systems McKean County LF (Rustick LLC; McKean County LF)Kane, PA, USA|2012|
Casings, Inc. (Casing, Inc. Tire Recycling)Catskill, NY, USA|2017|
Castle Hill RecyclingBronx, NY, USA|2021| |2018|
Catalyst Environmental SolutionsBibra Lake, Western Australia, Australia|2019|
Catalyst Recovery of Louisiana, LLC (CRLA; Porocel)Lafayette, LA, USA|2019| |2017| |2014| |2013| |2011|
Catalyst Refiners IncorporatedNitro, WV, USA|2019|
Catalytic Innovations, LLC (LEMetrix Solutions, LLC)Rolla, MO, USA|2012| |2006|
CBSL Transportation ServicesChicago, IL, USA|2018| |2013|
CCR Technologies LtdBrooks, AB, Canada|2020|
CCS Energy Services (Lindbergh Cavern Facility)Lindbergh, AB, Canada|2007|
CCS Southern Oregon OperationsEugene, OR, USA|2012|
Cedar Avenue Recycling and Transfer Station (CARTS; Industrial Waste and Salvage; IWS)Fresno, CA, USA|2016|
Cedar Hills Regional LandfillMaple Valley, WA, USA|2012|
Cedar Marine TerminalsBaytown, TX, USA|2021| |2017|
Cedilor (SARPI)Malancourt-la-Montagne, Grand Est, France|2004|
Cemento Polpaico S.A. Coactiva Platform (Polpaico Coactiva)Til-Til, Chacabuco, Chile|2017|
CEMEX Inc. (Rinker Materials, CSR; CS Rinker)Miami, FL, USA|2009| |2000|
CEMTECH, LP (Medusa)Wampum, PA, USA|1997|
Central Ohio Oil, Inc. (Heartland Petroleum)Columbus, OH, USA|2021| |2016| |2013| |2009| |2005|
Chang-Xin Environment Engineering LtdTongxiao, Miaoli, Taiwan|2019|
Changzhou Annaide Industrial Waste Disposal Co. LtdChangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China|2009|
Changzhou Dingxin Recycling Containers Ltd.Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China|2009|
Chemical AnalyticsRomulus, MI, USA|2011| |2002|
Chemical Reclamation Services (Philip Services Corporation; CRS)Avalon, TX, USA|2019| |2017| |2015| |2012| |2011|
Chemical Solvents, Inc. (CSI)Cleveland, OH, USA|2009| |2005| |2001|
Chemical Waste Management (Kettleman Hills Facility)Kettleman City, CA, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2016|
Chemical Waste ManagementFort Wayne, IN, USA|1996|
Chemical Waste Management (Carlyss; CWM Lake Charles)Sulphur, LA, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2017| |2016|
Chemical Waste ManagementArlington, OR, USA|2020| |2019| |2017| |2016| |2014|
Chemical Waste Management, Inc.Emelle, AL, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Chemogas NVGrimbergen, Flanders, Belgium|2016|
Chem-Solv Technologies Pte., Ltd.Tuas, Singapore|2017| |2013| |2008| |2001|
Chemtrade Refinery Services (Peak Chemical)Beaumont, TX, USA|2007|
Chemtron Corporation (Plant 1)Avon, OH, USA|2019| |2017| |2016| |2013| |2008|
Chemviron Midwest, Inc. (Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Inc)Wooster, OH, USA|2015|
Chemwaste IndustriesWoolston, Canterbury, New Zealand|2017| |2008|
Chemwaste OnehungaOnehunga, Auckland, New Zealand|2017|
Chengdu Shuguang Petrochemical CoChengdu, Sichuan, China|2011|
Chengdu Xingrong Hazardous Waste Disposal Co. LtdChengdu, Sichuan, China|2018|
Cherry Island LandfillWilmington, DE, USA|2016| |2010|
Chief Waste TreatmentRipon, WI, USA|2007|
ChimetBadia al Pino, Tuscany, Italy|2011|
Chimirec AvrasyaGebze, Kocaeli, Turkey|2018|
Chimney Butte EnvironmentalFairfield, ND, USA|2014|
Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD)South Burlington, VT, USA|2019|
Cinelli Iron & Metal Corp. (Warehouse)Hackensack , NJ, USA|2017|
Circon Environmental (Intergulf Corporation)La Porte, TX, USA|2021| |2017| |2016| |2012|
Circon Environmental (Bay Park Facility; Intergulf; Lonestar Ecology LLC)Pasadena, TX, USA|2021| |2017|
Circon Environmental (Bayport Facility; Intergulf Corporation)Pasadena, TX, USA|2021| |2020| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Citiraya IndustriesSingapore, Singapore|2004|
City Environmental Services Landfill (CESW; Waters Landfill)Frederic, MI, USA|2017| |2013|
City of Brownwood LandfillBrownwood, TX, USA|2020|
City of Casper LandfillCasper, WY, USA|2018| |2015| |2012|
City of Charleston LandfillCharleston, WV, USA|2017|
City of Midland Sanitary LandfillMidland, MI, USA|2017|
City of Unalaska LandfillUnalaska, AK, USA|2012|
City Paper & MetalsLong Beach, CA, USA|2008|
Clark Environmental IncMulberry, FL, USA|2016| |2014| |2010| |2007|
Clean As NewBaytown, TX, USA|2020|
Clean Earth (EWS Alabama; C-MAC Environmental Group; Fisher Industrial Services)Glencoe, AL, USA|2016| |2010| |2005| |2001| |1998|
Clean Earth Dredging Technologies (CEDTI, Claremont Dredged Material Recycling Facility )Jersey City, NJ, USA|2020| |2017|
Clean Earth Environmental Solutions (Stericycle Environmental Solutions; PSC; General Environmental Management; American Environmental)Rancho Cordova, CA, USA|2021| |2016| |2013|
Clean Earth Environmental Solutions (Stericycle Environmental Solutions; PSC Recovery Systems; National Waste; Allwaste)Dallas, TX, USA|2021| |2018| |2013| |2010| |2002|
Clean Earth of Carteret (Carteret Biocycle)Carteret, NJ, USA|2020| |2017| |2013| |2009| |2006|
Clean Earth of Greater Washington LLCUpper Marlboro, MD, USA|2015|
Clean Earth of Maryland, LLCHagerstown, MD, USA|2020| |2017| |2015| |2012| |2009|
Clean Earth of New Castle, LLCNew Castle, DE, USA|2021| |2018| |2017| |2015| |2010|
Clean Earth of North Jersey (S & W Waste, Inc.)Kearny, NJ, USA|2018| |2017| |2015| |2014| |2011|
Clean Earth of Philadelphia (Division of Allied Environmental)Philadelphia, PA, USA|2019| |2017| |2014| |2011| |2009|
Clean Earth of South East PA, LLCMorrisville, PA, USA|2020| |2017| |2012|
Clean Earth Specialty Waste Solutions (Stericycle Environmental Solutions; PSC)Pomona, CA, USA|2013|
Clean Earth Specialty Waste Solutions (Special Waste Disposal; Stericycle Specialty Waste)Blaine, MN, USA|2005|
Clean Earth Specialty Waste Solutions (Stericycle Environmental Solutions; Allwaste; 21st Century Environmental Management)Woods Cross, UT, USA|2013|
Clean Harbors (Sellers Oilfield Services Ltd.)Calmar, AB, Canada|2018|
Clean Harbors (Newalta; Laidlaw)Ryley, AB, Canada|2019| |2017| |2014| |2010| |2005|
Clean Harbors (Lambton-Sarnia Incineration/Landfill)Corunna, ON, Canada|2021| |2019| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Ltd.)Guelph, ON, Canada|2019| |2014|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation)Mississauga, ON, Canada|2019| |2018| |2017| |2016| |2015|
Clean Harbors (Les Services; Safety-Kleen)Mercier, QC, Canada|2011| |2010| |2008| |2006| |2003|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation Lte.)Thurso, QC, Canada|2012| |2009| |2006| |2005| |2003|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Services (Quebec) Ltd.)Ville Ste-Catherine, QC, Canada|2012|
Clean Harbors (Teris LLC; ENSCO)El Dorado, AR, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean HarborsPhoenix, AZ, USA|2021| |2019| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Buttonwillow, CA, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; USPCI)San Jose, CA, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Teris, LLC; ENSCO West)Wilmington, CA, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Highway 36 Dev. Co.)Deer Trail, CO, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (CECOS; BFI; Southdown)Bristol, CT, USA|2021| |2019| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Bartow, FL, USA|2021| |2019| |2017| |2014| |2011|
Clean HarborsChicago, IL, USA|2012| |2011| |2008| |2006| |2005|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Pecatonica, IL, USA|2013| |2008| |2004| |2001| |1998|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; USPCI; Laidlaw; Rollins)Wichita, KS, USA|2018| |2015| |2001| |1997|
Clean Harbors (Wichita Wastewater Treatment Facility)Wichita, KS, USA|2019|
Clean Harbors (Wichita Oil Refinery)Wichita, KS, USA|2019|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; Rollins)Baton Rouge, LA, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2016|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen)Colfax, LA, USA|2021| |2020| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation)White Castle, LA, USA|2019| |2018| |2014| |2010| |2007|
Clean HarborsBraintree, MA, USA|2021| |2020| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Clean HarborsBaltimore, MD, USA|2021| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2016|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen)Laurel, MD, USA|2007| |2002| |1999|
Clean HarborsSouth Portland, ME, USA|2019| |2016| |2015| |2012| |2008|
Clean HarborsCannon Falls, MN, USA|2006|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Reidsville, NC, USA|2021| |2019| |2018| |2016| |2015|
Clean Harbors (Sawyer Disposal Services, LLC; Safety-Kleen (Sawyer), Inc.)Sawyer, ND, USA|2017| |2013|
Clean HarborsKimball, NE, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Bridgeport Disposal; Safety-Kleen Corporation; Laidlaw; Rollins)Bridgeport, NJ, USA|2018| |2000| |1999| |1996|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen (PPM), Inc.)Ashtabula, OH, USA|2008|
Clean Harbors (Spring Grove Resources; SGRR)Cincinnati, OH, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean HarborsCleveland, OH, USA|2020| |2019| |2017| |2016| |2014|
Clean Harbors (Hebron Recycle Center; Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.)Hebron, OH, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2017| |2016|
Clean Harbors (Lone Mountain; Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; USPCI; Rollins)Waynoka, OK, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw Environmental Services)Roebuck, SC, USA|1996|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation; Hydrotech - Plant 1)Chattanooga, TN, USA|2002|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation; Hydrotech)Chattanooga, TN, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean HarborsGreenbrier, TN, USA|2006| |2003|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen)Altair, TX, USA|1999|
Clean Harbors (Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Deer Park, TX, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)La Porte, TX, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (DuraTherm)San Leon, TX, USA|2021| |2019| |2017| |2015| |2013|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; APTUS; Laidlaw)Aragonite, UT, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; USPCI)Clive, UT, USA|2019| |2016| |1996|
Clean Harbors (Grassy Mountain; Safety-Kleen; USPCI; Laidlaw)Knolls, UT, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Clean Harbors CanadaDelta, BC, Canada|2021| |2015| |2003|
Clean Harbors CanadaLondon, ON, Canada|2007| |2005| |2002|
Clean Harbors CanadaThorold, ON, Canada|2007| |2005| |2002|
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.Prince George, VA, USA|2006|
Clean Harbors Recycling Services (Safety-Kleen)Chicago, IL, USA|2021| |2018| |2013| |2007| |2004|
Clean Water Environmental, LLC (Perma-Fix of Dayton)Dayton, OH, USA|2020| |2017| |2015| |2012| |2008|
Clean Water of New YorkStaten Island, NY, USA|2020| |2017|
Cleanaway (Nationwide Oil)Bentley, Western Australia, Australia|2019|
Cleanaway (Toxfree Solutions Ltd.; Barry Bros Specialised Services)Kwinana, Western Australia, Australia|2019| |2017|
Cleanaway Kang Lien CompanyGangshan, Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan|2010|
Cleanaway Narangba Waste Oil Facility (Nationwide Oil; Transpacific Industries)Narangba, Queensland, Australia|2019| |2008|
Cleanaway Technical Services (Transpacific Industries, Kooragang Treatment Plant)Kooragang Island, New South Wales, Australia|2019|
Cleanaway Technical Services (Transpacific Technical Services)Wingfield, South Australia, Australia|2016| |2011|
Cleanaway Waste Management (Haztech Industries; ERS Australia)Glendenning, New South Wales, Australia|2017| |2002|
Cleanaway Waste Management (Lidcombe Liquid Waste Plant; Waste Service NSW)Homebush Bay, New South Wales, Australia|2017| |2002|
Clean-Co SystemsChannelview, TX, USA|2016|
Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling, Inc.)Mason, MI, USA|2019| |2013| |2010| |2003|
Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling)Cincinnati, OH, USA|2020| |2016| |2011| |2006| |2003|
Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (USA Lamp and Ballast Recycling, Inc.)Spartanburg, SC, USA|2021| |2016| |2012|
Cleansing Service Group (CSG Coventry Site)Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Cleansing Service Group (CSG Pound Bottom)Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Cleansing Service Group (CSG Botley Treatment Plant)Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Cleansing Service Group Ltd (CSG)Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom (England)|2012|
Cleanway Environmental Management Solutions, Inc.Silang, Cavite, Philippines|2021|
Cliff Berry Inc. (CBI)Miami, FL, USA|2021| |2018| |2016| |2012| |2007|
Cliff Berry, Inc.Jacksonville, FL, USA|2013| |2009|
CloudBlue Technologies, Inc.Indianapolis, IN, USA|2011|
CMEG, Inc. (Clean Management Environmental Group)Walterboro, SC, USA|2015|
Coastal Chemical (Brenntag)Abbeville, LA, USA|2007|
Colt RefiningMerrimack, NH, USA|2019|
Columbus Steel DrumBlacklick, OH, USA|2003|
Combined Resources Inc. (CRI of Illinois Inc.)Addison, IL, USA|2013|
Combined Resources Inc. (CRI of Tennessee Inc.)Nashville, TN, USA|2012|
Commercial Incineration CorporationCarolina, PR, USA|1999|
Commodity Resources and Environmental, Inc.Mojave, CA, USA|2010|
Communications Wireless Group (CWG; CMB Wireless Group)Bohemia, NY, USA|2009|
Complete Recycling SolutionsFall River, MA, USA|2021| |2017| |2013|
Conecsus, LLC (ECS Texas Refining)Terrell, TX, USA|2013| |2006|
Consolidated Container CompanyMinneapolis, MN, USA|2021| |2014|
Container CorporationCleveland, OH, USA|2000|
Container Life Cycle Management LLC (Drumco; Memphis Drum Service)Arkadelphia, AR, USA|2021| |2016|
Container Lifecycle Management LLC (Indianapolis Drum Service)Indianapolis, IN, USA|2017| |2005|
Container Management Services (Western Drum)Hayward, CA, USA|2019| |2014| |2000|
Container Management Services, LLC (CMS)Portland, OR, USA|2019|
Container Reconditioning Services Pty Ltd (CRS; Pat the Drum Man)Dry Creek, South Australia, Australia|2011|
Cory Environmental Resource Management (Hempstead Landfill Site)Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Covanta (Union County Resource Recovery)Rahway, NJ, USA|2021| |2016| |2014| |2010| |2004|
Covanta (Covanta Plymouth Renewable Energy)Conshohocken, PA, USA|2021| |2017| |2016|
Covanta Delaware Valley (Delaware County Resource Recovery)Chester, PA, USA|2017| |2013|
Covanta Energy (SEMASS Facility)West Wareham, MA, USA|2016|
Covanta Energy (Covanta Marion, Inc.)Brooks, OR, USA|2019|
Covanta Energy Corporation (American Ref-Fuel)Niagara Falls, NY, USA|2021| |2019| |2018| |2017| |2016|
Covanta Energy Corporation (American Ref-Fuel; Hempstead Resource Recovery)Westbury, NY, USA|2020| |2016| |2002|
Covanta Energy CorporationAlexandria, VA, USA|2016|
Covanta Environmental (Chesapeake Waste Solutions)Manheim, PA, USA|2018| |2013|
Covanta Environmental (Waste Recovery Solutions, Inc.)Myerstown, PA, USA|2021| |2018| |2015|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Quantex Environmental Inc., dba: Quantex Solutions)Kitchener, ON, Canada|2015| |2007|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Advanced Waste Services)Cedar Rapids, IA, USA|2019|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Indianapolis Material Processing Facility; Advanced Waste Services Of Indiana LLC)Indianapolis, IN, USA|2021|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Advanced Waste Services; Future Environmental; Chem Works)Portage, IN, USA|2021| |2019| |2015| |2012|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (GARCO, Inc)Asheboro, NC, USA|2019|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Environment & Industrial Contracting Services; Green Environment Specialists)Niagara Falls, NY, USA|2020|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Industrial Oil Tank Service Corporation)Oriskany, NY, USA|2020| |2016|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (RecOil)York, PA, USA|2017|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Advanced Waste Services)Milwaukee, WI, USA|2020| |2018|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (ChemWorks; Advanced Waste Services)Milwaukee, WI, USA|2005|
Covanta Environmental SolutionsOshkosh, WI, USA|2020|
Covanta Environmental Solutions (Chief Liquid Waste, Inc.)Winneconne, WI, USA|2015| |2012|
Covanta Haverhill, Inc.Haverhill, MA, USA|2021| |2016| |2012|
Covanta Huntington (Huntington Resource Recovery Facility; HRRF)East Northport, NY, USA|2020| |2017| |2013|
Covanta HuntsvilleHuntsville, AL, USA|2020| |2018| |2015| |2013| |2010|
Covanta Indianapolis (Ogden Martin)Indianapolis, IN, USA|2021| |2020| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Covanta Lake II, Inc. (Ogden Waste Treatment; Lake County Facility)Okahumpka, FL, USA|2021| |2015| |2010| |2005| |1999|
Covanta Long Beach Renewable Energy (Southeast Resource Recovery Facility (SERRF))Long Beach, CA, USA|2014|
Covanta Secure Services (Stanislas Resource Recovery Facility; American Ref-Fuel)Crows Landing, CA, USA|2020| |2015|
Covanta Tulsa Renewable Energy (TRE; Covanta Walter B. Hall)Tulsa, OK, USA|2020| |2019| |2015| |2013| |2010|
Coyne Textile Services (CTS)Cleveland, OH, USA|2007|
Cramoil Singapore Pte. Ltd.Tuas, Singapore|2019|
Creative Recycling Systems, Inc. (CRS I)Tampa, FL, USA|2013| |2010|
CRI Environment IncCoteau-du-Lac, QC, Canada|2011|
CRI-MET (Amax Metals Recovery)Braithwaite, LA, USA|1998|
Crosby & OvertonLong Beach, CA, USA|2021| |2018| |2017| |2013| |2011|
Crowsnest/Pincher Creek LandfillPincher Creek, AB, Canada|2020|
CS Metals of Louisiana, LLCConvent, LA, USA|2002| |2000|
CSG Lanstar (CSG Lanstar Cadishead)Cadishead, Manchester, United Kingdom (England)|2018| |2013|
Cumberland County Landfill (Interstate Waste Services)Shippensburg, PA, USA|2018| |2012|
Cumberland County Solid Waste LandfillMillville, NJ, USA|2016|
Cummings Environmental (Cummings Marine Transportation)Memphis, TN, USA|2006|
Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services (Phoenix Services; Enviromed; Baltimore Regional Medical Waste Incinerator)Baltimore, MD, USA|2019| |2017| |2015| |2014| |2012|
CWM Chemical Services (Waste Management Model City; Chemical Waste Management)Model City, NY, USA|2018| |2017| |2016| |2015| |2014|
Cyanokem (Cyano Corporation)Detroit, MI, USA|1995|
Cyn Environmental ServicesStoughton, MA, USA|2021| |2019| |2007| |1999|
DuPont Secure Environmental Treatment Plant (Chambers Works)Deepwater, NJ, USA|2011| |2010| |2009| |2008| |2007|
Emerald Transformer (Clean Harbors; Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Los Angeles, CA, USA|2016| |2013| |2011| |2010| |2007|
Emerald Transformer (Clean Harbors PPM Group)Philadelphia, PA, USA|2015| |2008| |2004|
Emerald Transformer PPM (Clean Harbors; APTUS; Safety-Kleen)Coffeyville, KS, USA|2019| |2018| |2016| |2015| |2014|
Emerald Transformer Services (Clean Harbors; Safety-Kleen (PPM), Inc.)Tucker, GA, USA|2021| |2018| |2016| |2013| |2008|
Emerald Transformer Services (Clean Harbors; PPM Inc; Laidlaw; Safety Kleen)Twinsburg, OH, USA|2020| |2018| |2017| |2014| |2011|
EnergySolutions (Chem-Nuclear Systems; Duratek; DSSI)Barnwell, SC, USA|2016| |2012| |2007| |2006| |2005|
Environmental Soil Management, Inc. (Clean Earth; ESMI)Fort Edward, NY, USA|2020| |2017|
Fortech Microabrasivos S.A. (Cartago Industrial Park Facility; Metals Plant)Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica|2008|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Chicago North Branch)Elgin, IL, USA|2020|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Chicago AF Branch)Wood Dale, IL, USA|2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Cincinnati Branch)Cincinnati, OH, USA|2021| |2018|
Heritage-Crystal Clean (Cleveland Branch)North Royalton, OH, USA|2018|
Industrial Container Services (Columbus Drum Reclaimers; ICS)Gahanna, OH, USA|2017| |2013|
K. B. Recycling (Canby Disposal)Canby, OR, USA|2012|
Laidlaw Environmental Services de Mexico (Clean Harbors)Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico|2004|
Little Forks Landfill (Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority)Spring Hill, NS, Canada|2007|
Perma-Fix of Michigan (Chem-Met Services)Brownstown, MI, USA|2002| |1999| |1995|
Philip Reclamation Services (Clean Earth Environmental Solutions; Stericycle Environmental Solutions; Eltex Chemical)Houston, TX, USA|2020| |2018| |2016| |2015| |2012|
Porocel (Criterion Catalyst & Technologies; Catalyst Recovery, Inc.)Medicine Hat, AB, Canada|2019| |2014| |2001|
Pure Earth Recycling (Casie Protank; Casie Ecology Oil Salvage)Vineland, NJ, USA|2009| |2006| |2002|
R360 Environmental Solutions (Controlled Recovery Inc; CRI)Halfway, NM, USA|2020| |2016| |2011|
Republic Environmental Systems (Clean Earth; Stericycle Environmental Solutions; PSC)Hatfield, PA, USA|2021| |2019| |2018| |2016| |2014|
Rinchem Company, Inc. (Compaņia Rinquim S.A. de C.V)Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico|2005|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Charlotte Oil Terminal; First Recovery)Charlotte, NC, USA|2013|
Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. (Cardinal Container)Pasadena, TX, USA|2019|
SIAVED (CIDEME)Douchy-les-Mines, Hauts-de-France, France|2013|
Sichuan Jinfuhua Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. (Chengdu Shuangliu Env Engineering Co)Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China|2009|
Somers Sanitation (City Carting Corp; Bria Carting Corp)Somers, NY, USA|2020| |2017|
SUEZ R&R Wallonia Jumet (Centre de Regroupement Dechets Dangereux)Charleroi, Wallonia, Belgium|2016|
Tervita Ft. St. John / Boundary Lake TRD (CCS)Fort St. John, BC, Canada|2014|
Tervita Willesden Green LF (CCS)Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada|2019| |2014|
Tox Free Australia (Chemsal)Laverton North, Victoria, Australia|2016| |2011|
Transpacific Industries (Cleanaway)Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia|2002|
Triumvirate Environmental (Canada), Inc. (ChemTECH Environment Inc)Contrecoeur, QC, Canada|2019|
Umicore Specialty Materials Recycling, LLC (CP Chemical Group)Wickliffe, OH, USA|2014|
US Liquids (Campbell Wells)Bourg, LA, USA|2001|
Veolia Environmental Services Pty Ltd (Collex Powerclean)Camellia, New South Wales, Australia|2002|
Veolia ES (UK) Ltd. (Cleanaway)Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, United Kingdom (England)|2020| |2017| |2013| |2011| |2008|
Veolia Rainham Landfill Site (Cleanway)Rainham, Essex, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Votorantim Cimentos (Cimento Poty)Sobral, Ceara, Brazil|2007|
WCI White Oaks Landfill (Consolidated Waste Ind White Oaks LF)Monroe, LA, USA|2013|
WM Mesquite Creek Landfill (Comal County Landfill)New Braunfels, TX, USA|2017|
WM Monarch Hill Landfill (Central Disposal, Mt. Trashmore)Pompano Beach, FL, USA|2020| |2017| |2012|
WM Monroeville Landfill (Chambers Development Co.)Monroeville, PA, USA|2012|
WM Oakridge Landfill (Chambers)Dorchester, SC, USA|2013| |2011|
WM Recycle America, L.L.C. (Clay Road MRF; Gulf Coast Recycling)Houston, TX, USA|2012|
WM Vickery Environmental (CWM; Chem Waste)Vickery, OH, USA|2021| |2018| |2004| |2000|
WM Western Waste Reclamation No. 7 (Conroe 7 Industrial Waste Landfill)Conroe, TX, USA|2018| |2012|