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Facility Name (Alias/Former Names)City, State, CountryUp to Last 5 Program Years
Advance Drum (Bernath Barrel & Drum)Mableton, GA, USA|2007|
Allied Waste of Ponce LF (BFI)Ponce, PR, USA|2015| |2013| |2009| |2005| |2001|
B&B Surplus Inc.Bakersfield, CA, USA|2009|
Bakerstown Container Corp.Bakerstown, PA, USA|2003|
Balaji RefineriesBangalore, Karnataka, India|2016|
Bangpa-in Land Development Co., LtdBangpa-In, Ayutthaya, Thailand|2010|
Bangpoo Environmental Complex Co. Ltd (BPEC; Dowa)Bangpoo Mai, Samut Prakan, Thailand|2023|
Bardu DeponiBardu, Troms, Norway|2013|
Barron County Waste to Energy & Recycling (Barron County Incinerator)Almena, WI, USA|2019|
BASF Catalysts (Engelhard Industries)Seneca, SC, USA|2011| |2006| |2002| |2000|
Basin Disposal IncBloomfield, NM, USA|2014| |2010|
Batrec Industrie AG (Veolia; SARP Industries)Wimmis, Bern, Switzerland|2021| |2017|
Battery Solutions, Inc.Howell, MI, USA|2015|
Battery Solutions, Inc.Wixom, MI, USA|2022| |2021| |2019|
Battle Creek LandfillLuray, VA, USA|2019|
Bauer Umwelt GmbHBleicherode, Thuringia, Germany|2013|
Bauer Umwelt GmbH (Bilfinger Berger Entsorgung Hamburg GmbH)Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany|2012|
Bauer Umwelt GmbH (Soil Treatment Centre, Bodenreinigungszentrum)Schrobenhausen, Bavaria, Germany|2017| |2012|
Bay Metal, Inc.Richfield, OH, USA|2018|
Bayshore Recycling CorporationKeasbey, NJ, USA|2021| |2018| |2017| |2013|
BCX CorporationWaycross, GA, USA|2003|
Beaver OilGary, IN, USA|2021| |2003|
Beaver Oil CompanyHodgkins, IL, USA|2023| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2015|
Beaver Regional LandfillRyley, AB, Canada|2019|
Beijing Hazardous Waste Management Disposal StationQingyundian, Beijing Province, China|2009|
Beijing Jinyu Mangrove Environmental Protection Technology Co., LtdBeijing, Beijing Province, China|2009|
Bethlehem ApparatusBethlehem, PA, USA|2021| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2014|
Bethlehem ApparatusHellertown, PA, USA|2022| |2019| |2018| |2017| |2015|
Better World GreenSaraburi, Saraburi, Thailand|2018| |2001|
Betz TransformerOlathe, CO, USA|2009|
BFI Lorain County LandfillOberlin, OH, USA|2003|
BFI Waste Services of Little Rock (Allied Waste Systems; Modelfill)Little Rock, AR, USA|2003|
Bharat Oil & Waste Management LtdRoorkee, Uttarakhand, India|2015|
Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd. (BEIL)Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India|2018|
Bidones J.P. GarciaFogars de la Selva, Barcelona, Spain|2019|
Biffa Patterson Court LandfillRedhill, Surrey, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Big Mac - Mackey 1 (34-8N-18E)Quinton, OK, USA|2002|
Billings Regional LandfillBillings, MT, USA|2022| |2012|
Billy Bowie Special Projects LtdKilmarnock, Ayrshire, United Kingdom (Scotland)|2013|
BiogenieChateau Gaillard, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France|2012|
Biolodos de Occidente S.A.S E.S.PCopacabana, Antioquia, Colombia|2022|
Bioterra NVOpglabbeek, Flanders, Belgium|2013|
BIR Waste Energy ASRadal, Hordaland, Norway|2019|
Bison Specialty Services LLCBeaumont, TX, USA|2017|
Bluff Road Landfill and Composting Facility (Lincoln Bluff Landfill)Lincoln, NE, USA|2012|
BMB Paint and Coatings, LLCMonmouth Junction, NJ, USA|2019|
BMWNC Inc.Matthews, NC, USA|2010| |2004|
Bodin OilAbbeville, LA, USA|2014| |2004|
Bodine Environmental Services, Inc.Decatur, IL, USA|2006|
Brantner Osterreich GmbHKrems an der Donau, Lower Austria, Austria|2023|
Braunco S.A.Benavidez, Buenos Aires, Argentina|2011|
Braunco S.A.El Talar, Buenos Aires, Argentina|2019|
Bravo EnergySantiago, Metropolitano de Santiago, Chile|2019| |2003|
Brenntag Great Lakes (Milwaukee Solvents; Milsolv)Menomonee Falls, WI, USA|2005| |2001|
Brickkiln Waste Ltd. (Creevagh Waste Transfer Site)Derry, County Londonderry, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)|2014|
Brocklesby LtdNorth Cave (Brough), East Yorkshire, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Bronx Recycle (Tilcon, Con Agg Recycling Corporation)Bronx, NY, USA|2017|
Brunswick Waste Management Facility (Allied Waste Systems)Lawrenceville, VA, USA|2003|
Brushy Creek Well No. 9Hallettsville, TX, USA|2011|
Buckhorn Energy Services Oaks Disposal ServicesLindsay, MT, USA|2021| |2017|
Buick Resource Recycling Division (BRRD)Boss, MO, USA|2021| |2018| |2016| |2013| |2010|
Burlington Environmental, LLC (Stericycle Environmental Solutions; PSC)Kent, WA, USA|2023| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2014|
Burlington Environmental, LLC (Clean Earth; Stericycle Environmental; PSC)Tacoma, WA, USA|2021| |2019| |2017| |2014| |2005|
Buzzi-Unicem USA (Lone Star Alternate Fuels; Greencastle WDF Facility)Greencastle, IN, USA|2023| |2021| |2020| |2019| |2018|
Buzzi-Unicem USA (Cape Girardeau Alternate Fuels, Lone Star Industries, Inc.)Cape Girardeau, MO, USA|2023| |2021| |2019| |2018| |2017|
Calgon Carbon Corporation (Big Sandy Plant)Catlettsburg, KY, USA|2023| |2022| |2020| |2018| |2016|
Circon Environmental (Bayport Facility; Intergulf Corporation)Pasadena, TX, USA|2023| |2021| |2020| |2018| |2016|
Circon Environmental (Bay Park Facility; Intergulf; Lonestar Ecology)Pasadena, TX, USA|2021| |2017|
Clean Harbors (Bridgeport Disposal; Safety-Kleen Corporation; Laidlaw; Rollins)Bridgeport, NJ, USA|2023| |2018| |2000| |1999| |1996|
Coastal Chemical (Brenntag)Abbeville, LA, USA|2007|
GDB International (BMB Paint and Coatings LLC)Las Vegas, NV, USA|2019|
Lighting Resources, Inc. (Ballast Facility)Phoenix, AZ, USA|2022| |2017|
LOCTR Tecnologia de Residuos Ltda. (BMA Technologia Residuos Ltda.)Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil|2022| |2013|
New York Recycling LLC (Bronx County Recycling; NY Recycling)Bronx, NY, USA|2023| |2019| |2017|
Philip Environmental Services (BBC Environmental Enterprises)Toledo, OH, USA|2004|
REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG (Blum GmbH)Melle, Lower Saxony, Germany|2017| |2013|
Republic Carbon Limestone Landfill (BFI; Allied Waste)Lowellville, OH, USA|2022| |2017| |2013| |2002|
Republic Morris Farm Landfill (BFI; Allied Waste)Hillsboro, AL, USA|2022| |2019| |2014| |2010|
Republic Services Big River Landfill (BFI Waste Systems of Mississippi, LLC)Leland, MS, USA|2018| |2009|
Republic Services Blue Ridge LF (Blue Ridge Landfill)Fresno, TX, USA|2020| |2016| |2013|
Republic Services Colonial Landfill (BFI Colonial Landfill)Sorrento, LA, USA|2019| |2017| |2015| |2012| |2010|
Republic Services Itasca Landfill (BFI Itasca Landfill)Itasca, TX, USA|2021| |2016| |2013| |2010| |2007|
Republic Services Jefferson Davis Landfill (BFI Jefferson Davis Landfill)Welsh, LA, USA|2019| |2016| |2015| |2014| |2011|
Republic Southwest Landfill (BFI; Southwest LF)Canyon, TX, USA|2022| |2017| |2013| |2007|
Republic Timberlands Landfill (BFI Timberlands Landfill)Brewton, AL, USA|2015| |2000|
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (BDT)Clarence, NY, USA|2002| |2000| |1997|
Stericycle (BFI Medical Waste Systems)Fresno, CA, USA|2014| |2011|
Stericycle (BFI Medical Waste Systems)Dunkirk, NY, USA|2019| |2012|
Stericycle (Bridgeview, Inc.)Morgantown, PA, USA|2020| |2017| |2013| |2009| |2004|
Stericycle (BFI Medical Waste)Carolina, PR, USA|2021| |2020| |2016| |2012| |2005|
Stericycle (BFI Medical Waste)Conroe, TX, USA|2020| |2015| |2011| |2006| |2003|
Stericycle Environmental Solutions (Burlington Environmental LLC)Anchorage, AK, USA|2015|
Tervita (Blue Buttes Facility)Keene, ND, USA|2014|
Tradebe Treatment and Recycling (Bridgeport United Recycling; United Oil Recovery)Bridgeport, CT, USA|2022| |2020| |2018| |2017| |2015|
Tradebe Treatment and Recycling of Wisconsin (Badger Disposal of Wisconsin)Milwaukee, WI, USA|2022| |2019| |2015| |2007|
Veolia Environmental Services (Brooklyn Liquid Treatment Plant; Collex)Brooklyn, Victoria, Australia|2022| |2019| |2013| |2002|
Veolia Environmental Services (Bostock Landfill; Minosus Ltd.)Middlewich, Cheshire, United Kingdom (England)|2013|
Wheelabrator Technologies (BRESCO; Baltimore Refuse Energy Systems Company)Baltimore, MD, USA|2015|