Identification in the CHWMEG member list does not imply endorsement by the member

The following is a list of all CHWMEG Members and their additionally participating affiliates (subsidiaries and eligible JVs). For members requesting to remain anonymous, their industry sector representation has been provided.

Membership as of: Sunday, December 10, 2023


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CHWMEG, Inc. Member Companies
(includes 315 member enterprises with 642 affiliate companies)
Name Withheld indicates member wanted to remain anonymous.
See the list of members only (without affiliates included)


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1) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Multinational Diverse Manufacturer
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.


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2) Member: AB Volvo
Mack Trucks, Inc.
Volvo Trucks North America

3) Member: ABB Inc.
ABB Installation Products Caribe Corp.
ABB Installation Products Inc.
ABB Motors & Mechanical Inc.
Industrial C&S of P.R. LLC
Industrial Connections & Solutions LLC

4) Member: Abbott
Abbott Bioresearch Center, Inc.
Abbott Diabetes Care Sales Corporation
Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.
Abbott Equity Investments LLC
Abbott Exchange, Inc.
Abbott Healthcare Products, Inc.
Abbott International LLC
Abbott Laboratories International Co.
Abbott Laboratories, Inc.
Abbott Molecular Inc.
Abbott Pharmaceutical Corporation
Abbott Point of Care Inc.
Abbott Spine Inc.
Abbott Vascular Inc.
Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
Aeropharm Technology, LLC
Guidant Endovascular Solutions, Inc.
IEP Pharmaceutical Devices, LLC
Knoll Pharmaceutical Company
Kos Life Sciences, Inc.
Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Natural Supplement Association, Incorporated
ZonePerfect Nutrition Company

5) Member: AbbVie Inc.

6) Member: Acushnet Company

7) Member: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

8) Member: Advancion Corporation

9) Member: AdvanSix Resins & Chemicals LLC

10) Member: Afton Chemical Corporation

11) Member: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

12) Member: Air Liquide Advanced Materials, Inc.

13) Member: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

14) Member: Albemarle Corporation
Albemarle U.S., Inc.

15) Member: Alcami Corporation

16) Member: Alcoa Corporation
Alcoa Aluminio S.A.
Alcoa Canada Co.
Alcoa of Australia Ltd.
Alcoa USA Corp.
Aluminio Espanol S.L.U.

17) Member: Alcon Vision LLC

18) Member: Alliant Energy Corporation

19) Member: Alpek Polyester USA, LLC

20) Member: Altria Client Services LLC

21) Member: American Acryl L.P.

22) Member: American Airlines Group, Inc.
American Airlines Inc.

23) Member: American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.

24) Member: American Electric Power Company, Inc.
AEP Texas Inc.
Appalachian Power Company
Indiana Michigan Power Company
Kentucky Power Company
Ohio Power Company
Public Service Corporation of Oklahoma
Southwestern Electric Power Company

25) Member: American Vanguard Corporation
AMVAC Chemical Corporation

26) Member: Americas Styrenics LLC

27) Member: AMETEK, Inc.

28) Member: Amgen Inc.
Amgen Manufacturing Limited
Immunex Rhode Island Corporation

29) Member: AOC LLC

30) Member: Name Withheld - Fortune® Global 500 Technology Company

31) Member: Applied Materials
Applied Materials Chamber Performance Services

32) Member: Arkema Inc.

33) Member: Ascend Performance Materials Texas, Inc.

34) Member: Ascent Industries Co.
Ascent Chemicals
Ascent Tubular

35) Member: Ashland Inc.
International Specialty Products, Inc.

36) Member: Astellas Ireland Co., Ltd.

37) Member: AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP
Ardea Biosciences, Inc.
AstraZeneca Limited Partnership

38) Member: AT&T Services, Inc.

39) Member: Avient Corporation


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40) Member: BAE Systems, Inc.
Armor Holdings, Inc.
BAE Network Solutions
BAE Systems Controls Inc.
BAE Systems Inc.
BAE Systems Information and Electronics Integration, Inc.
BAE Systems Land & Armaments Inc.
BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair
BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Inc.

41) Member: BASF Corporation

42) Member: Baxter International, Inc.
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

43) Member: Bayer Corporation
Bayer CropScience LP
Bayer HealthCare LLC
Bayer Inc.
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation

44) Member: Becton Dickinson and Company

45) Member: Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Center GmbH
Boehringer Ingelheim - BIDACHEM S.p.A
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Puerto Rico LLC
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim Espana S.A.
Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG
Boehringer Ingelheim USA, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

46) Member: The Boeing Company
Boeing - Australia
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.

47) Member: BP America
ARCO Environmental Remediation, L.L.C.
Atlantic Richfield Company
BP America Production Company
BP Amoco Chemical Company
BP Company North America Inc.
BP Corporation North America Inc.
BP Exploration & Production Inc.
BP Pipelines (North America) Inc.
BP Products North America Inc.
BP West Coast Products LLC
Standard Oil Company, Inc.

48) Member: Brewer Science Inc.

49) Member: Bristol Myers Squibb Company
Abraxis Bioscience, LLC
Celgene Cambridge
Celgene Corporation
Celgene Distribution Center
Celgene Science Park, Receptos Services LLC
Delinia, Inc.
Juno Therapeutics, Inc.
Pharmion, LLC
Signal Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Summit West Celgene, LLC

50) Member: Broadcom Inc.
Avago Technologies Wireless (USA) Manufacturing, LLC

51) Member: Buckeye Partners, L.P.
Buckeye Pipe Line Co., LP


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52) Member: California Resources Corporation

53) Member: Call2Recycle, Inc.

54) Member: Calpine Corporation
Calpine Operating Services Company, Inc.

55) Member: Name Withheld - Leading Health, Specialty & Fine Chemicals, Biosciences, Animal Health and Agriculture Company
• Affiliates: This member has 8 affiliates that are also anonymous.

56) Member: Cameron LNG LLC

57) Member: Carestream Health, Inc.

58) Member: Name Withheld - Global Food, Agriculture, Financial, and Industrial Products & Services Provider
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

59) Member: Carpenter Technology Corporation

60) Member: Cenovus Energy Inc.
Lima Refining Company
Ohio Refining Company LLC
Superior Refining Company, LLC

61) Member: CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

62) Member: Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation

63) Member: CF Industries, Inc.
Canadian Fertilizer Limited
CF Fertilisers UK Limited
CF Industries Nitrogen, LLC
CF Industries Sales, LLC
Terra International (Canada) Inc.
Terra International (Oklahoma) Inc.
Terra Nitrogen, Limited Partnership

64) Member: ChampionX

65) Member: The Chemours Company

66) Member: Chemtrade Logistics, Inc.

67) Member: Chemtura Corporation
Baxenden Chemicals Limited
Chemtura Canada Co., Cie
Chemtura Chemicals (Nanjing) Co. Ltd
Chemtura Corporation Mexico S. de RL de CV
Chemtura Industria Quimica d. Brasil Ltda
Chemtura Italy Srl
Chemtura Manufacturing Italy Srl
Chemtura Manufacturing UK Limited
Chemtura Organometallics Gmbh
Daystar Materials LLC
GLCC Laurel de Mexico SA de CV
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
Uniroyal Chemical Taiwan Ltd

68) Member: Cheniere Energy, Inc.
Cheniere LNG OM Services LLC

69) Member: Chevron Corporation
Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited
Chevron Argentina S.R.L.
Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
Chevron Bangladesh Blocks Thirteen & Fourteen, Ltd.
Chevron Belgium BVBA
Chevron Canada Limited
Chevron Environmental Management Company
Chevron Global Downstream LLC
Chevron Global Technology Services Company
Chevron Japan Ltd.
Chevron Munaigas Inc.
Chevron Nigeria Limited
Chevron Oronite Brasil Ltda.
Chevron Oronite Company LLC
Chevron Oronite Pte. Ltd.
Chevron Oronite SAS
Chevron Oronite Technology B.V.
Chevron Petroleum Company
Chevron Philippines Inc.
Chevron Pipe Line Company
Chevron Shipping Company LLC
Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia
Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc.

70) Member: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP

71) Member: Name Withheld - Global Energy, Grains, and Food Business
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

72) Member: CITGO Petroleum Corporation

73) Member: Clearwater Paper Corporation
Manchester Industries Inc. of Virginia

74) Member: CNA Holdings, Inc.
Celanese Acetate LLC
Celanese Chemicals, Inc.
Celanese, Ltd.
Santoprene Production Pensacola LLC
Ticona Polymers, Inc.

75) Member: Coherent Corp.
Coherent Inc.
Coherent Lasersystems GmbH & Co. KG
Coherent Singapore Pte. Ltd.
HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH
II-VI Compound Semiconductors Ltd
II-VI Laser Enterprise GmbH
II-VI Singapore Pte Ltd.
Innovion Corporation
Lightsmyth Technologies, Inc.
M Cubed Technologies, Inc.
Photop Technologies, Inc.

76) Member: Colgate-Palmolive Company
Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

77) Member: Colonial Pipeline Company

78) Member: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

79) Member: Commercial Metals Company

80) Member: ConocoPhillips
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.
Polar Tankers, Inc.

81) Member: Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

82) Member: Constellation Energy Corporation
Constellation Energy Generation, LLC

83) Member: Continental Maritime of San Diego, LLC

84) Member: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

85) Member: Corden Pharma Colorado, Inc.

86) Member: Cornerstone Chemical Company

87) Member: Corning Incorporated

88) Member: Corteva Agriscience

89) Member: Covestro LLC

90) Member: Cummins Inc.

91) Member: CVR Energy, Inc.
Coffeyville Resources, LLC
CVR Partners, LP
CVR Refining, LP

92) Member: CVS Health Corporation


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93) Member: Deere & Company
John Deere Special Technologies Phoenix International Corp.
Maschinenfabrik Kemper GmbH & Co. KG
Regen Technologies

94) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Oil Transportation and Storage Company

95) Member: Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.

96) Member: Dominion Energy Services, Inc.

97) Member: The Dow Chemical Company

98) Member: DSM Holding Company USA, Inc.
DSM Dyneema LLC
DSM Engineering Plastics, Inc.
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.

99) Member: DTE Energy Company
DTE Energy Corporate Services, LLC
DTE Energy Resources, LLC

100) Member: Duke Energy Corporation

101) Member: Name Withheld - Fortune® 100 Chemical Manufacturer
• Affiliates: This member has 8 affiliates that are also anonymous.

102) Member: The Duracell Company


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103) Member: E&J Gallo Winery

104) Member: Eastman Chemical Company

105) Member: Ecolab Inc.
Abednego Environmental Services, LLC
Ecolab Philippines Inc.
NALCO Oesterreich Ges.M.B.H.
Nalco Water India Limited

106) Member: Eli Lilly & Company
Imclone Systems LLC
Lilly del Caribe, Inc.

107) Member: Emera Inc.
New Mexico Gas Company
Peoples Gas
Tampa Electric Company

108) Member: EMSL Analytical, Inc.

109) Member: Enbridge Inc.

110) Member: Energizer Holdings, Inc.
Energizer Brands LLC
STP Products, Inc.

111) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Fortune® 500 Oil & Gas Transportation and Storage Company
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.

112) Member: Entegris, Inc.

113) Member: Entergy Corporation
Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
Entergy Gulf States, Inc.
Entergy Louisiana, Inc.
Entergy Mississippi, Inc.
Entergy New Orleans, Inc.
Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc.
Entergy Operations, Inc.
Entergy Services, Inc.

114) Member: Equinor US Holdings Inc.
Equinor USA E&P Inc.
Equinor USA Onshore Properties Inc.

115) Member: Name Withheld - Fortune® 500 Cosmetics Manufacturer

116) Member: Exelon Corporation
Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
Commonwealth Edison Company
PECO Energy Company
Pepco Holdings, Inc.

117) Member: ExxonMobil Corporation
Esso Belgium, division of ExxonMobil Petroleum and Chemical, BVBA
ExxonMobil Environmental Services Company
ExxonMobil Pipeline Company
Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd.
XTO Energy Canada ULC


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118) Member: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

119) Member: Flextronics International Ltd.

120) Member: FM Global Research Campus

121) Member: FMC Corporation
FMC (China) Investment Company Limited
FMC (Shanghai) Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

122) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Metal Products Manufacturer

123) Member: Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.
Climax Molybdenum Company – Climax Mine
Climax Molybdenum Company – Fort Madison, IA
Climax Molybdenum Company – Henderson Mine and Mill
Climax Technology Center
Freeport-McMoRan Bagdad, Inc.
Freeport-McMoRan Chino Mines Company
Freeport-McMoRan Cobre Mining Company
Freeport-McMoRan Copper Products
Freeport-McMoRan Corp. Copper Queen Branch
Freeport-McMoRan Corporation, Ajo Improvement Company
Freeport-McMoRan Corporation, Ajo Operations
Freeport-McMoRan Corporation, United Verde Branch
Freeport-McMoRan Morenci, Inc.
Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC
Freeport-McMoRan Safford, Inc.
Freeport-McMoRan Sierrita Inc.
Freeport-McMoRan Specialty Copper Products
Freeport-McMoRan Tyrone Mining, LLC
Freeport-McMoRan, Safford Process Technology
Phelps Dodge Refining Corporation

124) Member: Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC

125) Member: FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation
FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.
FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc.
FUJIFILM Electronic Materials U.S.A.
FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals U.S.A., Inc.
FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants, Inc.
FUJIFILM North America Corporation


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126) Member: Genentech, Inc.

127) Member: General Electric

128) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Research-Based Biopharmaceutical Company
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

129) Member: Givaudan Flavors Corporation

130) Member: Name Withheld - Global 5 Pharmaceutical Company
• Affiliates: This member has 11 affiliates that are also anonymous.

131) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Semiconductor Manufacturer

132) Member: Google, Inc.

133) Member: GrafTech International Ltd.
GrafTech International Holdings Inc.
GrafTech Mexico S.A. de C.V.
GrafTech USA LLC
Seadrift Coke LP

134) Member: Grifols SA
Grifols Biologicals LLC
Grifols Diagnostic Solutions Inc.
Grifols Therapeutics LLC

135) Member: GSK Consumer Healthcare


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136) Member: H.B. Fuller Company
H.B. Fuller (Guangzhou) Adhesives Co., Ltd.
H.B. Fuller (Yantai) Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
H.B. Fuller Adhesives, LLC
H.B. Fuller Brasil Ltda
H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc.
H.B. Fuller France
H.B. Fuller Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Royal Adhesives and Sealants LLC

137) Member: Harvard University

138) Member: Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

139) Member: The Heico Companies, LLC

140) Member: Henkel Corporation

141) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Exploration & Production Company

142) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Global Aircraft Engine & Parts Manufacturer

143) Member: Hexion Inc.

144) Member: HF Sinclair Corporation
Artesia PTU LLC
Artesia Renewable Diesel Company LLC
Cheyenne Renewable Diesel Company LLC
HF Sinclair Asphalt Company LLC
HF Sinclair Casper Refining LLC
HF Sinclair El Dorado Refining LLC
HF Sinclair Navajo Refining LLC
HF Sinclair Parco Refining LLC
HF Sinclair Puget Sound Refining LLC
HF Sinclair Refining & Marketing LLC
HF Sinclair Renewables Marketing LLC
HF Sinclair Transportation LLC
HF Sinclair Tulsa Refining LLC
HF Sinclair Woods Cross Refining LLC
Holly Energy Partners, L.P.
Sinclair Trucking Company LLC

145) Member: Honeywell International Inc.
HON Szabalyozastechnikai Kft
Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd.
Honeywell Aerospace de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.
Honeywell Aerospace UK Ltd
Honeywell Control Systems Ltd.
Honeywell do Brasil Ltda.
Honeywell Ingenieria y Tecnología Aeroespacial de Mexico S de RL de CV
Honeywell International Sdn Bhd.
Novar GmbH

146) Member: Houston LBC L.P.

147) Member: HP Inc.

148) Member: Huntsman International LLC

149) Member: Hydro Extrusion USA, LLC


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150) Member: ICL
ICL Performance Products LP

151) Member: Illumina Inc.
Illumina Singapore PTE Ltd.

152) Member: Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited
Auriga Polymers
Indorama Ventures Oxides LLC
Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA LLC

153) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Multinational Petrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, and Oil Products Manufacturer

154) Member: Infineon Technologies Americas Corp.

155) Member: Infineum USA L.P.

156) Member: Instrumentation Laboratory Company

157) Member: Intel Corporation

158) Member: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

159) Member: International Flavors and Fragrances Inc.


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160) Member: J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc.
FederalEagle, LLC
MIC Group, LLC
Morgan Olson, LLC
Morgan Truck Body, LLC
Reading Asset I LLC
Reading Midwest Distribution, LLC
Reading Truck Body, LLC
Reading Truck Equipment, LLC
The Reading Truck Group, LLC
Truck Accessories Group, LLC

161) Member: Johns Manville

162) Member: Johnson & Johnson
DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.
Ethicon, Inc.
GPSG North America, a Unit of Alza Corp.
J&J Consumer Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Cos., Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C.
Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, Inc.
McNeil Consumer Healthcare
McNeil PPC, Inc.
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics


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163) Member: Kaiser Permanente

164) Member: Kenvue, Inc.

165) Member: Kiewit Corporation
Buckskin Mining Company
General Construction Company
Kiewit Constructors Inc.
Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.
Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.
Kiewit Power Constructors Co.
Kiewit Texas Construction LP
Kiewit Western Co.
Mass. Electric Construction Co.
Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
TIC - The Industrial Company

166) Member: Kinder Morgan, Inc.
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals, LLC
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals LLC
Kinder Morgan Products Pipeline
Kinder Morgan Terminals (Southeast Region)
KMGP Services Company, Inc.

167) Member: Koch Industries Inc.
Flint Hills Resources, L.P.
Georgia Pacific
Guardian Industries Holdings, LLC
INVISTA (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
INVISTA Management (Shanghai) Company Limited
INVISTA Resins & Fibers GmbH
INVISTA Textiles (UK)
INVISTA Textiles Germany GmbH
INVISTA, s.a.r.l.
John Zink International Luxembourg Sarl
Koch Carbon, Inc.
Koch Chemical Technology Group
Koch Companies Services, LLC
Koch Exploration
Koch Fertilizer, LLC
Koch Mineral Services, LLC
Koch Nitrogen Company
Koch Pipeline Company, LP
Koch Remediation & Environmental Services, LLC
Koch Supply & Trading
Molex Incorporated
Molex Interconnect (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

168) Member: Kraton Corporation
Kraton Chemical LLC

169) Member: Kuraray America, Inc.


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170) Member: L’Oreal USA, Inc.

171) Member: L3Harris Technologies, Inc.

172) Member: Lam Research Corporation
Silfex, Inc.

173) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Research and Development Company

174) Member: Lenovo (United States) Inc.

175) Member: Lincoln Electric System

176) Member: Lion Copolymer Holdings, LLC
Lion Copolymer Geismar, LLC
Lion Elastomers Orange, LLC
Lion Elastomers, LLC

177) Member: LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc.

178) Member: Livent USA Corp.

179) Member: Lockheed Martin Corporation

180) Member: LOTTE Biologics USA, LLC

181) Member: Lucid USA, Inc.

182) Member: Lyell Immunopharma, Inc.

183) Member: Name Withheld - Global Petrochemical Company
• Affiliates: This member has 7 affiliates that are also anonymous.


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184) Member: Mallinckrodt LLC

185) Member: Marathon Oil Corporation

186) Member: Marathon Petroleum Corporation

187) Member: Martin Resource Management Corporation

188) Member: Masco Corporation

189) Member: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

190) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Global Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation Firm

191) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Pipe Manufacturer

192) Member: MED-Project USA

193) Member: Medtronic plc
Covidien LP
Medtronic Inc.

194) Member: Merck & Co., Inc.
Merck, Sharp & Dohme (Ireland) Ltd.

195) Member: Merck KGaA
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

196) Member: Methanex Services USA LLC

197) Member: Micron Technology, Inc.

198) Member: Milliken & Company

199) Member: Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

200) Member: The Mosaic Company
Mosaic Crop Nutrition, LLC
Mosaic Fertilizantes do Brasil Ltd.
Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC
Mosaic Potash Carlsbad Inc.
Mosaic Uncle Sam Plant

201) Member: Motiva Enterprises LLC


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202) Member: National Grid USA Service Company

203) Member: NBCUniversal Media LLC

204) Member: Nektar Therapeutics

205) Member: NextEra Energy, Inc.
Florida Power & Light Company

206) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Global Apparel & Equipment Manufacturer

207) Member: NiSource Inc.

208) Member: Nokia of America Corporation

209) Member: Noramco, LLC

210) Member: Norfolk Southern Corporation

211) Member: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems Sector
Northrop Grumman Australia Pty Limited
Northrop Grumman Defense Systems Sector
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Sector
Northrop Grumman Space Systems Sector

212) Member: Novartis AG
Novartis Corporation US
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.
Novartis Pharma AG
Novartis Services, Inc.

213) Member: NRG Energy Inc.
Arthur Kill Power LLC
Norwalk Power LLC
NRG El Segundo Operations Inc.
NRG Energy Services, LLC
NRG Texas LP
Somerset Power LLC
West Coast Power LLC

214) Member: Nucor Corporation
American Buildings Company
Harris Steel Group Inc.
Harris Steel Inc.
Nucor-LMP Inc.
Skyline Steel LLC

215) Member: NuStar Logistics, L.P.

216) Member: NXP Semiconductors N.V.


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217) Member: Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc.
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation

218) Member: Ocean Point Terminals

219) Member: Omaha Public Power District

220) Member: Oncor Electric Delivery Company, LLC

221) Member: OQ Chemicals Corporation

222) Member: Organon & Co.


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223) Member: PaintCare Inc.
PaintCare Colorado LLC
PaintCare Connecticut LLC
PaintCare District of Columbia LLC
PaintCare Maine LLC
PaintCare New York LLC
PaintCare Oregon LLC
PaintCare Rhode Island LLC
PaintCare Washington LLC

224) Member: Paramount Global

225) Member: PBF Energy Company LLC
Chalmette Refining, LLC
Delaware City Refining Company, LLC
Paulsboro Refining Company, LLC
Toledo Refining Company LLC

226) Member: PDC Energy, Inc.

227) Member: Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P.
Penske Logistics LLC

228) Member: PepsiCo, Inc.
Bottling Group, LLC

229) Member: Pfizer Inc.
Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC

230) Member: PG&E Corporation
Pacific Gas & Electric Company

231) Member: Phillips 66 Company

232) Member: Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.

233) Member: Polypore International, LP
Celgard, LLC
Daramic, LLC

234) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Port Landlord

235) Member: PPG Industries, Inc.
PPG Coatings (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.
PPG Industrial do Brasil Tintas e Vernizes Ltda
PPG Industries UK Ltd.

236) Member: PPL Corporation
PPL Electric Utilities
PPL Services Corporation

237) Member: Name Withheld - Manufacturer and Distributor of Consumer Products and Chemicals
• Affiliates: This member has 3 affiliates that are also anonymous.


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238) Member: Qorvo, Inc.


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239) Member: R. T. Vanderbilt Holding Co., Inc.
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC
Vanderbilt Global Services, LLC
Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC

240) Member: Raytheon Technologies Corporation
Collins Aerospace
Pratt & Whitney
Raytheon Intelligence & Space
Raytheon Missiles & Defense

241) Member: Rio Tinto plc
Resolution Copper Mining LLC
Rio Tinto Aluminium Limited
Rio Tinto Canada Management Inc.
Rio Tinto India Pvt. Ltd.
Rio Tinto Services Inc.
Rio Tinto Services Limited

242) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Electric Vehicle Manufacturer & Automotive Technology Company

243) Member: Rogers Corporation

244) Member: RPM International Inc.
Ali Industries, LLC
Carboline Global Inc.
Carboline India Private Limited
Carboline Norge AS
Day-Glo Color Corp.
Fibergrate Composite Structures, Inc.
Fibrecrete Preservation Technologies Inc.
Kirker Enterprises, Inc.
Kop-Coat, Inc.
Legend Brands, Inc.
Modern Recreational Technologies, Inc.
N.V. Martin Mathys
Prime Resins, Inc.
RPM Wood Finishes Group, Inc.
Rust-Oleum Corporation
Specialty Products Holding Corp.
Stoncor Africa Pty Ltd
StonCor Group, Inc.
TCI, Inc.
Tremco CPG Inc.
Universal Sealants UK Limited


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245) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Multinational Consumer Products Manufacturer

246) Member: SABIC Innovative Plastics Holding BV
SABIC Innovative Plastics BV
SABIC Innovative Plastics Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
SABIC Innovative Plastics US LLC

247) Member: Salt River Project

248) Member: Sanofi Pasteur Inc.

249) Member: Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc.
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Genzyme Corporation
Merial Select, Inc.
Sanofi-Synthelabo Research, a Division of Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc.

250) Member: Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Schlumberger Canada Limited

251) Member: The Scotts Company LLC

252) Member: Seagate Technology LLC
Seagate US, LLC

253) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Biotechnology Company

254) Member: Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

255) Member: Name Withheld - Forbes® 500 Energy/Utility Company
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

256) Member: Shell USA, Inc.
Equilon Enterprises LLC d/b/a Shell Oil Products US
Pennzoil-Quaker State Company d/b/a SOPUS Products
Shell Catalysts & Technologies LP
Shell Chemical LP
Shell Downstream Inc.
Shell Exploration and Production Company
Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
Shell Pipeline Company LP

257) Member: The Sherwin-Williams Company
The Valspar (UK) Corporation, Limited
The Valspar Corporation Ltd. (Brazil)
Valspar (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

258) Member: SNF Holding Company

259) Member: Societal CDMO Gainesville LLC

260) Member: Name Withheld - Manufacturer of Plastics Material and Resin
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

261) Member: Solvay Essential Co.

262) Member: Southern California Edison

263) Member: Southern Company
Alabama Power Company
Georgia Power Company
Mississippi Power Company
Southern Nuclear Operating Company
Southern Power Company

264) Member: Name Withheld - Non-Profit Applied Research and Development Organization

265) Member: Stanford University
Stanford Health Care

266) Member: Stepan Company

267) Member: Confidential Automotive Manufacturer

268) Member: Sunoco LP

269) Member: Syngenta AG
GB Biosciences Corporation
OOO Syngenta
Syngenta Agro S.A. (Argentina)
Syngenta Agro S.A.S. (Guyancourt, France)
Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Syngenta Australia Pty Ltd
Syngenta Crop Protection AG
Syngenta Crop Protection Monthey SA
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC
Syngenta Espana, S.A.
Syngenta Hellas S.A.
Syngenta International AG
Syngenta Kft.
Syngenta Production France S.A.S. (Aigues-Vives Usine)
Syngenta Production France S.A.S. (St. Pierre)
Syngenta Protecao de Cultivos Ltda.
Syngenta S.A. (Panama)
Syngenta Seeds BV
Syngenta Seeds North America
Syngenta Seeds S.A.S. (Nerac, France)
Syngenta Seeds S.A.S. (Sarrians, France)
Syngenta Semenses S.A. (Morocco)
Syngenta Tarim San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Syngenta, Limited Liability Company (Ukraine)


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270) Member: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Baxalta US Inc.
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.
Shire International GmbH
Takeda GmbH
Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG

271) Member: Targa Resources Corp.
Targa Resources LLC

272) Member: Teck Resources Limited
Compania Minera Teck Carmen de Andacollo
Teck Alaska Incorporated
Teck American Incorporated
Teck Coal Limited
Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership
Teck Metals Ltd.
Teck Resources Chile Limitada

273) Member: Tenaska, Inc.
Tenaska Operations, Inc.

274) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Power Utility

275) Member: Teradyne Inc.

276) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Technology Company and Independent Automaker

277) Member: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Barr Laboratories Canada, Inc.
Barr Laboratories Inc.
Barr Pharmaceuticals LLC
IVAX Corporation
IVAX Pharmaceuticals Canada, Inc.
IVAX Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Plantex USA Inc.
Sicor Inc.
Teva Animal Health, Inc.
Teva Biopharmaceuticals USA
Teva Canada Innovation G.P. - S.E.N.C.
Teva Canada Limited / Teva Canada Limitee
Teva Global Respiratory Research LLC
Teva Neuroscience Inc.
Teva Parenteral Medicines Inc.
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA
Teva Respiratory LLC
Teva Womens Health Inc.
Teva Womens Health Research Inc.
Tevapharm Canada Inc.

278) Member: Texas A&M University System
Texas A&M University

279) Member: Texas Instruments Inc.

280) Member: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

281) Member: Toppan Photomasks, Inc.
Toppan Photomasks Company Ltd. Shanghai
Toppan Photomasks France
Toppan Photomasks Korea Ltd.

282) Member: Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc.

283) Member: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

284) Member: TPC Group Inc.

285) Member: TransMontaigne Product Services Inc.

286) Member: Trinseo Materials Operating S.C.A.
Altuglas LLC
Aristech Surfaces LLC
Trinseo Belgium BV
Trinseo LLC
Trinseo Netherlands BV


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287) Member: Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.

288) Member: Union Pacific Railroad Company, Inc.

289) Member: Union Tank Car Company

290) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Iron and Steel Manufacturer

291) Member: UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
OptumRx, Inc.

292) Member: Name Withheld - Major State-Affiliated University System
• Affiliates: This member has 11 affiliates that are also anonymous.

293) Member: University of Pennsylvania

294) Member: University of Texas System
UT System Representative
UT Campus Representative

295) Member: UNS Energy Corporation
Tucson Electric Power Company Inc.


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296) Member: Valero Refining & Marketing Company

297) Member: Venture Global LNG, Inc.

298) Member: Verizon Services Group (Telesector Resources Group, Inc.)

299) Member: Vertex Energy, Inc.
Vertex Refining Alabama LLC

300) Member: VGP Holdings LLC

301) Member: Viatris Inc.

302) Member: Vitro, S.A.B. de C.V.
Pittsburgh Glass Works, LLC
Vitro Flat Glass LLC


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303) Member: W.R. Grace & Co. - Conn.

304) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Supermarket Chain

305) Member: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

306) Member: Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation
Wabtec Corporation
Wabtec US Rail, Inc.

307) Member: Westlake Corporation
Westlake Chemical Canada Inc.
Westlake Chemicals & Vinyls LLC
Westlake Chlor-Vinyls Corporation
Westlake Compounds LLC
Westlake Deer Park LLC
Westlake Epoxy, Inc.
Westlake Longview Corporation
Westlake Natrium LLC
Westlake US 2 LLC

308) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Paper Product Manufacturer

309) Member: WICOR Americas Inc.
Weidmann Electrical Technology Inc.

310) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Energy Company
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.

311) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Semiconductor Manufacturer


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312) Member: Xcel Energy Services, Inc.

313) Member: Xerox Corporation


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314) Member: ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Kelsey Hayes Company
TRW Automotive U.S. LLC
TRW Vehicle Safety Systems Inc.

315) Member: Zoetis Inc.
Embrex Inc.
Embrex Poultry Health, LLC
Synbiotics Corporation
Zoetis Australia Research & Manufacturing Pty Ltd.
Zoetis Biotech Manufacturing Limited
Zoetis India Limited
Zoetis LLC
Zoetis New Zealand Limited
Zoetis P&U LLC
Zoetis Pharmaceutical Research Private Limited
Zoetis Products LLC
Zoetis Suzhou Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Zoetis WHC2 LLC