• The 2001 Facility Review Program included 111 facility reviews.
  • Names in parentheses are aliases or former names.
  • List is sorted by country, state, city.
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TSD Facility Name
(Alias or Former Name)
Facility Location Map Site Visit Date
Porocel (Criterion Catalyst & Technologies; Catalyst Recovery, Inc.)Medicine Hat, AB, CanadaMap1/22/2002
Teck Metals, Ltd. (Teck Cominco Metals)Trail, BC, CanadaMap1/24/2002
Envirem Technologies, Inc.Fredericton, NB, CanadaMap12/12/2001
Horizon EnvironnementGrandes-Piles, QC, CanadaMap12/5/2001
Clean Harbors (Les Services; Safety-Kleen)Mercier, QC, CanadaMap9/12/2001
GSI EnvinronnementSherbrooke, QC, CanadaMap12/6/2001
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation Lte.)Thurso, QC, CanadaMap9/13/2001
Ecospace Limited (Enviropace; EPD Chemical Waste Treatment Centre)Hong Kong, Hong Kong, SARMap9/10/2001
Veolia Soluciones Industriales (Residuous Industriales Multiquim SA Landfill; RIMSA)Mina, Nuevo Leon, MexicoMap7/24/2001
Chem-Solv Technologies Pte., Ltd.Tuas, SingaporeMap9/14/2001
Better World GreenSaraburi, Saraburi, ThailandMap9/12/2001
Allworth, Inc. (Stericycle Environmental Solutions; Philip Services Corp.; Southdown)Birmingham, AL, USAMap5/23/2001
Clean Earth (EWS Alabama; C-MAC Environmental Group; Fisher Industrial Services)Glencoe, AL, USAMap5/22/2001
Clean Harbors (Teris LLC; ENSCO)El Dorado, AR, USAMap4/18/2001
Kinsbursky Brothers Supply, Inc.Anaheim, CA, USAMap5/8/2001
Thermal Combustion Innovators (TCI)Colton, CA, USAMap10/12/2001
World Oil Recycling (Demenno-Kerdoon)Compton, CA, USAMap3/22/2001
Romic Environmental Technologies (ERP Environmental Services; US Liquids)East Palo Alto, CA, USAMap4/30/2001
Rho Chem (Stericycle Environmental Solutions; PSC)Inglewood, CA, USAMap1/16/2002
Chemical Waste Management (Kettleman Hills Facility)Kettleman City, CA, USAMap9/26/2001
Gemini Industries, Inc.Santa Ana, CA, USAMap12/5/2001
Phibro-Tech IncorporatedSanta Fe Springs, CA, USAMap8/24/2001
US Ecology Vernon, Inc. (Evoqua; Siemens; US Filter; Norris)Vernon, CA, USAMap4/30/2001
Clean Harbors (Teris, LLC; ENSCO West)Wilmington, CA, USAMap4/24/2001
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; OSCO; WM; CWM)Henderson, CO, USAMap6/27/2001
Tradebe Treatment and Recycling Northeast, LLC (United Oil Recovery; United Industrial Services)Meriden, CT, USAMap5/9/2001
Heritage-Crystal Clean (International Petroleum Corporation; FCC Environmental USFilter; IPC; EarthCare)Wilmington, DE, USAMap3/14/2001
Perma-Fix of FloridaGainesville, FL, USAMap5/18/2001
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Envrionmental Services; CWM)Morrow, GA, USAMap5/16/2001
US Ecology Idaho, Inc. (Envirosafe Services of Idaho)Grand View, ID, USAMap6/21/2001
WM CID Recycling & Disposal (Waste Management, Inc.; AETS)Calumet City, IL, USAMap10/17/2001
Clean HarborsChicago, IL, USAMap4/19/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Dolton, IL, USAMap4/18/2001
Beaver Oil CompanyHodgkins, IL, USAMap4/16/2001
Heritage Environmental ServicesLemont, IL, USAMap6/1/2001
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Pecatonica, IL, USAMap4/10/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.East Chicago, IN, USAMap4/17/2001
ESI Environmental, Inc. (Ecological Systems Inc.)Indianapolis, IN, USAMap5/31/2001
Heritage Environmental ServicesIndianapolis, IN, USAMap5/30/2001
Element Resources (Exide Technologies)Muncie, IN, USAMap7/10/2001
Systech Environmental Corporation (Lafarge)Fredonia, KS, USAMap3/29/2001
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; USPCI; Laidlaw; Rollins)Wichita, KS, USAMap7/31/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Smithfield Recycle Center)Smithfield, KY, USAMap7/30/2001
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; Rollins)Baton Rouge, LA, USAMap5/22/2001
R360 Environmental Solutions (US Liquids; Campbell Wells)Bourg, LA, USAMap5/10/2001
Omega Waste ManagementPatterson, LA, USAMap5/9/2001
Chemical Waste Management (Carlyss; CWM Lake Charles)Sulphur, LA, USAMap9/21/2001
WM Woodside Landfill (Waste Management, Inc.)Walker, LA, USAMap9/7/2001
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation)White Castle, LA, USAMap8/22/2001
Clean HarborsBraintree, MA, USAMap3/27/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)North Andover, MA, USAMap3/26/2001
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; Superior Special Services)Stoughton, MA, USAMap3/23/2001
Clean HarborsBaltimore, MD, USAMap7/10/2001
TPST Soil RecyclersBaltimore, MD, USAMap3/15/2001
US Ecology Michigan (EQ; Wayne Disposal Inc.; Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant)Belleville, MI, USAMap5/9/2001
Petro-Chem (Clean Earth Environmental Solutions)Detroit, MI, USAMap5/8/2001
EQ Resource Recovery (Michigan Recovery Systems, Inc.)Romulus, MI, USAMap5/10/2001
Energis (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; Holcim)Clarksville, MO, USAMap8/1/2001
Heritage Environmental ServicesKansas City, MO, USAMap3/28/2001
Heritage Environmental ServicesCharlotte, NC, USAMap6/21/2001
ECOFLO, Inc.Greensboro, NC, USAMap8/2/2001
StericycleHaw River, NC, USAMap7/31/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Raleigh, NC, USAMap5/15/2001
Noble Oil ServicesSanford, NC, USAMap8/1/2001
Sabin Metal WestWilliston, ND, USAMap10/4/2001
DMC Electronics Recycling Corp.Newfields, NH, USAMap3/27/2001
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; WM; AETC/AETS)Flanders, NJ, USAMap8/30/2001
Johnson Matthey Catalysts, Chemicals and RefiningWest Deptford, NJ, USAMap10/24/2001
Academy CorporationAlbuquerque, NM, USAMap5/8/2001
Norlite LLC (United Industrial Service; ThermalKem)Cohoes, NY, USAMap5/3/2001
CWM Chemical Services (Waste Management Model City; Chemical Waste Management)Model City, NY, USAMap9/18/2001
Chemtron Corporation (Plant 1)Avon, OH, USAMap5/21/2001
Chemical Solvents, Inc. (CSI)Cleveland, OH, USAMap5/2/2001
General Environmental Management (Research Oil; Pure Tech)Cleveland, OH, USAMap5/21/2001
Calgon Carbon Corporation (Waterlink; Barnebey-Sutcliffe)Columbus, OH, USAMap2/26/2002
Central Ohio Oil, Inc. (Heartland Petroleum)Columbus, OH, USAMap5/2/2001
Heritage Thermal Services (WTI; Von Roll America, Inc.)East Liverpool, OH, USAMap5/22/2001
Ross Incineration Services (Ross Environmental Services)Grafton, OH, USAMap5/1/2001
Petro Environmental Technologies, LLC (Petrocell)Lodi, OH, USAMap7/11/2001
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; CWM; Chem Waste)West Carrollton, OH, USAMap7/26/2001
Vopak USA, Inc.Oklahoma City, OK, USAMap2/22/2002
Chemical Waste ManagementArlington, OR, USAMap9/21/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Aston, PA, USAMap7/11/2001
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC (Siemens Industry, Inc.; Envirotrol; Siemens Water Technologies)Darlington, PA, USAMap5/22/2001
INMETCO (International Metal Reclamation Co.; Inco LTD)Ellwood City, PA, USAMap10/26/2001
East Penn Manufacturing, Inc.Lyon Station, PA, USAMap10/18/2001
WM GROWS LandfillMorrisville, PA, USAMap10/25/2001
Calgon Carbon CorporationPittsburgh, PA, USAMap10/25/2001
Exide TechnologiesReading, PA, USAMap6/28/2001
WM Tullytown Resource Recovery (Waste Management Inc.)Tullytown, PA, USAMap10/25/2001
US Ecology York, Inc. (EQ of Pennsylvania; Envirite)York, PA, USAMap6/27/2001
Stericycle (BFI Medical Waste)Carolina, PR, USAMap10/2/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Manati, PR, USAMap10/3/2001
Allied Waste of Ponce LF (BFI)Ponce, PR, USAMap10/4/2001
Industrial Container Services (ACN-Providence; American Container Net; Russell-Stanley)Smithfield, RI, USAMap5/30/2001
Republic Services Gulf West Landfill (Allied Waste; BFI Gulf West)Anahuac, TX, USAMap4/17/2001
Chemical Reclamation Services (Philip Services Corporation; CRS)Avalon, TX, USAMap6/5/2001
Teris LLC (dba HEAT Treatment Services; Teris; Rhodia)Dallas, TX, USAMap6/6/2001
Clean Harbors (Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Deer Park, TX, USAMap5/23/2001
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Denton, TX, USAMap5/25/2001
Universal Recycling Technologies (URT; Environmental Light Recyclers)Fort Worth, TX, USAMap11/27/2001
SET Environmental, Inc. (Treatment One Division)Houston, TX, USAMap6/8/2001
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)La Porte, TX, USAMap5/24/2001
Martin Marietta Midlothian Cement Plant (TXI Operations; Texas Industries, Inc)Midlothian, TX, USAMap6/5/2001
US Ecology Texas, Inc. (Texas Ecologists)Robstown, TX, USAMap5/5/2001
StericycleTerrell, TX, USAMap7/12/2001
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; APTUS; Laidlaw)Aragonite, UT, USAMap6/26/2001
Reco Biotechnology (Aqua Clean Environmental; USA Waste)Richmond, VA, USAMap5/14/2001
Brenntag Great Lakes (Milwaukee Solvents; Milsolv)Menomonee Falls, WI, USAMap4/11/2001
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services)Menomonee Falls, WI, USAMap4/12/2001
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services; Superior Special Services)Port Washington, WI, USAMap9/11/2001