• The 2000 Facility Review Program included 117 facility reviews.
  • Names in parentheses are aliases or former names.
  • List is sorted by country, state, city.
  • Map: Opens a map centered on known latitude and longitude.

TSD Facility Name
(Alias or Former Name)
Facility Location Map Site Visit Date
Safety-Kleen Canada, Inc.Breslau, ON, CanadaMap3/29/2000
Clean Harbors (Lambton-Sarnia Incineration/Landfill)Corunna, ON, CanadaMap3/30/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation)Mississauga, ON, CanadaMap8/28/2000
Stablex Canada, Inc. (Marsulex Inc.)Blainville, QC, CanadaMap8/29/2000
Hidronor Chile S.A.Santiago, Santiago, ChileMap11/20/2000
Republic Timberlands Landfill (BFI Timberlands Landfill)Brewton, AL, USAMap6/6/2000
Chemical Waste Management, Inc.Emelle, AL, USAMap7/28/2000
Aaron Oil Company, Inc.Saraland, AL, USAMap6/5/2000
Mitchell Container Services, Inc.Saraland, AL, USAMap6/5/2000
FCC Environmental (Apex Environmental; CCS Energy Services; Environmental Treatment Team)Theodore, AL, USAMap12/5/2000
Clean Harbors (Teris LLC; ENSCO)El Dorado, AR, USAMap5/16/2000
Ash Grove CementForeman, AR, USAMap9/13/2000
StratCor (US Vanadium Corporation)Hot Springs, AR, USAMap5/17/2000
WM Butterfield Station Landfill (Waste Management, Inc.)Mobile, AZ, USAMap4/27/2000
Desotec US, LLC (Evoqua; Siemens; Westates; US Filter)Parker, AZ, USAMap5/11/2000
Allied Precious MetalsTucson, AZ, USAMap11/28/2000
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; OSCO; CWM)Azusa, CA, USAMap4/13/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Buttonwillow, CA, USAMap7/17/2000
World Oil Recycling (Demenno-Kerdoon)Compton, CA, USAMap4/6/2000
AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC.com, Inc.; MTI; Mercury Technologies International)Hayward, CA, USAMap4/24/2000
Container Management Services (Western Drum)Hayward, CA, USAMap5/17/2000
Chemical Waste Management (Kettleman Hills Facility)Kettleman City, CA, USAMap4/18/2000
Emerald Transformer (Clean Harbors; Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Los Angeles, CA, USAMap7/19/2000
WM McKittrick Facility (Liquid Waste Management, Inc.; McKittrick Waste Treatment Site)McKittrick, CA, USAMap4/19/2000
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Reedley, CA, USAMap7/13/2000
Sims Recycling Solutions (Noranda Recycling, Micro Metallics)Roseville, CA, USAMap5/18/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; USPCI)San Jose, CA, USAMap7/14/2000
Sims Metal Management (Noranda Recycling; Falconbridge; Micro Metallics Corporation)San Jose, CA, USAMap4/25/2000
Heraeus Precious Metals North America LLC (Heraeus Metal Processing Inc.; PGP Industries)Santa Fe Springs, CA, USAMap5/16/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Highway 36 Dev. Co.)Deer Trail, CO, USAMap7/6/2000
Clean Harbors (CECOS; BFI; Southdown)Bristol, CT, USAMap3/21/2000
CEMEX Inc. (Rinker Materials, CSR; CS Rinker)Miami, FL, USAMap5/31/2000
AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC.com, Inc.; Mercury Technologies International; MTI)West Melbourne, FL, USAMap5/30/2000
Clean HarborsChicago, IL, USAMap4/17/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen)Chicago, IL, USAMap4/14/2000
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Dolton, IL, USAMap4/12/2000
Peoria Disposal Company (PDC)Peoria, IL, USAMap4/11/2000
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services; Trade Waste; TWI; CWM)Sauget, IL, USAMap6/28/2000
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.East Chicago, IN, USAMap4/13/2000
Tradebe Treatment and Recycling, LLC (PCI; Pollution Control Industries)East Chicago, IN, USAMap4/18/2000
Buzzi-Unicem USA (Lone Star Alternate Fuels; Greencastle WDF Facility)Greencastle, IN, USAMap5/10/2000
Heidelberg Materials US Cement (Lehigh Cement; Essroc Cement)Logansport, IN, USAMap9/13/2000
Ash Grove CementChanute, KS, USAMap9/15/2000
Emerald Transformer PPM (Clean Harbors; APTUS; Safety-Kleen)Coffeyville, KS, USAMap6/15/2000
Systech Environmental Corporation (Lafarge)Fredonia, KS, USAMap6/14/2000
General Environmental Services [RCRA Incinerator] (LWD)Calvert City, KY, USAMap8/29/2000
General Environmental Services [RCRA S/S Landfill Facility] (LWD)Calvert City, KY, USAMap8/30/2000
Calgon Carbon Corporation (Big Sandy Plant)Catlettsburg, KY, USAMap5/8/2000
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Smithfield Recycle Center)Smithfield, KY, USAMap5/9/2000
Eco Services Operations LLC (Solvay USA; Rhodia Inc.; Rhone-Poulenc; Dominguez Plant)Baton Rouge, LA, USAMap6/21/2000
Exide Technologies (Schuykill Chemical)Baton Rouge, LA, USAMap6/5/2000
CS Metals of Louisiana, LLCConvent, LA, USAMap10/3/2000
Recycle, Inc.DeQuincy, LA, USAMap7/13/2000
R360 Mermentau Processing Facility (US Liquids of LA; ERP Environmental Services; Campbell Wells)Jennings, LA, USAMap6/20/2000
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Siemens Water; International Petroleum Corporation; IPC)New Orleans, LA, USAMap10/3/2000
Republic Services Jefferson Davis Landfill (BFI Jefferson Davis Landfill)Welsh, LA, USAMap7/12/2000
Petro-Chem (Clean Earth Environmental Solutions)Detroit, MI, USAMap8/18/2000
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC (Siemens Water Technologies Corp; US Filter Recovery Service)Roseville, MN, USAMap10/24/2000
Buzzi-Unicem USA (Cape Girardeau Alternate Fuels, Lone Star Industries, Inc.)Cape Girardeau, MO, USAMap10/5/2000
Green America Recycling (GAR; Continental Cement; MFR Inc.)Hannibal, MO, USAMap4/10/2000
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; WM; AETS)Creedmoor, NC, USAMap7/24/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Reidsville, NC, USAMap9/6/2000
Clean HarborsKimball, NE, USAMap7/7/2000
DuPont Secure Environmental Treatment Plant (Chambers Works)Deepwater, NJ, USAMap8/8/2000
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Linden Recycle Center)Linden, NJ, USAMap3/20/2000
Clean Harbors (Bridgeport Disposal; Safety-Kleen Corporation; Laidlaw; Rollins)Logan Township, NJ, USAMap10/12/2000
Mauser Packaging Solutions (Recycle Inc. East; National Container Group)South Plainfield, NJ, USAMap10/5/2000
US Ecology, Inc.Beatty, NV, USAMap4/26/2000
21st Century Environmental (Stericycle Environmental; 21st Century EMI)Fernley, NV, USAMap10/10/2000
Republic Services Apex Landfill (Environmental Technologies of Nevada)Las Vegas, NV, USAMap10/9/2000
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (BDT)Clarence, NY, USAMap3/28/2000
Sabin MetalScottsville, NY, USAMap8/1/2000
Clean HarborsCleveland, OH, USAMap5/15/2000
Container CorporationCleveland, OH, USAMap5/16/2000
Heritage Thermal Services (WTI; Von Roll America, Inc.)East Liverpool, OH, USAMap5/17/2000
Systech Environmental Services (Lafarge)Paulding, OH, USAMap5/11/2000
WM Vickery Environmental (CWM; Chem Waste)Vickery, OH, USAMap6/30/2000
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; CWM; Chem Waste)West Carrollton, OH, USAMap6/29/2000
US Ecology (EQ Oklahoma; Perma-Fix Environmental Services)Tulsa, OK, USAMap6/13/2000
Clean Harbors (Lone Mountain; Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; USPCI; Rollins)Waynoka, OK, USAMap6/12/2000
AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC.com, Inc.; Mercury Technologies International; MTI;)Allentown, PA, USAMap8/3/2000
Bethlehem ApparatusBethlehem, PA, USAMap6/23/2000
INMETCO (International Metal Reclamation Co.; Inco LTD)Ellwood City, PA, USAMap7/10/2000
Bethlehem ApparatusHellertown, PA, USAMap6/22/2000
WM Grand Central Sanitary Landfill (Waste Management, Inc.)Pen Argyl, PA, USAMap6/19/2000
EnergySolutions (Chem-Nuclear Systems; Duratek; DSSI)Barnwell, SC, USAMap7/26/2000
Giant Resource Recovery Co. (GRR!)Harleyville, SC, USAMap6/7/2000
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Lexington Recycle Center)Lexington, SC, USAMap9/7/2000
BASF Catalysts (Engelhard Industries)Seneca, SC, USAMap6/6/2000
Giant Resource Recovery (Southeastern Chemical; OMNI; GRR!)Sumter, SC, USAMap6/8/2000
Republic Services Gulf West Landfill (Allied Waste; BFI Gulf West)Anahuac, TX, USAMap7/10/2000
Waste Control Specialists (WCS)Andrews, TX, USAMap4/11/2000
Republic CSC LandfillAvalon, TX, USAMap4/26/2000
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Inc.; Siemens; USFilter; Mobley)Baytown, TX, USAMap7/11/2000
WM Baytown LF (Waste Management, Inc.)Baytown, TX, USAMap7/7/2000
R360 Environmental Solutions (US Liquids of Louisiana)Bustamante, TX, USAMap10/4/2000
Stericycle (BFI Medical Waste)Conroe, TX, USAMap7/7/2000
Encycle/TexasCorpus Christi, TX, USAMap11/7/2000
Clean Harbors (Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Deer Park, TX, USAMap8/7/2000
TM Deer Park Services LLC (Texas Molecular; Disposal Systems; GNI Group)Deer Park, TX, USAMap9/26/2000
Vopak Terminal Deer Park Inc. (Vopak Logistic Services; Empak)Deer Park, TX, USAMap6/7/2000
Eco Services Operations LLC (Solvay USA; Rhodia Inc.; Rhone-Poulenc; Dominguez Plant)Houston, TX, USAMap9/6/2000
NSSI/Recovery Services, Inc. (Nuclear Sources and Services, Inc.)Houston, TX, USAMap6/6/2000
Recycalyst Technologies (Parkans International)Jacinto City, TX, USAMap9/7/2000
Inland ProductsKilgore, TX, USAMap10/17/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)La Porte, TX, USAMap8/8/2000
WM DFW Landfill (WM of North Texas)Lewisville, TX, USAMap9/25/2000
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services; CWM; USA Waste)Port Arthur, TX, USAMap7/11/2000
Clean Harbors (DuraTherm)San Leon, TX, USAMap9/27/2000
Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services; USFilter; Procycle)Springtown, TX, USAMap4/25/2000
Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; APTUS; Laidlaw)Aragonite, UT, USAMap7/10/2000
EnergySolutions (Envirocare of Utah)Clive, UT, USAMap8/10/2000
ECDC Environmental, LLC (Allied Waste; East Carbon Development Corp.)East Carbon, UT, USAMap5/8/2000
Clean Harbors (Grassy Mountain; Safety-Kleen; USPCI; Laidlaw)Knolls, UT, USAMap7/11/2000
Giant Resource Recovery (GRR; Virginia Solite; Oldover)Cascade, VA, USAMap7/18/2000
Perma-Fix Northwest (Pacific Eco Solutions; Allied Technical Group)Richland, WA, USAMap8/17/2000
Hydrite Chemical Co.Cottage Grove, WI, USAMap10/25/2000