Tobu Trading Company, Ltd.
Yoshikawa, Saitama, Japan

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CHWMEG Report Number:H882.0
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Description of Services:Two facilities, which separately perform oil/water separation and water treatment, were the subject of this review.

The oil/water separation facility handles industrial waste oil, and performs physical and chemical separation including heating, emulsion breaking, and solids and water settling. Solids are dewatered using a filter press and packaged for eventual co-processing (fuel use) at a cement manufacturing facility. Separated water is trucked to the water treatment plant, and recovered oil is stored in the underground tanks onsite, for eventual distribution to various used oil customers for use as fuel.

The water treatment facility has a large building which houses wastewater receiving pits, treatment equipment, and the company laboratory. Two pH-controlled scrubbers, stainless steel construction, which control vented air from different building areas, are located on the facility roof, about four stories above ground level. An above ground wastewater treatment tank area with surrounding secondary containment is located adjacent to the processing building. Treated wastewater is tested (pH) and discharged to the Saitama Prefecture POTW, while dewatered sludge is packaged for eventual co-processing at cement plant. Basic treatment processes include pH adjustment, flocculation/settling, floatables skimming, and sludge dewatering using a filter press.

Description Date:2008 Facility Review Program
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