Pacific Coast Recycling

South Gate, CA, USA

a.k.a./f.k.a.:Fairway Salvage Division
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Description of Services:The facility conducts mainly non-ferrous metal recycling (although high temperature alloys, and stainless steel are processed) through sorting, cutting, shearing, disassembling, and baling for shipment offsite. Items, such as any equipment containing liquids, debris, PCBs, or asbestos are prohibited. Fairway Salvage, Inc. has a fleet of 10 trucks which it uses to provide scrap metal transportation for about 50% of shipments to the facility – mainly in end dumps, box vans, and flat beds. Scrap is usually received in metal bins of various dimensions (i.e. 4’x4’), and in drums, both in dedicated, and milk-run shipments. Some bins are offered to customers, which are picked up, emptied at the facility, and returned for customer reuse. The majority of metal scrap is non-ferrous, and includes mainly aluminum (wheels, parts, turnings), copper (tubing), brass, and titanium. Ferrous metal includes various stainless steel alloys. Customers served include aerospace, transportation, oil, automotive, and manufacturing companies. Scrap metal is not received from the general public.
Description Date:2008 Facility Review Program
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