Transpacific Technical Services Pty Ltd
Dandenong, Victoria, Australia

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a.k.a./f.k.a.:Solvent/Packaging Facility; Wilsolve
CHWMEG Report Number:H369.1
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Description of Services:The facility operates primarily as a storage, decanting, bulking, and transfer facility for a wide variety of prescribed industrial wastes. These wastes are accumulated into appropriate sized containers and sent to off-site waste treatment facilities and recycling operations. With regard to solvents specifically received at the facility, they are initially bulked at the facility and then sent to a solvent recycling facility for processing. The recycled solvent is then received back at the TTS facility for return directly to the customer, or it is sometimes further blended prior to being returned back to the customer. The waste processing activities undertaken at the site include materials transfer, package decanting, and oil recovery:
  • Material Transfer - Bulk materials received on-site include waste hydrocarbons, surplus food ingredients, waste waters, and solvents. These materials are typically consolidated and bulked into larger containers using primarily manual means for off-site transfer. Solvents may be returned to the site after recycling for further on-site blending/re-drumming prior to return to the customer.
  • Package Decanting - Many wastes are received on site in small packages (drums, containers, bottles, boxes, etc.). Containers may include liquid hydrocarbon solutions, aqueous solutions, or solid materials in all pack sizes. The next step requires the that packages be drained and then bulked into other containers (minimum size - 200 liters, maximum size - ISO tankers or 1000 liter bulk containers) for off-site transfer. The decanting activities are primarily manual and wastes are blended to product on a case by case scenario. Packaging may either be shredded (plastic) or crushed (metal) or baled (cardboard) and sent off site for further recycling or disposal.
  • Oil Recovery - Oil, oily water mixtures and surfactants are received on-site in small containers, bulked in the large storage tanks. Oil and water are simply separated via gravity, and the contents are drained off and sent off-site for treatment (aqueous wastes) or recycling (oil).
Description Date:2010 Facility Review Program
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