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IMPACT Services, Inc.
Oak Ridge, TN, USA

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a.k.a./f.k.a.:Secure Support Facility
CHWMEG Report Number:H964.0
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Description of Services:The facility is a low-level radioactive waste processing facility. IMPACT processes bulk and containerized shipments of low-level radioactive waste. According to facility personnel, IMPACT is approved for receipt of CERCLA wastes. The largest customers of the facility consist of the DOE and nuclear power plants. Primary waste streams consist of various demolition debris and contaminated trash with presumed or confirmed radioactivity levels. The treatment operations at the facility are designed to minimize the volume of material requiring disposal as low-level radioactive waste.

The following processes are used:

  • Sort/Segregation – Waste is removed from containers and manually sorted/segregated on the floor of the operations building. There are also two enclosures constructed within the building for management of more dangerous materials. Non-conforming materials are removed from the waste stream for return to the generator. Conforming wastes are sorted and consolidated by category for effective disposal.
  • Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR) – Containers of waste from licensed radioactive materials facilities are subjected to a radioactivity scan (in container) to clear waste from generator radioactive material license requirements for disposal in a Subtitle D landfill.
  • Volume Reduction (VR) – VR operations may include decanting of liquids (filtered with effluent to the sanitary sewer and filtrate managed with regulated waste), and cutting, dismantling, etc. to reduce the waste volumes prior to management as describe above.
  • Pyrolysis – The facility operates two pyrolysis furnaces, with two more planned and permitted. Pyrolysis is a non-incineration thermal treatment process, defined as the endothermic gasification of wastes using external energy in the presence of insignificant amounts of oxygen, producing small volumes of off-gases. The pyrolyzed waste is shipped offsite for disposal.
  • OREX® System – The facility operates an OREX® process unit (aka MB-200 process) for disposal of dissolvable (polyvinyl alcohol based) uniforms from nuclear licensed generators. The system chemically digests the uniforms, with the resulting effluent filtered and neutralized for discharge to the sanitary sewer or trucked to the local POTW. Filtrate from the system is disposed offsite.
Description Date:2010 Facility Review Program
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