Ecomax Co. Ltd.
Samukawa, Kanagawa, Japan

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CHWMEG Report Number:H1011.0
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Description of Services:The Ecomax facility primarily treats various solid and sludge materials by size grinding and mixing with reagents such as Portland cement to stabilize waste for landfill disposal offsite. Both dioxin-containing and non-dioxin containing wastes are accepted and separately handled in dedicated areas. Dioxin-containing wastes may be from incinerators or waste-to-energy facilities, or contaminated sites (soil), while non-dioxin wastes are from various industrial sources or contaminated sites. All stabilized wastes are TCLP tested to ensure effective treatment.

In addition to solids and sludge handling, the facility also performs fluorescent lamp recycling in a separate dedicated building, using an automated tube crushing and material separation system which produces separated crushed glass, metal end caps, and mercury-containing calcium phosphate “phosphor” powder. The powder is conveyed to a batch retort operating at 600° C. which separates liquid mercury using a vacuum pump and condenser system. All separated materials are sold to offsite recyclers.

Description Date:2010 Facility Review Program
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