Coyne Textile Services
Cleveland, OH, USA

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Description of Services:Coyne is basically an industrial laundry for commercial and industrial clients using textile products including uniforms, towels, Reuseable Absorbent Systems (RAS), and mats. The soiled textiles are picked up at customer locations by Coyne vehicles and transported to the facility for laundering. At the time of pickup, towels (and other products) are inspected for the presence of free liquids. If the material contains free liquids, the material will not be picked up for cleaning. When the textiles arrive at the facility, they are first separated by type (towels may be placed in hydraulic press for additional liquid removal – removed material mixed with Coyne’s wastewater treatment sludge), then weighed and laundered using specific wash formulas (chemical solutions) for each product material.

Laundering is performed in large (approximately 900-lb) industrial washing machines. Dry cleaning is not performed at the facility. Instead, the process uses an aqueous-based cleaning solution. After cleaning, the products are dried, hung (some are steam pressed), inspected, sorted, and returned to the customer.

Coyne treats process wastewater generated at the facility for solids removal and chemical emulsification. The wastewater is treated for lint and solids removal by flowing through fixed and vibrating screens. Next is a heat changer and into a 20,000 gallon equalization tank. After equalization, the wastewater goes to a 5,000 gallon chemical mixing tank where a polymer is added to facilitate solids flocculation. From the mixing tank wastewater flows into a 100 gpm Dissolved Air Floatation Unit (DAF). De-emulsified oils are skimmed off and pumped to a 5,000 gallon process tank. Effluent from the DAF flows to a 2,000 holding pit. Oil skimmed from the settling tank is pumped to the oil holding tank. Effluent from the holding pit is passed through a final screening or may be directly discharged to the POTW.

Description Date:2007 Facility Review Program
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