Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
Reedley, CA, USA

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Description of Services:The main operations are solvent recycling and wastewater treatment. The facility is permitted to receive nonhazardous and hazardous wastes. RCRA hazardous wastes are stored or consolidated at various locations throughout the facility. There are two main waste sources: SK core business customers (parts washing and dry cleaning, paint gun cleaner, paint wastes, photofixer and developer solutions) and industrial and commercial generators that are serviced by SK.
  • Solvent recovery: The first stage in the solvent recycling process is tank sedimentation. The bottom sludges are fed to the Safety Therm Sludge Cooker. The decant liquid is fed to one of the three Washex evaporators. The bottom stream is further processed in the Artisan two-stage evaporator. The overheads from all of the evaporators are condensed in a dedicated condenser, sorted by specific gravity with the less dense organic solvents being collected for redistribution as products and the denser aqueous phase undergoing wastewater treatment. The heavy contaminants, or still bottoms, in the spent solvent drop out of the bottom of the unit.
  • Immersion Cleaner Recovery: The immersion cleaner is processed in a manner similar to the spent mineral spirits, but only one Washex evaporator is used in the treatment process. The still bottoms from the immersion cleaner are transferred offsite for use as a supplemental fuel at an authorized facility.
  • Photo Waste: The facility receives photo waste including metallic photo imaging silver flake, metallic replacement cartridges, precipitants and photo imaging solutions. Photo imaging wastes are processed to recover silver by electrolytic, metallic replacement, and precipitation methods. The recovered silver is resold in the market place. Hazardous and nonhazardous wastewater produced during the photo chemical treatment process is managed offsite. Wastewaters generated during the silver recovery process and wastewater treatment are discharged to the City of Reedley sewer system under an industrial discharge permit. In addition, silver flake and silver filter cake are managed offsite by at another Safety-Kleen facility.
Description Date:2005 Facility Review Program
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