MDJ Light Brothers (SP) Ltd.
Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom (England)

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Description of Services:Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT's) come to Building 19 in large metal collection bins and are brought into Building 19 for disassembly. The glass tubes and auxiliary pieces of equipment are removed from the plastic or wood casings. The yokes are taken off the funnel ends of the tubes, and the glass tubes are de-banded and separated. The cables are also removed. The plastic casings are shredded and separated into black and non-black scraps. The shredded plastic is stored in super-sacks that are sold both within and outside of the UK. The shredded plastic is only shipped to authorized outlets, according to the facility. The cables and yokes are shipped to EU (European Union) countries or to China as a green waste. The cables are cleaned and stripped at the outlet. The copper is eventually smelted.

The glass components from the CRT’s are moved over to Building 18 for processing there. The funnel glass and the panel glass are crushed separately in campaigns. The funnel glass contains lead and is an amber waste in the EU. The panel glass is basically free of lead and is handled as a green waste in the EU. In addition to the two glass types, there is also some mixed glass. All of the glass is shipped separately to Samsung in Malaysia for re-use there. The phosphorous powder (which contains mercury) and the glass fines (which contain lead) from the glass crushing are shipped to a hazardous waste landfill.

Computer Processing Units (CPU's) are from both consumers (B2C) and business (B2B). The B2C units are partly disassembled onsite. Any batteries are removed and transferred for smelting. The units are then campaigned to the onsite shredder located in the Quarry Area. The shredder is used for both WEEE and scrap metals, but is used in dedicated campaigns for each waste type. The printed circuit boards are shredded with the CPU’s. The B2B CPU's are divided into units to be asset managed and units that are not suitable for asset management. The units to be asset managed are transferred to the MDJ Light Bros facility in Aylesford. The units that are not asset managed are shredded onsite with the B2C units as described above.

Other WEEE: Other WEEE handled onsite at the Quarry includes refrigerators. Any gas and oil is first removed from the units, which are then shredded onsite. Medical equipment is also shredded onsite. It must be decontaminated before coming to the site. No x-ray equipment is accepted. Toner cartridges are transferred to the MDJ Light Bros facility in Aylesford, UK for processing there.

Description Date:2009 Facility Review Program
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