Metals Management, Inc.
Sherman, MS, USA

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CHWMEG Report Number:H675.0
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Description of Services:Metal Management Mississippi, Inc. operates as a ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal processor. Ferrous scrap is purchased from manufacturers who generate steel and iron, and from scrap dealers, auto wreckers, demolition firms, railroads, and others who generate steel scrap. Non-ferrous scrap is purchased from manufacturers and other scrap sources who generate or sell aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and other nickel-bearing metals, from producers of electricity, telecommunication service providers, aerospace, defense and recycling companies that generate obsolete scrap, and from peddlers who deliver directly to the facility.

After receipt in rail cars, trailers, roll-off bins, and dump trucks, the scrap metal is segregated by type, and stockpiled for processing on bare ground (most scrap steel, and cast iron), and inside buildings (non-ferrous metal, including copper, aluminum, and alloys). Metal turnings contaminated with cutting fluids, and other fluid-filled scrap metal parts, are stored under cover within concrete containment. Types of scrap metal received include appliances, tanks, tubing, and various pieces of equipment. No PCBs or radioactive materials are accepted. Screening for radioactive material is conducted at the truck weigh scale, and also via a hand-held radiation detector. Car bodies also are accepted, but only with fuel tanks removed. Scrap with capacitors is not accepted. The facility also receives scrap metal from the public in the form of aluminum cans, and other metallic scrap.

Physical methods of processing are employed such as sorting, shredding, shearing or cutting, baling, and breaking. Briquetting was not observed. Equipment used for processing ferrous metal includes a 500-ton and a 1,000-ton shear; non-ferrous metals may be sorted for further processing inside a sorting building, and may be cut and baled. Equipment and truck maintenance is also conducted onsite – waste oil is collected and stored in a 1,500-gallon above ground storage tank, within concrete block secondary containment; diesel fuel is also stored in a single 6,000-gallon above-ground steel tank within concrete secondary containment. Truck and equipment washing is conducted inside of a maintenance bay. Oily water flows to sand filters, and discharged to receiving waters (Wolf Creek). All metal is sent offsite for processing and recycling.

Description Date:2006 Facility Review Program
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