NOCO Energy Corporation
Tonawanda, NY, USA

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Description of Services:Used oil treatment facility. Used oil is collected and pumped into one of twelve segregated tanks through a strainer. The strained solids are put in a dumpster and sent offsite to the Modern, Subtitle D Landfill in Model City, NY. Heat and demulsifying chemicals are added to the used oil in the tanks to promote dewatering of the used oil. The tank contents are allowed to sit for about 1 to 2 days after the heat and chemical addition to allow the oil and water to effectively separate. The water is drawn off from the bottom of the tank and placed in one of the tanks designated for wastewater. This residual wastewater typically has less than 5% oil. The wastewater is trucked offsite for treatment.

The treated used oil is piped to a 200,000-gallon tank designated for product oil. This is tested and is either burned onsite to raise steam for the bulk storage facility or sold as an on-spec used oil to a local asphalt plant or steel mill.

In addition to the used oil, spent anti-freeze is brought to the facility and transferred offsite for treatment.

Description Date:2006 Facility Review Program
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