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Pure Earth Recycling
Vineland, NJ, USA

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a.k.a./f.k.a.:Mid-Atlantic Recycling Technologies, Inc.
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Description of Services:Ownership of Mid-Atlantic Recycling Technologies and Casie Protank facilities changed March 30, 2007 when both facilities were purchased by Pure Earth, Inc. The MART and Casie Protank operations (previously separate although related businesses) were combined at the end of December 2009 and now operate as a single business. In future review programs, these facilities will be combined in a single review.

The facility accepts hazardous and nonhazardous contaminated soil. There are two thermal processing units onsite plus one screening process.

  • DIRECT THERMAL TREATMENT: Nonhazardous, petroleum contaminated soil is thermally treated in a co-current rotary kiln. The wastes can be soils contaminated with oils or gasoline, as well as manufactured gas plant (MGP) soils. In addition to being nonhazardous, the incoming soil for the process must have TPH concentrations of less than 2% and be relatively dry. The thermally treated soil is put in a pug mill and moisturized. There are no other additives. The final product meets New Jersey Residential Cleanup Standards. The treated soil is either returned to the generators or may be used as road base or fill.
  • INDIRECT THERMAL TREATMENT: Hazardous petroleum contaminated soil is treated in this unit. In addition, an undefined amount of nonhazardous soil that is too high in TPH or too wet for treatment in the direct unit is treated in this unit. The incoming wastes can be pre-treated depending on their characteristics. Liquid wastes or solids with high oil or water levels can be centrifuged. Any recovered oil can be distilled onsite or sent offsite. The separated water is used to moisturize the product or be treated onsite in a DAF unit. The solids from the centrifuge are combined with the solid feed not requiring any pretreatment and sent to the indirect thermal treatment unit.
  • SCREENING ONLY: About 25% of the incoming nonhazardous soils are merely screened onsite and then trucked to one of three municipal landfills for use as daily cover. The landfills used are county, Subtitle D landfills in Cumberland, Gloucester, and Atlantic Counties in NJ. The screening removes the large debris. According to the facility, the landfills may take soil without TPH limits, provided that the soil is not classified as being hazardous. This may include soils with TPH levels up to 30,000 ppm.
Description Date:2010 Facility Review Program
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