Enviro-Chem, Inc.
Rogers, MN, USA

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CHWMEG Report Number:H1032.1
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2020 (Pending, 9/29/2020: Scheduled Date)
There is 1 more review conducted prior to 2015 not shown.
Description of Services:The facility consists of the main process areas for the recovery of precious metals from various waste materials as well as small scale melting of pure metals purchased from the public. The specific types of wastes treated here and technologies used are as follows:
  • Sludges containing precious metals are processed through a filter press to remove liquids then incinerated and the liquids placed in an evaporator. After incineration the material is drummed and sent to a secondary smelter depending upon concentration and type of metal.
  • Acids and bases containing metals are treated by precipitation and the liquids are evaporated and the solids incinerated, melted, poured into bars and sent to a secondary smelter. Cyanide salts are incinerated and the resulting slag drummed and sent to a secondary smelter
  • X-ray films are burned in the incinerator until a sufficient volume of ash is accumulated which is then sent to a secondary smelter.
  • Filters and pastes containing gold and silver are placed in trays that fit in the top of the incinerator hearths where excess materials are burned off, leaving behind a highly concentrated ash that is melted and sent to a secondary smelter.
  • Solid metals (silverware, jewelry, electrical contacts, etc) are directly melted in gas-fired furnaces then decanted into brick ingot and sent to a secondary smelter.
Description Date:2011 Facility Review Program
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