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Romic Environmental Technologies
East Palo Alto, CA, USA

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a.k.a./f.k.a.:ERP Environmental Services; US Liquids
CHWMEG Report Number:H009.5
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Description of Services:Solvent and glycol recovery through distillation, fuel blending, wastewater treatment.
  • Materials having heating values in excess of 8,000 BTUs/pound are blended into waste derived fuels.
  • Spent solvents and glycols are recycled onsite. The processing consists of distillation, thin-film evaporation, and fractionation.
  • Wastewater from third parties is treated onsite along with the aqueous residuals from the onsite processing described above and onsite stormwater. The wastewater is treated in a biological system, comprised of two parallel trains. Each train consists of an open aeration tank followed by a clarifier. The clarifier overflow is piped to a sand filter. Ultraviolet radiation can also be used if needed to destroy bacteria. The treated effluent is stored in one of three batch tanks and is analyzed prior to being discharged to the POTW via public sewers.
  • Relatively small volumes of spent acid are neutralized onsite with fresh caustic. The resultant stream can be treated in the onsite wastewater treatment plant or can be sent offsite for treatment.
Description Date:2006 Facility Review Program
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