Betz Transformer
Olathe, CO, USA

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Description of Services:Betz Transformers purchases and/or provides credit for all non-contaminated (<50 PPM PCB) units. Records are precisely maintained by serial number as to the final disposition of each unit received and information can be provided if unit is destroyed or reused. All remanufactured and reconditioned transformers are tested with a Phenix TTS 20-1 Transformer Test Set. The units are sanded and painted prior to shipping.

The reconditioning process begins with assessment of the contained oil for PCB content if required, based on the age of the unit and nameplate information. PCB must be <50 ppm in order for the unit to be drained and reconditioned onsite. Any unit with >50 ppm PCB is sent back to the owner intact. The process continues with a check to see if the transformer core is burned out; if so, a new core is created onsite. The core consists of copper winding and matching bands of core steel (core steel is not solid, but rather fine laminations of steel "booked" together). The core is disassembled, and core steel is reused, with a newly wound matching copper coil. (The old coil copper wire is sent offsite for recycling.) Once the new core is assembled, it is baked in an onsite oven to remove moisture and any impurities in the core, and placed back in the transformer "tank", with the appropriate exterior electrical connections installed. After connections and bushings are in place, the transformer is filled with new vegetable oil and electrically tested. After tests are passed, the unit tank cover is attached and external hardware is installed. The final step is the sanding and painting of the unit exterior.

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