Jimco Inc.
Montebello, CA, USA

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CHWMEG Report Number:H924.0
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Description of Services:Jimco’s Montebello sites act as a transfer facility. Jimco picks up and transfers secondary ferrous and non-ferrous goods and materials. Any materials that can be re-sold and not directly scrapped come to the Montebello site for storage, waiting sale. Used ferrous piping and used non-ferrous goods are the only two material types that are stored onsite in the building at 1540 South Greenwood Avenue. All of the other metal handled by Jimco is managed as scrap and is typically taken to other yards directly from the generator's sites. The only exception to this is some scrap metal shipments that can be staged at the 1545 Gage Avenue parcel while in transit.

Secondary metal in the context of this review is defined as used ferrous and non-ferrous manufactured material and goods that have been determined by their owner to be no longer usable by them for their originally intended and designed purpose. Some examples of these types of materials are piping, tubing, plates, channels, angles, and wire. Two paths are generally available for secondary metals: a) they can be re-sold to a new owner for further use, or b) they can be sold as scrap metal. Scrap metal in the context of this review is defined as secondary metals that will be smelted and formed into new ferrous or non-ferrous manufactured goods.

Description Date:2009 Facility Review Program
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