Southwest Processors
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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a.k.a./f.k.a.:Southwest Treatment Systems
CHWMEG Report Number:H923.0
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Description of Services:There are three basic and distinct operations conducted onsite. The facility only accepts nonhazardous materials.
  • TREATMENT OF NON-HAZARDOUS WASTEWATERS. Examples of these wastewaters accepted at the site for treatment include, but are not limited to: car wash wastewater, hydrostatic testing wastewater, cooling tower wastewater, marble cutting wastewater, and elevator shaft wastewater. The unloaded wastewaters are first screened in strainers and then consolidated, commingled, and equalized in tankage. The wastewater is then gravity separated into water and solids. The pH of the wastewater is adjusted with sulfuric acid; ferric sulfate is also added. The wastewater flows into another tank, where spent lime, which comes to the facility as a product and not a waste, is added to further adjust the pH. Polymers are then added and the wastewater is slowly mixed in a coagulation tank. The wastewater is then piped to a lamella clarifier for separation of the precipitated solids from the liquid phase. The solids in the lamella underflow go to a holding tank and then to one of four plate and frame filter presses. The filtrate goes to one of two treated wastewater tanks for alternate discharge to the local POTW.
  • RECYCLING OF GREASE WASTES. Incoming grease wastes are unloaded into one of four separate, heated tanks. Similar grease wastes are comingled and dissimilar grease wastes are segregated. The wastes must be heated so they can be pumped; they are typically solid at room temperature. The incoming grease is referred to as yellow grease, which is vegetable oil, typically fryer oil from fast food outlets. The facility does not bring any petroleum products or greases into this facility. The grease is drained from the bottoms of the tanks and goes to a heated tank. The grease is then piped over a fine shaker or sieve to remove any residual solids. The product grease is then put in tankage and sold as cattle feed supplement, a product, into Mexico.
  • DECASING OF OFF-SPEC PRODUCTS. Off-spec products, mostly food that has exceeded its date of use, are decased onsite. The decasing is conducted in a shredder or crusher to render the out of date materials un-identifiable as to the manufacturer and to render them unmarketable. The shredded materials are sent to a local non-hazardous landfill for disposal. Often, the generators of these streams come to the facility to witness the destruction.
Description Date:2009 Facility Review Program
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