Malancourt-la-Montagne, Lorraine, France

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CHWMEG Report Number:H545.0
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Review Program
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There is 1 more review conducted prior to 2014 not shown.
Description of Services:The following operations are conducted:
  • Evapo-incineration/thermal treatment of hydrocarbon and other oily wastes. This process is a thermal separation process by evaporation, which produces an off-gas that is treated with the on-site air emission control system, and the condensed liquid concentrate is sent off-site for energy recovery or incineration
  • Physical/chemical treatment of inorganic wastes. This process involves the neutralization of acids and alkalis, chemical precipitation, or decanting/separation. The metal hydroxide filter cake is sent off-site for stabilization and land disposal, and the liquid effluent is treated in the on-site biological treatment plant
  • Physical/chemical treatment of organic wastes (oil emulsions, cleaning and degreasing baths, liquid sludges, etc.). This process involves a decanting/separation of phases using various properties (gravity, flocculation) to produce a concentrated sludge. The sludge is subject to further recovery through centrifugation, and the liquid effluent is treated in the on-site biological treatment plant
  • Biological treatment of process water, water from physical/chemical treatments, etc. This treatment process involves aeration, nutrient additives, sludge decanting and filtration. The effluent is reused in the process, and the sludge is sent off-site for energy recovery (incineration)
  • Recovery of liquid hydrocarbons from sludges using centrifugation. This treatment process involves the separation of the water, sediment, and hydrocarbons using a centrifuge process. The recovered hydrocarbons are used for off-site energy recovery, and the solids are further processed and eventually are sent off-site for energy recovery or incineration
  • Recovery of soiled packaging (renovation and material recycling) of plastic and metal containers
  • Small Container Processing, including the sorting and consolidation of wastes for on-site treatment or off-site transfer.
Description Date:2004 Facility Review Program
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