Eldredge, Inc.
West Chester, PA, USA

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CHWMEG Report Number:H520.3
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2020 (8/6/2020)
There are 3 more reviews conducted prior to 2015 not shown.
Description of Services:There are four types of operations conducted onsite as described individually below.
  1. Used Oil Recovery: The incoming bulk used oil is emptied into an open-topped tank and screened if there are solids present. The oil layer is drawn off to a truck that takes the oil to onsite tankage. Drums of oil are pumped directly into the same tankage. There is further separation of the oil, water, and solids in the tankage, and the oil is drawn off for processing in the treatment building. Chemicals and heat are added for separation and demulsification. The final product is 99% oil and defined as a "waste derived liquid fuel" (it is a #4 blend and considered to be on-spec). It is sold to local BIF's, mostly asphalt plants and lime plants.
  2. Wastewater Treatment: Incoming oily water mixtures as well as the wastewater generated in the used oil processing described in Item 1 above are treated onsite. The incoming oily water that arrives in bulk is emptied into one of the open tanks as was described above for the used oil. The water is trucked to tankage separate from the oil. Drums of oily water are pumped into the tankage. There is some settling in the tankage. The water layers are drawn off from the tankage and chemicals are mixed in and the pH is raised to precipitate out the metals. The reactors are mixed to keep the metals in suspension. The wastewater is then piped to tankage for storage until shipment off-site.
  3. Solidification: Sludges, both as incoming wastes and derived as residual wastes from the onsite processing described above, are treated onsite in a sludge, or solidification, pit. Heels from trucks are also treated here. Spent precipitation catalyst from a nearby oil refinery, saw dust, and cement kiln dust (CKD) are used as solidification reagents. The reagent and wastes are mixed with a track hoe until the mixture passes the paint filter test. The solidified mixture is then sent offsite for non-hazardous landfill disposal.
  4. Other Operations: The facility bulks up spent anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) into an onsite poly tank and ships it out in tankers; there is no processing of the anti-freeze onsite.
Description Date:2011 Facility Review Program
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