DK Environmental
Vernon, CA, USA

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CHWMEG Report Number:H436.0
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Description of Services:The facility accepts waste primarily in containers (transported on trailers and vans), but also accepts waste in rail cars, tank trucks, vacuum trucks, and roll-off bins. The primary wastestreams received and treated by the facility include acidic wastewaters, alkaline wastewaters, waste waters containing metals, solvent waste, organic and inorganic waste water, oily water, waste oil, tank bottom waste water, organic sludge, and contaminated soil

Treatment technologies at the facility include the following 5 general processes, three of which involve wastewater treatment:
  • The oils treatment train - oil, water and solids separation, pH adjustment, DAF clarification, water recovery and treatment with granulated activated carbon adsorption and discharge to POTW. Solids are removed by a filter press, oil is recovered and stored in tanks.
  • The metals treatment train – storage, primary batch treatment with oxidation, reduction, neutralization, precipitation, followed by secondary batch metal treatment by chemical precipitation, clarification, separation, with activated carbon adsorption for water discharge to POTW. Solids are removed by a filter press.
  • The organics treatment train – ph adjustment, mixing, DAF clarification, and carbon adsorption before water discharge to POTW. The solids are removed by a filter press.
  • The solids bulking process - drums are emptied with a front end loader into a 20 or 40 cubic yard roll-off, or into a 100 cubic yard capacity gondola (rail car) (non-RCRA solids including oily debris, crushed drums, contaminated PPE, etc.).
  • The sludge solidifying process - mixer (pug mill) into which tank bottoms, sludges removed from the filter press, are dumped by front-end loader, and reagents, such as cement kiln dust, and/or a calcine product are added.
Description Date:2003 Facility Review Program
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