Veolia ES Technical Solutions
Valparaiso, IN, USA

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a.k.a./f.k.a.:Onyx Environmental Services; Shoreland Metals
CHWMEG Report Number:H402.1
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Description of Services:The facility accepts tin-plated brass and copper materials (stamped, sheet and roll material). Major onsite processes are stripping of tin plating using caustic solution and subsequent acid and water rinsing to remove a copper oxide which forms after tin plating is removed. Some larger pieces and roll material are shredded prior to processing. Spent sulfuric acid is accepted for acid rinsing. The facility uses an exemption from RCRA regulation for secondary material directly used as a substitute for virgin material—the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) concurs with the use of the exemption.

Stripping of tin plating is performed in 6 facility mixers. Stripping is a batch process; residence time is 8-12 hours. Natural gas-fired burners heat mixer contents during the stripping process (180-210 degrees F). After stripping, caustic solution is pumped to one of the stainless steel holding tanks. Tin sludge in the caustic solution cools in the storage tanks, which allows the sludge to precipitate; solution is then pumped through a filter press to concentrate solids, which are later dried in one of the heated mixers to form "tin shot".

Description Date:2007 Facility Review Program
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