Chemical Solvents, Inc.
Cleveland, OH, USA

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Description of Services:CSI uses thin film evaporation technology to recover a wide variety of solvents. The facility receives waste solvents generated from a wide variety of industrial users such as paint, printing, metal fabricating companies, and the electronics and fiberglass industries. These wastes are received either as bulk or drum shipments and transferred into waste storage tanks. The waste solvent is transferred on a continuous basis to a mechanically agitated thin-film evaporator to distill the solvents until the waste tank is empty.

The evaporator is constructed of stainless steel. The close clearance centrifugal rotor distributes a thin, uniform film by centrifugal action on the heat transfer walls of the unit. The pure solvent is distilled off overhead, filtered, and condensed back into a liquid. The condensed liquid is transferred into storage tanks for resale. The recovered solvents can be returned to the originating company, if desired.

CSI blends organic bearing waste to produce a waste derived fuel product. CSI has a total of six treatment tanks for this operation. Hazardous waste to be fuel blended is also received as either bulk or drum shipments. Bulk shipments are transferred into the permitted waste storage tanks, then transferred into the final fuel blending tanks. Containers are pumped directly into the fuel blending tanks. The fuel blending tanks are networked together to allow for intermixing of materials and are provided with mixers. The waste-derived fuel is sent offsite for use in the production of cement.

Consolidation of Non-Hazardous Waste: Non-hazardous, solid wastes are consolidated into 30 cubic-yard roll-offs using a conveyor up to a drum tipper.

Description Date:2009 Facility Review Program
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