Societe Valdelec

Sarcelles, Ile-de-France, France

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CHWMEG Report Number:H928.0
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Description of Services:The facility only accepts various electronic items (articles, or manufactured items, only). The facility process involves simple manual disassembly of components. Depending on the type of equipment, a standard series of steps is employed (remove electric cable, open plastic case, remove equipment, disassemble). Steps for disassembling a computer monitor with CRT are: removal of cables, open plastic case, disassemble aluminum shell, remove plug to allow air to enter CRT, unscrew beam deviator yoke assembly, unscrew circuit board, remove CRT, remove electron gun (broken off with hammer), remove power supply board, and remove capacitors over 2.5 cm (1”) tall. Removed products are segregated and stored in cubic yard boxes or rolloff bins, for eventual shipment to offsite facilities. The CRT glass is not broken further.
Description Date:2009 Facility Review Program
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