Noble Oil Services
Sanford, NC, USA

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Description of Services:Used oil recovery and processing services, used oil filter management, parts cleaner service, wastewater collection and disposal, antifreeze collection and recycling.
  • Incoming used oil and emulsions are stored in feedstock tanks for introduction into the refinery. Refinery processes include thermal treatment, a hot oil heater, exchangers, vacuum distillation, and flash drum. Processed oil is sent to storage tanks where it is blended, filtered, and then stored in finished oil storage tanks. The finished oil is sold to various customers for use as boiler fuel or for the manufacture of asphalt. The vacuum distillation process, which became operational in 2009, allows for the production of a higher quality fuel product which can be used to manufacture unleaded gasoline and low-sulfur diesel fuel.
  • Incoming wastewater (high water content waste streams) is off-loaded into holding tanks. Oil is recovered and processed onsite. Water is injected into the hot oil circulation tanks onsite for disposal. Waste anti-freeze is collected, bulked into tanks onsite, and shipped offsite for recycling.
  • Solidification of sludges is conducted by mixing sawdust with an excavator, in an in-ground steel-lined concrete pit. The solidified material is sent offsite for landfill. Used oil filters are collected in containers provided by Noble Oil. The containers hold up to six 55-gallon drums of uncrushed oil filters. The filters are brought back to the plant, compacted, and shipped in a bulk container to a metals recycler.
  • Containers holding 30 gallons of parts washer solvent are collected, stored at the site, and pumped to a 7,000-gallon tank trailer for use as asphalt cut-back by an asphalt manufacturer. Virgin solvent is gravity fed from a 300 gallon bulk liquid container to 30-gallon containers for customer distribution.
Description Date:2011 Facility Review Program
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