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Clean Harbors Canada
Thorold, ON, Canada

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Description of Services:The facility conducts the following operations:
  • Lab Pack Depacking: Individual lab bottles and containers are placed in separate boxes and drums depending on their properties, such as solvents, acids, bases, etc. These boxes and drums are then consolidated and sent offsite for appropriate treatment or disposal. This is essentially a transfer operation. The empty containers are shredded and to an offsite hazardous landfill.
  • Fuels Blending: Organic wastes are bulked up onsite for offsite incineration at the Clean Harbors Corunna, Ontario or Mercier, Quebec facility. There are no heating value (BTU/lb) limits on the wastes that can be blended. Paint wastes are typically included in this waste stream. Aqueous wastes that cannot be economically or effectively blended onsite can be transferred offsite for blending. The tanks used for fuels blending have mixers in them to keep solids suspended in the aqueous wastes.
  • Landfill Consolidation: The contents from drums per year are bulked up into roll off containers and trucked to the Clean Harbors landfill in Corunna, Ontario for final disposal. In addition, small containers of off-spec products are shredded onsite. The shredded waste is combined with the landfill consolidation.
  • Hydrolysis: The facility has both an organic and inorganic hydrolysis unit to process incoming gas and propane cylinders and other inorganic/organic drummed wastes. This is a new process conducted at the facility as of September 2004.
  • Neutralization: Waste acids and waste caustics can be neutralized onsite. Fresh caustic is used, if needed. Any precipitated solids are kept suspended in the aqueous waste. The neutralized lean wastewater is typically incinerated at Clean Harbors Corunna or Mercier facilities. A small number of drums are managed onsite using this method.
  • Pesticide Consolidation: Pesticides are consolidated in a dedicated storage tank and shipped offsite for incineration to the Clean Harbors Corunna or Mercier facility. A small number of drums are managed onsite using this method.

There is no stabilization or solidification conducted onsite. This was conducted onsite in the past in roll off containers, but the practice has been discontinued. Sludges are not handled at this facility. They are shipped directly, or transferred to the Clean Harbors facilities in London, Ontario, or Mississauga, Ontario.

Description Date:2007 Facility Review Program
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