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PK Metals
(a.k.a./f.k.a.: Suffolk Industrial Recovery Corp. DBA PK Metals)
CHWMEG Report Number: H950.0

City, State/Prov, Country:Coram, New York, USA

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Description of Services:The facility accepts various metal scrap, e-waste, batteries, etc. Materials accepted are generally manually segregated for shipment to offsite recyclers, although some are ground (plastics) or shredded (cellular phones and other suitable electronic items) to facilitate downstream recycling and destroy data contained, as in cellular phones. According to the POC, nearly all material received is sorted for shipment to offsite recyclers; however a portion (~1%) is debris which cannot be recycled and ends up in plant trash. (Packaging materials and debris are sent to BFI of Ohio, Inc., Lowellville, OH).

Materials segregated by the facility are numerous, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and electronic equipment. For customers requiring security for sensitive data, all material is stored indoors away from public areas until drives are destroyed. Equipment is stored in a dedicated, secure area in the warehouse, and ultimately sent offsite for disassembly. In the event that equipment can be refurbished, data wiping is done offsite. Detailed records are kept, including supplier percentage by material purchased and percentage by material sold to downstream recyclers. A vendor form is required for both upstream and downstream facilities. According to the POC, R2 guidelines are followed, which encourages refurbishment of electronic items vs. end-of-life destruction for material recovery.

A description of materials/equipment is required to approve shipments to the facility. Requirements for upstream suppliers are outlined in the detailed Quality Environmental Health & Safety (QEHS) policy. Materials and equipment are visually inspected and counted as applicable upon receipt, per procedures in the Company Source Control Policy.

A plastics grinder and unit for shredding cellular phones are located inside a tent-like structure onsite. These units are equipped with cyclone and bag-type aspirator air pollution control devices for particle control.

Description Date:2010 Facility Review Program

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