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Eco | International
(a.k.a./f.k.a.: Amandi; Envirocycle)
CHWMEG Report Number: H832.0

City, State/Prov, Country:Vestal, New York, USA

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Description of Services:Obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment, or e-scrap, are taken in to the site. This includes mostly computers and their peripherals as well as television sets. Most of the e-scrap is disassembled onsite. The separated components, mostly consisting of circuit boards, batteries, electronic components, casings, cathode ray tubes (CRT’s), cables and wiring, are put in Gaylord boxes, which are basically cardboard boxes having a one cubic yard capacity. When they are full, all of the boxes with the exception of the CRT’s and plastic casings, are shipped offsite to facilities that are able to reclaim and recycle the metals, plastics and other materials in the separated components. Most of the disassembled materials that leave the site go through a commodities consolidator, or broker, doing business as BGA. Some of the components are sent out of the US to Companies in Canada, Mexico, and Asia. Eco | International will usually try to do a paper audit of the receiving facility to check on their permits, and will occasionally visit the site. However, this is not a rigorous requirement.

The incoming glass from the CRT's is processed onsite. The CRT’s are first divided into leaded and unleaded glass. These two glass types are handled separately. The CRT is removed from the housing and the vacuum is released. The yoke and wiring are then removed. The tension band around the front of the tube is cut and the funnel and panel are separated. The glass is broken into shards, which are tumbled to remove the coating materials. The actual processing is considered to be proprietary by the facility so details were not provided by the facility. The clean glass is shipped to various glass manufacturers along the Pacific Rim. They recycle the glass into new tubes.

Description Date:2008 Facility Review Program

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