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HOH Corporation
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CHWMEG Report Number: H761.0

City, State/Prov, Country:Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

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Description of Services:Solid nonhazardous waste in drums is solidified onsite and shipped offsite for disposal in a Subtitle D landfill. Empty drums are also sent to the Subtitle D landfill. Solidification occurs in one of two steel solidification vats. Waste is placed in the vats, and sawdust is added and mixed with a backhoe until the waste material is solidified. The solidified waste is then temporarily stockpiled on the concrete floor of the processing building until it is loaded into trucks for shipment offsite for landfill disposal in one of the two Subtitle D landfills. Packaged consumer products are received at the site and then sorted according to the required treatment method. Packaged containers of liquids, creams, and lotions are placed in the grinder where they are destroyed. The grinder discharges directly into one of the solidification vats where sawdust is added to solidify the material for offsite disposal in one of the two Subtitle D landfills.

Of the wastewater received at the HOH site in 2006, about 54% was oily wastewaters, 38% was organic wastewater, and 8% was metal-bearing wastewaters. Examples of oily wastewater include oil/water emulsions or mixtures, lubricant/water mixtures, coolant/water mixtures, bilge water, and wastewater from oil-bearing paint washes. Examples of organic wastewaters include landfill leachate, wastewater from paint washes, and tank clean-outs from organic, non-petroleum sources. Examples of metal-bearing wastewaters include metal finishing rinse water, spent anodizing solutions, and wastewater from electroplating operations. Approximately 90% of the wastewater is treated using the flocculation/precipitation method. The physical-chemical treatment system includes holding tanks; flocculation, neutralization, and coagulation tanks; clarifiers; bag filtration system; activated carbon columns; rotary vacuum system; and a filter press for solids. Oil/water separation is used for most oily wastewater where some oil can be reclaimed. Nano-filtration and ultra-filtration are utilized only on select wastewaters. HOH discharges all the treated wastewater to the City of Winston-Salem POTW.

Description Date:2007 Facility Review Program

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