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CHWMEG Report Number: H692.0

City, State/Prov, Country:Houston, Texas, USA

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Description of Services:Stolthaven Houston, Inc. has an onsite biological wastewater treatment facility operating under a TPDES permit. Per the Clean Water Act regulations and the wastewater permit, Stolthaven is able to receive both nonhazardous and hazardous wastewater containing organics and oils. Once a stream is received, it passes through one of two API separators, one for nonhazardous waste streams and the other for hazardous streams. Oil is skimmed from the separators and sent to holding tanks from which it is sent offsite for incineration or fuel blending. The water is pumped to an equalization tank. From the equalization tank, the wastewater is treated in the dissolved air flotation unit, the three aeration basins, and the primary and secondary clarifiers. The treated wastewater then flows to a small holding tank, and there are polishing units (carbon filters and sock filters) which can be used before the treated water is discharged to the Houston Ship Channel.

Description Date:2006 Facility Review Program

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