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2003 Facility Review Program

TSD Facility Name
(Alias or Former Name)
Facility Location Maps Site Visit Date

Clean Harbors CanadaDelta, BC, CanadaMap - R6/25/2003

Clean Harbors (Lambton-Sarnia Incineration/Landfill)Corunna, ON, CanadaMap - R6/24/2003

Raw Materials Company (RCI)Port Colborne, ON, CanadaMap - R8/15/2003

Stablex Canada, Inc. (Marsulex Inc.)Blainville, QC, CanadaMap - R6/20/2003

Clean Harbors (Les Services; Safety-Kleen)Mercier, QC, CanadaMap - R6/19/2003

Glencore Canada Corporation (Xstrata; Noranda, Inc.; Horne Smelter)Rouyn-Noranda, QC, CanadaMap - R7/15/2003

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen Corporation Lte.)Thurso, QC, CanadaMap - R7/16/2003

Revolution VSC (Terrapure, Newalta, Nova Pb Inc.)Ville Ste-Catherine, QC, CanadaMap - R12/15/2003

Bravo EnergySantiago, Metropolitano de Santiago, ChileMap - R2/27/2004

Tianjin Hejia Veolia Environmental Services Co., Ltd. (Tianjin Hejia Onyx Environmental)Tianjin, Tianjin Province, ChinaMap - R3/2/2004

Tizaquim S.A.Tizayuca, Hidalgo, MexicoMap - R10/30/2003

Chemical Waste Management, Inc. (Waste Management, Inc.)Emelle, AL, USAMap - R4/28/2003

TCI of Alabama (Trans Cycle Industries; TCI)Pell City, AL, USAMap - R6/24/2003

Aaron Oil Company, Inc.Saraland, AL, USAMap - R4/29/2003

Clean Harbors (Teris LLC; ENSCO)El Dorado, AR, USAMap - R5/6/2003

Ash Grove CementForeman, AR, USAMap - R8/19/2003

Rineco Chemical IndustriesHaskell, AR, USAMap - R6/11/2003

BFI Waste Services of Little Rock (Allied Waste Systems; Modelfill)Little Rock, AR, USAMap - R9/17/2003

World Resources CompanyTolleson, AZ, USAMap - R6/11/2003

Kinsbursky Brothers Supply, Inc.Anaheim, CA, USAMap - R4/14/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; OSCO; CWM)Azusa, CA, USAMap - R5/19/2003

World Oil Recycling (Demenno-Kerdoon)Compton, CA, USAMap - R9/16/2003

Romic Environmental Technologies (ERP Environmental Services; US Liquids)East Palo Alto, CA, USAMap - R7/23/2003

Emerald Transformer (Clean Harbors; Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Los Angeles, CA, USAMap - R5/6/2003

Pacific Resource Recovery (Ellis Paints; PRRS)Los Angeles, CA, USAMap - R8/6/2003

WM McKittrick Facility (Liquid Waste Management, Inc.; McKittrick Waste Treatment Site)McKittrick, CA, USAMap - R5/9/2003

Lighting Resources LLCOntario, CA, USAMap - R7/24/2003

WM of Antelope Valley (Waste Management, Inc.)Palmdale, CA, USAMap - R10/18/2003

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; USPCI)San Jose, CA, USAMap - R7/22/2003

Sims Metal Management (Noranda Recycling; Falconbridge; Micro Metallics Corporation)San Jose, CA, USAMap - R11/24/2003

DK Environmental (D/KE)Vernon, CA, USAMap - R9/17/2003

US Ecology Vernon, Inc. (Evoqua; Siemens; US Filter; Norris)Vernon, CA, USAMap - R5/22/2003

Puente Hills Landfill (Sanitary Districts of LA County)Whittier, CA, USAMap - R5/29/2003

Clean Harbors (Teris, LLC; ENSCO West)Wilmington, CA, USAMap - R5/5/2003

WM Denver Arapahoe Site (Waste Management, Inc.)Aurora, CO, USAMap - R5/23/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; OSCO; WM; CWM)Henderson, CO, USAMap - R5/22/2003

Clean Harbors (CECOS; BFI; Southdown)Bristol, CT, USAMap - R6/10/2003

Heritage-Crystal Clean (International Petroleum Corporation; FCC Environmental USFilter; IPC; EarthCare)Wilmington, DE, USAMap - R4/22/2003

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Bartow, FL, USAMap - R7/21/2003

Perma-Fix of FloridaGainesville, FL, USAMap - R6/18/2003

Perma-Fix of OrlandoOrlando, FL, USAMap - R7/21/2003

Kleensoil InternationalPalmetto, FL, USAMap - R7/25/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; Superior Special Services)Tallahassee, FL, USAMap - R6/19/2003

AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC.com, Inc.; Mercury Technologies International; MTI)West Melbourne, FL, USAMap - R7/23/2003

Dougherty County Sanitary LandfillAlbany, GA, USAMap - R6/16/2003

Republic Services Richland Creek LF (Allied Waste; BFI)Buford, GA, USAMap - R9/30/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Envrionmental Services; CWM)Morrow, GA, USAMap - R6/26/2003

Emerald Transformer Services (Clean Harbors; Safety-Kleen (PPM), Inc.)Tucker, GA, USAMap - R6/23/2003

Perma-Fix of South GeorgiaValdosta, GA, USAMap - R6/17/2003

BCX CorporationWaycross, GA, USAMap - R9/23/2003

Hudson TechnologiesChampaign, IL, USAMap - R10/8/2003

Clean HarborsChicago, IL, USAMap - R4/23/2003

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Dolton, IL, USAMap - R4/23/2003

Sims Recycling Solutions (United Recycling Industries; United Refining)Franklin Park, IL, USAMap - R4/3/2003

FluorecycleIngleside, IL, USAMap - R7/16/2003

Heritage Environmental ServicesLemont, IL, USAMap - R4/4/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services; Trade Waste; TWI; CWM)Sauget, IL, USAMap - R5/14/2003

Sims Recycling Solutions (United Recycling; United Refining; Electronics Group)West Chicago, IL, USAMap - R4/4/2003

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.East Chicago, IN, USAMap - R4/24/2003

Tradebe Treatment and Recycling, LLC (PCI; Pollution Control Industries)East Chicago, IN, USAMap - R4/3/2003

Beaver OilGary, IN, USAMap - R7/17/2003

Gladieux Processing (Great Northern Processing)Huntington, IN, USAMap - R9/9/2003

Heritage Environmental ServicesIndianapolis, IN, USAMap - R4/8/2003

Lehigh Cement (Essroc Cement Corp)Logansport, IN, USAMap - R4/10/2003

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC (Heritage Roachdale Landfill)Roachdale, IN, USAMap - R9/10/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services; Shoreland Metals)Valparaiso, IN, USAMap - R11/20/2003

Emerald Transformer PPM (Clean Harbors; APTUS; Safety-Kleen)Coffeyville, KS, USAMap - R6/3/2003

EMI (Environmental Management of KC, Inc.)Kansas City, KS, USAMap - R8/12/2003

General Environmental Services [RCRA Incinerator] (LWD)Calvert City, KY, USAMap - R4/28/2003

Calgon Carbon Corporation (Big Sandy Plant)Catlettsburg, KY, USAMap - R6/3/2003

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Smithfield Recycle Center)Smithfield, KY, USAMap - R6/18/2003

Eco Services Operations LLC (Solvay USA; Rhodia Inc.; Rhone-Poulenc; Dominguez Plant)Baton Rouge, LA, USAMap - R6/18/2003

WM Magnolia Disposal Facility (Waste Management, Inc.; Magnolia Sanitary Landfill)Monroe, LA, USAMap - R5/5/2003

Chemical Waste Management (Carlyss; CWM Lake Charles)Sulphur, LA, USAMap - R6/19/2003

Clean HarborsBraintree, MA, USAMap - R8/26/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; Superior Special Services)Stoughton, MA, USAMap - R9/3/2003

Clean HarborsBaltimore, MD, USAMap - R4/29/2003

Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services (Phoenix Services; Enviromed; Baltimore Regional Medical Waste Incinerator)Baltimore, MD, USAMap - R7/8/2003

US Ecology Michigan (EQ; Wayne Disposal Inc.; Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant)Belleville, MI, USAMap - R7/16/2003

Sauk Trail Hills (Allied Waste Systems)Canton, MI, USAMap - R5/30/2003

Stericycle Environmental Solutions (Petro-Chem Processing of Nortru; Philip Environmental Services)Detroit, MI, USAMap - R6/25/2003

Usher Oil ServiceDetroit, MI, USAMap - R6/26/2003

Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling, Inc.)Mason, MI, USAMap - R5/27/2003

EQ Resource Recovery (Michigan Recovery Systems, Inc.)Romulus, MI, USAMap - R7/17/2003

WM Westside LandfillThree Rivers, MI, USAMap - R5/28/2003

Green Lights RecyclingBlaine, MN, USAMap - R8/11/2003

The Doe Run Company (Buick Resource Recycling)Boss, MO, USAMap - R7/1/2003

Energis (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; Holcim)Clarksville, MO, USAMap - R5/13/2003

Green America Recycling (GAR; Continental Cement; MFR Inc.)Hannibal, MO, USAMap - R5/13/2003

Geocycle (Energis; Holcim; Holnam; Safety-Kleen)Artesia, MS, USAMap - R4/30/2003

Heritage Environmental ServicesCharlotte, NC, USAMap - R7/10/2003

Nexeo Solutions (Ashland Distribution Company)Charlotte, NC, USAMap - R7/9/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; WM; AETS)Creedmoor, NC, USAMap - R9/3/2003

ECOFLO, Inc.Greensboro, NC, USAMap - R9/4/2003

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)Reidsville, NC, USAMap - R9/8/2003

Soil Remediation TechnologyBridgeton, NJ, USAMap - R8/26/2003

DuPont Secure Environmental Treatment Plant (Chambers Works)Deepwater, NJ, USAMap - R7/16/2003

HessTech LLCEdison, NJ, USAMap - R4/23/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; WM; AETC/AETS)Flanders, NJ, USAMap - R4/24/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Marisol, Inc.)Middlesex, NJ, USAMap - R5/19/2003

Sundance ServicesEunice, NM, USAMap - R5/19/2003

Norlite LLC (United Industrial Service; ThermalKem)Cohoes, NY, USAMap - R6/11/2003

CWM Chemical Services (Waste Management Model City; Chemical Waste Management)Model City, NY, USAMap - R8/14/2003

Stein & GianottWest Babylon, NY, USAMap - R6/19/2003

Republic Services (Pine Grove Landfill)Amanda, OH, USAMap - R6/5/2003

Columbus Steel DrumBlacklick, OH, USAMap - R7/17/2003

Clean Harbors (Spring Grove Resources; SGRR)Cincinnati, OH, USAMap - R6/17/2003

Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. (USA Lamp & Ballast Recycling)Cincinnati, OH, USAMap - R7/16/2003

General Environmental Management (Research Oil; Pure Tech)Cleveland, OH, USAMap - R6/12/2003

Ohio Soil RecyclingColumbus, OH, USAMap - R5/12/2003

Heritage Thermal Services (WTI; Von Roll America, Inc.)East Liverpool, OH, USAMap - R4/21/2003

Republic Services Countywide LandfillEast Sparta, OH, USAMap - R4/23/2003

Clean Harbors (Hebron Recycle Center; Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.)Hebron, OH, USAMap - R7/15/2003

Petro Environmental Technologies, LLC (Petrocell)Lodi, OH, USAMap - R4/22/2003

BFI Lorain County LandfillOberlin, OH, USAMap - R9/25/2003

Envirosafe Services of OhioOregon, OH, USAMap - R7/15/2003

Petro Environmental Services (Petrocell)Washington Court House, OH, USAMap - R6/4/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; CWM; Chem Waste)West Carrollton, OH, USAMap - R4/9/2003

WM East Oak RDFOklahoma City, OK, USAMap - R4/29/2003

AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC.com, Inc.; Mercury Technologies International; MTI;)Allentown, PA, USAMap - R4/10/2003

Lancaster County SWMA Resource Recovery (Operated by Covanta Energy)Bainbridge, PA, USAMap - R5/1/2003

Bakerstown Container Corp.Bakerstown, PA, USAMap - R5/20/2003

Keystone Cement CompanyBath, PA, USAMap - R4/3/2003

Bethlehem ApparatusBethlehem, PA, USAMap - R4/1/2003

Pioneer Crossing Landfill (J.P. Mascaro & Sons)Birdsboro, PA, USAMap - R4/11/2003

INMETCO (International Metal Reclamation Co.; Inco LTD)Ellwood City, PA, USAMap - R5/19/2003

Bethlehem ApparatusHellertown, PA, USAMap - R4/1/2003

WM Grand Central Sanitary Landfill (Waste Management, Inc.)Pen Argyl, PA, USAMap - R7/9/2003

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Manati, PR, USAMap - R10/3/2003

Noranda Recycling, Inc. (Micro Metallics Corporation)East Providence, RI, USAMap - R12/5/2003

EnergySolutions (Chem-Nuclear Systems; Duratek; DSSI)Barnwell, SC, USAMap - R4/29/2003

Giant Resource Recovery Co. (GRR!)Harleyville, SC, USAMap - R4/30/2003

Giant Resource Recovery (Southeastern Chemical; OMNI; GRR!)Sumter, SC, USAMap - R5/1/2003

Clean HarborsGreenbrier, TN, USAMap - R4/30/2003

Republic Services Gulf West Landfill (Allied Waste; BFI Gulf West)Anahuac, TX, USAMap - R9/23/2003

Waste Control Specialists (WCS)Andrews, TX, USAMap - R5/19/2003

Chemical Reclamation Services (Philip Services Corporation; CRS)Avalon, TX, USAMap - R5/13/2003

Heritage-Crystal Clean (FCC Environmental; Hydrocarbon Recovery Services, Inc.; Siemens; USFilter; Mobley)Baytown, TX, USAMap - R7/30/2003

Stericycle (BFI Medical Waste)Conroe, TX, USAMap - R8/28/2003

TM Corpus Christi Services, LP (Texas Molecular; Disposal Systems of CC)Corpus Christi, TX, USAMap - R4/9/2003

Teris LLC (dba HEAT Treatment Services; Teris; Rhodia)Dallas, TX, USAMap - R5/28/2003

Clean Harbors (Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Deer Park, TX, USAMap - R8/12/2003

Vopak Terminal Deer Park Inc. (Vopak Logistic Services; Empak)Deer Park, TX, USAMap - R8/14/2003

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Denton, TX, USAMap - R5/27/2003

NSSI/Recovery Services, Inc. (Nuclear Sources and Services, Inc.)Houston, TX, USAMap - R8/27/2003

SET Environmental, Inc. (Treatment One Division)Houston, TX, USAMap - R4/15/2003

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw)La Porte, TX, USAMap - R8/13/2003

Martin Marietta Midlothian Cement Plant (TXI Operations; Texas Industries, Inc)Midlothian, TX, USAMap - R5/20/2003

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Orange, TX, USAMap - R6/10/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services; CWM; USA Waste)Port Arthur, TX, USAMap - R6/12/2003

US Ecology Texas, Inc. (Texas Ecologists)Robstown, TX, USAMap - R4/10/2003

Clean Harbors (DuraTherm)San Leon, TX, USAMap - R7/31/2003

Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority (Campbell Bayou Facility)Texas City, TX, USAMap - R9/15/2003

EnergySolutions (Envirocare of Utah)Clive, UT, USAMap - R5/9/2003

Clean Harbors (Grassy Mountain; Safety-Kleen; USPCI; Laidlaw)Knolls, UT, USAMap - R5/8/2003

Brunswick Waste Management Facility (Allied Waste Systems)Lawrenceville, VA, USAMap - R9/9/2003

OSI Environmental, Inc.Milwaukee, WI, USAMap - R7/24/2003

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Environmental Services; Superior Special Services)Port Washington, WI, USAMap - R4/2/2003

WM Mercury Waste, Inc. (Mercury Waste Solutions)Union Grove, WI, USAMap - R4/22/2003

A: Approximation from address and other data
C: Google Geocode Database; City Center
R: Most recent CHWMEG facility review

The letter indicates how the lat/long coordinates were matched.

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