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1999 Facility Review Program

TSD Facility Name
(Alias or Former Name)
Facility Location Maps Site Visit Date

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Whistler, AL, USAMap - R4/23/1999

Clean Harbors (Teris LLC; ENSCO)El Dorado, AR, USAMap - R5/21/1999

Rineco Chemical IndustriesHaskell, AR, USAMap - R8/17/1999

Romic Environmental Technologies Corp. (US Liquids)Chandler, AZ, USAMap - R5/11/1999

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; Superior; Salesco)Phoenix, AZ, USAMap - R6/8/1999

Soil Safe of California, Inc. (TPST Technologies)Adelanto, CA, USAMap - R3/24/1999

Emerald Transformer (Clean Harbors; Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Los Angeles, CA, USAMap - R4/29/1999

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Evergreen Oil, Inc.)Newark, CA, USAMap - R4/30/1999

Integrated Environmental SystemsOakland, CA, USAMap - A1/14/2000

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; USPCI)San Jose, CA, USAMap - R4/15/1999

ECS RefiningSanta Clara, CA, USAMap - R7/8/1999

US Ecology Vernon, Inc. (Evoqua; Siemens; US Filter; Norris)Vernon, CA, USAMap - R5/19/1999

Clean Harbors (Teris, LLC; ENSCO West)Wilmington, CA, USAMap - R4/16/1999

WM Conservation ServicesBennett, CO, USAMap - R6/30/1999

Tradebe Treatment & Recycling (Bridgeport United Recycling; United Oil Recovery)Bridgeport, CT, USAMap - R7/1/1999

Perma-Fix of FloridaGainesville, FL, USAMap - R6/2/1999

Covanta Lake II, Inc. (Ogden Waste Treatment; Lake County Facility)Okahumpka, FL, USAMap - R5/27/1999

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx Envrionmental Services; CWM)Morrow, GA, USAMap - R8/25/1999

Eco Services Operations LLC (Solvay USA; Rhodia Inc.; Rhone-Poulenc; Dominguez Plant)Hammond, IN, USAMap - R6/14/1999

Heritage Environmental ServicesIndianapolis, IN, USAMap - R6/16/1999

Calgon Carbon Corporation (Big Sandy Plant)Catlettsburg, KY, USAMap - R5/4/1999

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; Laidlaw; Rollins)Baton Rouge, LA, USAMap - R4/22/1999

US Liquids of LA (ERP Environmental Services, Campbell Wells)Elm Grove, LA, USAMap - R7/13/1999

LEI, Inc. (Lamp Environmental Industries; Lamp Recyclers of LA, Inc.)Hammond, LA, USAMap - R4/13/1999

Catalyst Recovery of Louisiana, LLC (CRLA; Porocel)Lafayette, LA, USAMap - R6/16/1999

R360 Bateman Island (US Liquids of Louisiana; Campbell Wells)Morgan City, LA, USAMap - R5/18/1999

Republic Services Colonial Landfill (BFI Colonial Landfill)Sorrento, LA, USAMap - R6/15/1999

Chemical Waste Management (Carlyss; CWM Lake Charles)Sulphur, LA, USAMap - R9/13/1999

Clean HarborsBraintree, MA, USAMap - R7/26/1999

Cyn Environmental ServicesStoughton, MA, USAMap - R7/27/1999

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; Superior Special Services)Stoughton, MA, USAMap - R7/28/1999

Clean HarborsBaltimore, MD, USAMap - R7/13/1999

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen)Laurel, MD, USAMap - R4/12/1999

US Ecology Michigan (EQ; Wayne Disposal Inc.; Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant)Belleville, MI, USAMap - R4/5/1999

Perma-Fix of Michigan (Chem-Met Services)Brownstown, MI, USAMap - A4/6/1999

US Ecology Detroit North (Dynecol)Detroit, MI, USAMap - R4/9/1999

EQ Resource Recovery (Michigan Recovery Systems, Inc.)Romulus, MI, USAMap - R4/12/1999

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; Superior Special Services; Recyclights)Bloomington, MN, USAMap - A6/8/1999

Green America Recycling (GAR; Continental Cement; MFR Inc.)Hannibal, MO, USAMap - R6/9/1999

Shamrock Environmental Corp. (Four Seasons Environmental)Greensboro, NC, USAMap - R6/16/1999

Clean Harbors (Bridgeport Disposal; Safety-Kleen Corporation; Laidlaw; Rollins)Bridgeport, NJ, USAMap - R5/12/1999

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; WM; AETC/AETS)Flanders, NJ, USAMap - R7/22/1999

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Marisol, Inc.)Middlesex, NJ, USAMap - R7/15/1999

CWM Chemical Services (Waste Management Model City; Chemical Waste Management)Model City, NY, USAMap - R7/19/1999

TIER Environmental, LLC (Hukill Environmental)Bedford, OH, USAMap - R4/14/1999

Clean Harbors (Spring Grove Resources; SGRR)Cincinnati, OH, USAMap - R5/3/1999

Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Onyx ES; Superior Special Services; Recyclights, Inc.)Columbus, OH, USAMap - A5/5/1999

Clean Water Ltd. (Perma-Fix of Dayton)Dayton, OH, USAMap - R6/29/1999

Heritage Thermal Services (WTI; Von Roll America, Inc.)East Liverpool, OH, USAMap - R5/10/1999

Ross Incineration Services (Ross Environmental Services)Grafton, OH, USAMap - R4/13/1999

Clean Harbors (Hebron Recycle Center; Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.)Hebron, OH, USAMap - R4/21/1999

WM American Landfill (Waste Management, Inc.)Waynesburg, OH, USAMap - R5/7/1999

Eurecat, Inc. (Tricat, Inc.)McAlester, OK, USAMap - R7/20/1999

Bethlehem ApparatusBethlehem, PA, USAMap - R3/18/1999

INMETCO (International Metal Reclamation Co.; Inco LTD)Ellwood City, PA, USAMap - R5/12/1999

Stericycle Environmental Solutions (Republic Environmental Systems; Philip Environmental Services)Hatfield, PA, USAMap - R7/1/1999

Bethlehem ApparatusHellertown, PA, USAMap - R3/18/1999

Calgon Carbon CorporationPittsburgh, PA, USAMap - R5/11/1999

SafetechArecibo, PR, USAMap - R9/7/1999

Commercial Incineration CorporationCarolina, PR, USAMap - A9/8/1999

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Manati, PR, USAMap - R4/13/1999

Allied Waste of Ponce LF (BFI)Ponce, PR, USAMap - R9/9/1999

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Lexington Recycle Center)Lexington, SC, USAMap - R5/4/1999

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Laidlaw)Pinewood, SC, USAMap - A5/5/1999

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Hixon Transfer Station)Chattanooga, TN, USAMap - A4/23/1999

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen)Altair, TX, USAMap - A4/20/1999

Chemical Reclamation Services (Philip Services Corporation; CRS)Avalon, TX, USAMap - R7/21/1999

Clean Harbors (Rollins; Safety-Kleen)Deer Park, TX, USAMap - R4/21/1999

TM Deer Park Services LP (Texas Molecular; Disposal Systems; GNI Group)Deer Park, TX, USAMap - R9/29/1999

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.Denton, TX, USAMap - R4/13/1999

Gladieux Metals Recycling (Gulf Chemical & Metallurgical)Freeport, TX, USAMap - R9/28/1999

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services; Fannett Facility)Hamshire, TX, USAMap - R6/16/1999

Evans Houston (Evans Cooperage)Houston, TX, USAMap - A9/30/1999

Martin Marietta Midlothian Cement Plant (TXI Operations; Texas Industries, Inc)Midlothian, TX, USAMap - R9/22/1999

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services; Port Arthur Processing Facility & Satellite Facility)Port Arthur, TX, USAMap - R6/16/1999

US Ecology Texas, Inc. (Texas Ecologists)Robstown, TX, USAMap - R9/27/1999

EcoServ Environmental Services (Newpark Environmental Services; Big Hill Norm Site)Winnie, TX, USAMap - R6/16/1999

Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen; APTUS; Laidlaw)Aragonite, UT, USAMap - R5/11/1999

Giant Resource Recovery Co. (GRR!; Oldover Corporation)Arvonia, VA, USAMap - R6/3/1999

WRR Environmental Service CompanyEau Claire, WI, USAMap - R6/7/1999

A: Approximation from address and other data
C: Google Geocode Database; City Center
R: Most recent CHWMEG facility review

The letter indicates how the lat/long coordinates were matched.

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