TSD Facility Search Tips

The search engine returns a list of CHWMEG-reviewed facilities based on your input to the form. The search returns a table of results, and selecting a facility from the results list will take you to that facility's information. All information is from the most recent CHWMEG, Inc., audit.

Please note that information from the 2003 Audit Program will be added upon completion of that program. Only facilities audited before 1998 do not have description information (unless it was re-reviewed in 1998 and after).

Using the Search Engine:

This is a text search engine that will return documents matching your input in the form. You can put values in only one field, all of the form fields, or any combination. Note that this search engine does NOT accept wildcards. The examples below show example search strings in bold and italic.


  • To search for all Safety Kleen facilities, type safety in the Facility Name box (remember that these are examples - most likely, typing kleen in the Name box will give you the same results).
  • To search for all Clean Harbors facilities in Maryland, type clean in the Name box, and change the State/Prov. list to MD, USA
  • To search for all facilities that do incineration, type incin in the Service 1 box
  • To search for all facilities that do stabilization AND have a landfill, type stabiliz in the Service 1 box, landfill in the Service 2 box, and change the Operator drop-down box to All of the words
  • To search for all facilities in Texas that were audited in 2000 that process solvents OR oil, change the State/Prov. list to TX, USA, change the Year list to 2000, type solvent in Service 1, type oil in Service 2, and change the Operator list to Any of the words (just remember that oil will also return soil!)

Tips for a Successful Search:

  • Your search can be as general or specific as you want depending on the form fields you complete. If you just click "Search", the default search is All States and All Years, which will return all audits.
  • Try to avoid two word phrases for facilities, cities, and services. If you want to search on more than one service, use the 3 boxes provided.
  • If you search on services, you must use the Service 1 box first Service 2 next, etc., or the keywords you type will be ignored
  • The search is not case-sensitive, so ONYX = Onyx = onyx = OnYx, etc. For consistency, stick with lower-case letters
  • Only states and countries with audits are in the State/Province list, so don't be surprised if Hawaii isn't in the list
  • There is no need for wildcards, since typing words like incin will find incinerator, incineration, etc. You should avoid vague service queries like a
  • Since this is a database search, the system no longer ignores common words like the, and, if, to, etc.
  • The term nonhazardous is used throughout the database, rather than non-hazardous. Making it one word differentiates it from hazardous.
  • Remember that if you don't get the desired results, try different search strings in the form.
  • Contact the Technical Director with any questions or concerns.