Typical Report Contents

Due to confidentiality issues, a sample report cannot be placed on this web site. Please contact the CHWMEG, Inc. Administrator to confidentially review a sample report. The following represents the standard table of contents in each report.

Summary Information
Executive Summary
* Altman Z Financial Strength Graph
* Risk Assessment System (RAS) Summary Table
* RAS Graphs

Facility Questionnaire
A General Information
B Facility Operations
C ** Facility Design
C.1      General Design
C.2      Unit Design - Storage and Transfer
C.3      Unit Design - Recycling/Treatment/Commercial Wastewater Treatment
C.4      Unit Design - Thermal Treatment/Incinerator/Smelter/Carbon Regeneration
C.5A      Unit Design - Landfills
C.5B      Unit Design - Impoundments
C.6      Unit Design - Land Treatment
C.7      Unit Design - Underground Injection
C.8      Unit Design - Radioactive Waste Processing
C.9      Unit Design - Drum Reconditioners
C.10      Unit Design - Related Storage Locations
D Regulatory Compliance
E Site Geology / Groundwater
F Location
G Incident Notifications and Remedial Actions
H Management / Personnel / Training / Inspections
I Financial Information
J Insurance
K Community Relations
L Security Overview

A Facility Comments and Contractor Response
B Site Plot Plan
C Site Photographs with Reference Plot Plan
D Figures
E Closure Plan and Closure Cost Estimate
F Financial Information
G Insurance Information
H Additional Relevant Information Provided by the Facility
I * Explanation of the Altman "Z" Score
J * Other Facility Customers as Identified by RCRA BRS Data
K * Trans-shipment Facilities as Identified by BRS or TRI Data
L * Risk Assessment System (RAS) Overview and Facility-Specific Data

* Information provided by CHWMEG, Inc. Administrator
** Sections C.2 through C.10 are included if applicable to the facility