Facility Detail

Sims Recycling Solutions (Trishyiraya Recycling India; TIC Group India Pvt Ltd)
CHWMEG Report Number (for most recent Report): H1292.0

Location:SDF J2 & J6, Block J, Phase II, Noida Special Economic Zone, Gautam Budhn Nagar
Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, India 201 305

POC: Ravi Bhushan Srivasta; Site Manager

EPA ID Number:N/A

Review Program (Visit Date):2012 (11/5/2012)

Description of Services:The facility activities are e-waste storage, dismantling, segregation and then transport of the segregated items to downstream vendors for recycling and disposal. At the time of the review, the facility was dismantling redundant IT assets and picture tubes. Some refrigerators and washing machines were also observed during the site visit. The dismantled components are broadly divided into ferrous and non-ferrous items which are further segregated into hazardous and non-hazardous items and generally sent to the other Sims recycling facilities worldwide, including Sims Chennai.

Description Date:2012 Facility Review Program

Phone:(91) 12042 79233

**Latitude:28.5441 (28° 32' 38" N)
**Longitude:77.4041 (77° 24' 14" E)

**The latitude and longitude for this facility are from the most recent CHWMEG facility review.