Facility Detail

Sims Recycling Solutions NV (No known alias)
CHWMEG Report Number (for most recent Report): H1238.0

Location:Europark Noord 32
Sint-Niklaas, Flanders, Belgium 9100

POC: Manu Palmans; Site Manager

EPA ID Number:N/A

Review Program (Visit Date):2012 (5/30/2012)

Description of Services:The facility unpacks, sorts, dismantles as necessary, and transfers WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) to Sims Eindhoven, removing hazardous components (mercury switches, batteries, and optical fire detectors), which are sent to appropriate downstream waste handling, recycling, and disposal centers. The facility receives e-waste (mainframe computers, PCs, CRTs, printers, other computer parts, IT equipment, medical devices, ATMs, casino gaming machines, household devices including microwaves and televisions, etc.) from hospitals, industrial manufacturers of electronics, repair centers, IT service companies, insurance companies, and the public.

Description Date:2012 Facility Review Program

Phone:(32) 37-805-243

**Latitude:51.1685 (51° 10' 6" N)
**Longitude:4.1661 (4° 9' 57" E)

**The latitude and longitude for this facility are from the most recent CHWMEG facility review.