Facility Detail

DLD Environmental Services, Inc. (Drug and Laboratory Disposal)
CHWMEG Report Number (for most recent Report): H670.1

Location:331 Broad Street
Plainwell, MI, USA 49080

POC: Brent Walter; President and Owner

EPA ID Number:MID092947928

Review Program (Visit Date):2006 (5/12/2006)

Description of Services:The facility conducts fuel blending, and liquid and solid waste storage and transfer.

Description Date:2006 Facility Review Program

Phone:(269) 685-9824

**Latitude:42.4433 (42° 26' 35" N)
**Longitude:-85.6327 (85° 37' 57" W)

**The latitude and longitude for this facility are from the most recent CHWMEG facility review.