Facility Detail

Opersan Solucoes Ambientais S.C. Ltda. (No known alias)
CHWMEG Report Number (for most recent Report): H2363.0

Location:Avenida Antonieta Piva Barranqueiros 280
Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil 13213-009

POC: Taina Amarante; Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Assistant

EPA ID Number:N/A

Review Program (Visit Date):

Description of Services:The facility treats industrial effluents (i.e., wastewater), including contaminated biological wastewater from industrial clients, using physical-chemical processes. The main categories of received materials are acids, biological liquids, effluents contaminated with heavy metals, alkaline liquids, and aqueous liquids contaminated with various oils.

Description Date:2022 Facility Review Program

Phone:(55) 11-4492-4602

**Latitude:-23.1687 (23° 10' 7" S)
**Longitude:-46.9298 (46° 55' 47" W)

**The latitude and longitude for this facility are from the most recent CHWMEG facility review.