Facility Detail

Universal Recycling Technologies (URT)
CHWMEG Report Number (for most recent Report): H1606.1

Location:2301 Franklin Drive
Fort Worth, TX, USA 76106

POC: Lisa Baileys; Sr. Compliance Specialist

EPA ID Number:TXR000083122

Review Program (Visit Date):2015 (7/15/2015)

Description of Services:The facility is a registered fluorescent lamp recycler and is listed as a Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste. Electronic wastes are manually disassembled along a conveyor line and their parts are segregated by type and containerized/baled for shipment offsite for recycling/disposal. Electronics such as flat TVs, monitors, printers are also processed on-site. Batteries are sorted, taped and packaged prior to shipment off-site. The processing of CRTs is limited to dismantling and processing of the glass The previous URT facility in Fort Worth moved to this location in Spring 2015.

Description Date:2022 Facility Review Program

Phone:(817) 924-9300

**Latitude:32.8267 (32° 49' 36" N)
**Longitude:-97.3223 (97° 19' 20" W)

**The latitude and longitude for this facility are from the most recent CHWMEG facility review.